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[Champion Suggestion] Zyshin & Rin, the malevolents imps

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Zyshin & Rin, the malevolents imps (created by ThePandara. Might do the concept art "someday" xD....lol) And if you like this champion, plz leave a +1 to the thread

Here is a link to the vote pool Zyshin & Rin vote pool (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2660089)


i like it alot would have to see him in a combat enviroment to see the OP/UP status of the ablities but sees solid on paper +1
This is amazing. I would love to see these two added to the League. They are so original and creative. Best work I've seen in a long time. I wish I could give it more than +1.

^^ Sandward, too true =P i really hope a Riot member gets a look at this, would bring an awesome new playstyle into LoL
This seems like a really awesome champion idea.

I'd hate to see this thread go unnoticed.
this is one of the better, if not the best concept ive seen so far on the forums, i really hope riot takes notice, cause this would be a bad ass champion to play on the LoL battlefield

I love this idea, think its about time there is a "champion" that is actually a pair, too cute
Note: You can see the change log, incoming work and idea in the 2 post below.
Note: The champion control is the same as any other champion. Zyshin will be the main character followed closely by Rin. Having 2 character in 1 will give place for nice skill animation and a new style of gameplay.

Exhaustion Bar: New mechanic for this champion. When Zyshin use a skill, he will cumulate exhaustion to a maximum of 100. The exhaustion bar will start dropping by 5 every secondes after Zyshin & Rin goes out of combat for 5 secondes

The lore was originally wrote by ThePandara and remade by Samus93 (Great thx to you Samus93)


Part 1: Rok'Mar's Journal

28 December, 20 CLE.

It’s been almost a year since I last saw my family, almost a year since the Institute of War ordered me and my men to chase 2 strange creatures referred to only as ‘imps’. Almost a whole year, and still we chase them. We barely escaped Frel Jord’s harsh winter with our lives, and upon crossing the Serpentine River four of my men did not even keep that. Those sirens ... they are not human, but twisted creatures of the dark made to look seductive to all men. It’s lucky Roran had the strength to kill the leader, or we never would have escaped. The men were so broken after that encounter I felt we had to stop for rest, and if the great General Garen of Demacia couldn’t restore moral then no one could. The Institute’s imps could wait for another day.

16 January, 21 CLE.

So much for Demacia being a haven for my men, we were forced to flee only two days after arriving. The reason: the attempted assassination of General Garen by a clown of all things. An incredibly powerful clown. The attempt on their hero’s life caused the city to riot, turning on all those who come from other lands. However, not all hope is gone. The imps must have realised we had stopped in Demacia, and probably believed we had given up. We surprised them in a clearing, not sure what they were doing in such a peaceful place. We were shocked for a moment by the beauty of the female, and decided the male with the powerful stare was the danger. And we were right; we almost captured the male, except he then showed us why the Institution wanted him so badly; I’ve seen such power in only a few other individuals, none of which exist outside the League. Just as we were about to trap him, the female yelled out something like “Zyshin” in a pained voice, and the next thing I know Droninas is screaming in pain. While the imps ran away at impossible speeds, he was hit by what looked like a massive pulse of energy .... his scream as he was crushed was so horrible, no one even considered chasing after the imps right then. What will I tell his family?

1 March, 21 CLE

I don’t why I am still alive when all my men are dead. I can barely stand from my wounds, and yet I think my eventual death will be much better than that of Marcus, the last of my brave team to go down. He fell to the sand worms almost an hour ago, and yet I swear his anguished cries lasted for days .... he managed to hand me the caged male imp before falling to the creatures, as well as a carving his son made for him. I’m not sure which he valued more, he always was one to see the task to the end .... the imp is gone. I released him just after Marcus was taken, I was not going to let him die after what the Institute told me of him. Apparently he is the key to .... something. The Rune War’s? I must be worse off than I thought if I can’t even remember my mission. Turns out his name is Zyshin, and the female is Rin, who knew that imps had names? He promised when I released him that he would go to the Institute of War, however I think he will look for Rin. There is a connection there, even if I can’t see it. He wanted to stay with me, but i wouldn’t hear it, not after everything my men had done to ensure his safety after his capture. I can hear the sand worms coming back for more, and more they shall have despite my best efforts. I wish I could have seen my family one more time; wish I could have seen her beauty again before the end ...

21 March, 21 CLE

The journal of the bounty hunter, Rok'mar, has been found surrounded by mutilated corpses of Sand Worms and a carving of a strange rune. There is no trace of Rok’Mar or the imps - Ashe's report to the High Council of the Institute of War

Part 2: Zyshin's story

Darkness, madness, insanity and sadness - this is the fate of all those who remain in my homeland. From the moment we are born, we are taught to enjoy harming others. Killing is easy, and torturing the body and soul are meant to be enjoyed. I always knew I was different. The eyes of those I hurt were always more judgemental than anything my mind could invent, and I could not live with myself. Until I met Rin. I had never truly understood what beauty was until i saw her, and to this day i have never seen a more pure, loving creature. We decided to leave the Shadow Isles and join the mainland, but that seemed to create more problems than before ....

Humans are difficult creatures to understand, treating those different to themselves so brutally and still being capable of acts of beauty and kindness. When we landed near Noxus, they were disgusted by me and transfixed by Rin. Many of them tried to kill me so they could capture her, and when I fought back they turned on us both. We were forced to flee after I destroyed a large building, killing those who tried to fight us. If only they would accept us rather than fight us! So many humans are horrible, violent creatures, and yet Rok’Mar seemed almost as noble as Rin in the end. He chased us for over a year, with us thinking he meant to destroy everything we loved: each other. Instead his men gave their lives to stop me from being killed by a flood of abominations after they captured me, creatures even more twisted then myself.

Only Rok’Mar survived the inital attack, and he released me as soon as he could, asking me to go to an ‘Institute of War’. He said they needed our help as much as we needed their protection, something about unlocking the secrets of the past. The poor man was so wounded after fighting those creatures that he could barely talk, and yet he still did everything he could to keep me safe. I promised I would go to the League, and left in search of Rin. As I sprinted to where I last saw her, I felt a massive aura of energy behind me, as if someone was channelling enough energy to level a city. Lightning arced down from a clear sky, as those twisted creatures were ripped into pieces. And at the centre of this storm, my precious Rin. I only just managed to catch her as she fell, overwhelmed by the sheer power she was controlling. Her heart was beating so slowly, and she wouldn't answer me as i cried her name. It wasn't until I screamed my rage at the sky that I remembered the words of a brave man, that the Institute of War could help us. Anything that would help my Rin had to be a good thing, and so I left for the Institution, ready to destroy any who would hurt my other half.

Part 3: Rin's story

The moment I was born in this most darkest place, my faith was sealed away without being able to ask why. A beauty I was they said, but beauty may also be cruel. Those of my kind could only see my apparence as a blessing of the dark gods to hurt others, good or evil. Each time, my people used me to torture bodies, brake minds and even to give death. The eyes of all of those who felt victime to my beauty were praying for pity. In their mind, beauty couldn't be synonimous to such great evil...unfortunalty, it was. As I was going to put an end to the suffering of those innocent creature by my own demise, I was stopped. Crying to let me go so I could end my misieries, a yound imp hold me in his arm. I've never felt such warm and kindness in one of my kind. On the merged of breaking into pieces, I've met Zyshin. This day on, the seal that was holding my faith disappeared. And so, I left the Shadow Island in company of my new and true love.

So much happened since then but lately, my memory seems to faulty. All i do remember was broken pictures...human's hunting us, and then...monsters...worms...yes, giganctic worms attacking us. I couldn't flee again, not with all the sacrafice those humans and my beloved Zyshin made to ensure my safety and my happyness. I felt a massive amount of energy amassing in my body as my anger grows and nothing else, only blurred images of events that I can't seem to assemble, it doesn't make any sense in my head. Before losing consciousness, I was able to see a face, crying and shoutting my name...but I was so weak, unable to answer the one I loved...but I was happy...he was unarmed and safe.

Burn...my is burning, like if it was going to explode at any moment. My eyes opened slowly, looking for my love. He was not here. How could he not be by my side, where was he? It couldn't be, was he...dead? Suddenly, a creature appeared before me looking at me, examining me with strange tools. A small and fragile voice came from this mistic creature veiled by his hood whispering in my head, he will be back, don't you worry. So my fear was fake, my other half was still breathing, but where was he? The creature seemed to have heard my question. He will be back shortly, he is now facing the high council of the "Institute of War". The "Institute of War", yes I remember Zyshin talking about this place, that a brave man told us to seek it. I implored him or her, who ever this person was, to bring me to him. Sensing that I wouldn't change my mind, I was brought to him. Never shall I be seperated from him, never!

Part 4 : The judgement

What a strange room, this is the first thing that would of come to my mind. There was no wall, no roof, only darkness all around me expect for the fading light coming from the open doors. A voice, such a beautiful voice full of warm came from behind, it was Rin. She was running to me. Keeping myself from letting my emotion to come out, my face stared something I couldn't believe. Rage the word I felt as I see my other half getting slice by a dark and bloody blade. I ran to her, but has my was grabbing her, she disappeared. What was the meaning of this vision of horror?!?

"This tragic event reprensent the futur, the one you love being killed before your own eyes...unable to act", echoes a voice in the room.

"NO!",I've shout,"None could do such a thing to my Rin, no one...do you hear me! If you dare touching her..."

"Yes, if I dare, what would you do?, echoes the harsh voice once again.

"RoK'Mar told me to come here if I seek to protect her, why would you aim for such treachery!, I sais as I was searching a way to leave this place in order to find Rin.

This time, multiple voices came from the darkness all around me."This hunter words are not ours".

Scared to what would happen to my love, I kept searching for the exist to find out that the doors was no more. At this time i knew that the only way to ensure the safety of Rin, was to face those cowards, hiding in the shadows. A rough character appeared behind me, the feeling I had told me that i knew him but couldn't replace. As I turn, I just couldn't believe what was in front of me, was it another vision of those demons hiding? It was Rok'Mar, standing before me.

"How? How are you still alive, you were badly wounded...I could help you but you wouldn't let me...and if it's true, how were you able to reach this place before I? In the condition you were, no way you could reach this place!" Turning myself to the darness,"Another of your treacherous spell! This human was courageous and kind! I won't let you hurt those who are precious to me!

A kind and calm voice echoed this time. "Would you protect a man that chased you for more than a year? Why would you trust the words of a stranger?

Why all those questions, why are they trying to obscure my feeling and my mind? But on the other side, this man chased me for so long for an unknown goal. Would it be....NO! Of course not! RoK'Mar was a brave man who went through so much to ensure my and Rin's safety. He must have sacraficed so much just to tell me to come here, he said I was the key for something...for unlocking the secrets of the past.

Ready for everything, I stand strong and shout,"I've put my trust in this humans words and will again! Whoever you are, you won't obscure my mind nor my will and my feelings! I came her to protect my love and to unlock the secrets of the past that the hunter...no, my friend sacrafice so much for!

My voice kept echoing within the shadows like a never ending scene. The silence came and stayed. What was going to happen now, would it be my last words in this world? Will I ever see the beauty who made my hearth beat? My only thoughts were all toward Rin and then a hand grasped my shoulders firmly, wakening me this nightmare. It was RoK'Mar, he had what would ressemble to a smile crafted into his face, ugly but reassuring. Opening his mouth slowly, i could feel the pain from his old wounds, he said:

"You are finally home Zyshin, I got a present for you waiting the other side of this door."

The door open and within a majestic and warmth light, the one who represent all my life was standing in this light, safe and beautiful as ever.

- We came from a world where only darkness and death exist, We shall fight as one until our last breath to turn away such evil from our new home - Zyshin & Rin.

Champion Stats:

Damage 56 (+3.4 / per level)
Health 380 (+82 / per level)
Move Speed 320
Armor 12(+3 / per level)
Spell Block 30(+0 / per level)
Health Regen 4.50(+0.15 / per level)



Innate- Got your back:
Zyshin and Rin loves is deep and they will do everything to protect each other. Every 5 attacks from Zyshin, Rin throw a plasma ball hitting the target for and anyone behind for 10 (+2.75 per lvl) pure damage. Additionnaly, if Zyshin exhaustion bar reach 100, Rin will take his place for 10secondes to give him time to rest. During this time, normal attack become range attack, but Rin takes 5% more damage from any source and deal 10% less damage with normal attack. Any abilities that involve Zyshin used during this time, exept ultimate, deal 30% less damage but doesn't generate any exhaustion.


Q- Psionic Storm/Chain lightning:

Psyonic storm: (Rin)
Rin unleash a psyonic storm in a small area dealing 60/90/130/170/200 magic damage (+0.7per ap) and slows for 10/12/15/17/20% (non-stackable) for 2 secondes and gain the debuff "Electrified" for 5 secondes

Note: Damage is instant and enemies hitten by this are slowed for 2 secondes.

Chain Lightning: (Zyshin)
If an enemy is hit by the storm, Zyshin ability to create a chain reaction become avaible. Close range skill, he can only use it on enemies with "Electrified" debuff that will deal 50/70/90/110/130 magic damage (+0.4 per ap) and the lightning will jump to the 3 nearest enemies.

CD: Start after chain lightning: 17/15/12/10/7 secondes
Generate 20 exhaustion


W- Phase shift: (Zyshin & Rin)
Zyshin and Rin become ethereal for a few time. For 3 secondes, they gain an extra
20/30/40/50/60% speed buff, no unit collision and any incoming physical damage will miss. During this time, they cannot interact with the physical world either, except with spells.
During Phase shift, Zyshin & Rin can still be hit by any kind of CC.

CD: 25/22/20/18/16 secondes
Generate 25 exhaustion


E- Deadly concert:

Tail swipe: (Rin)
Rin blink behind an enemy target to smash him with her massive tail, stunning the target for the duration of the skill and pushing the target toward Zyshin, dealing 30/50/70/90/110 physical damage (+ physical attack)

Psyonic Wave: (Zyshin)
Once the target is flying toward Zyshin, he will charge his fist with psyonic energy. Reactivate the skill to unleash Psyonic wave. Further the target will be from Zyshin, lesser the damage will be but if the skill is activated at the exact timing, it will stike for extra damage. Dealing 70-100/80-120/100-150/130-170/150-200 magic damage (+0.6 per ap)

Hitting the enemy at the exact timing, when the target is really near Zyshin, it will deal the same amount of Zyshin and Rin physical attack in pure damage.

If the enemy reach Zyshin without activating the skill, Zyshin will be stunned for 0.5secondes.

CD: Start after Psyonic wave: 26/24/22/20/18 secondes
Generate 20 exhaustion, 30 if Zyshin fail hitting the target.


R- Compression:
Zyshin and Rin combine their psyonic strenght to compress an enemy's inside, crushing his muscles and bones. Affected by this terrible compression, the enemy suffer 150/225/300 (+0.7 per ap) over time and his compressed muscles slows him for 10%/15%/20% every secondes for 3 secondes. At the end, they release the magic that is torturing the enemy, creating a decompression. The decompression is so brutal that it deals 100/200/300 (+0.5 per ap)magic on the target and his surrounding. "Note" Zyshin and Rin must stay within 700 range of their target to be able to achieve the decompression stade"

CD: 130/100/80 secondes
No cost


-Psyonic Storm is ideal to harrass from long range in lane even if you don't use Chain lightning. It doesn't produce any exhaustion and gives a good 200 small aoe dmg with 9sec cd at lvl5 (if chain lightning is not used)
-Phase shift is a good way to chase an enemy or to get off combat.
-Cast Phase shift to get in range of an enemy to be able to use Q combo. While slowed you will be able to use Deadly Concert and redo Q combo since the cd will go down during Deadly Concert animation. Whole combo will produce 75 exhaustion.
-Be carefull with using Deadly Concert because if you fail at using Psyonic Wave (part 2 of Deadly Concert) you will cumulate more exhaustion and you won't do any damage + getting 0.5sec stun. Additionnaly, avoid using this skill while being really close to the target since it will reduce the time animation between Tail Swipe and Psyonic Wave and you will likely fail at using Psyonic Wave due to lack of time.
-Compression is a very usefull skill to kill a single enemy or to make good damage during team fight.

Single target- Be sure to use it when Zyshin needs to rest since Rin will take his place. She receive more damage than normal but does ranged attack. This way you will be able to keep the target away from her with the 4secondes slow and keep doing damage.

Team fight- Don't target the tank! Way to make this ultimate useless. Be sure to target their carry , this way they will be slowed and the carry allies will get away from to avoid aoe damage from decompression. This way it gives a free way to your team to the enemies carry.
Recommended items:

Boots of swiftness or Sorcerer's Shoes
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Zhonya's Hourglass
Rabaddon's deathcap
Nashor's Tooth
Banshee's veil or Rod of Ages
Sentences: (most of the sentences are said toguether exept when specified)

Champion select:

- We fight as one!


- Zyshin: sweet Rin: and easy

- We will unlock the secrets of the past

- Rok'Mar trust us, we won't fail

- Lets show them what imps are made of!

- Zyshin: Got it! Rin: Got what?

- We won't let anyone else suffer anymore


- Zyshin: Geez, I'm exhausted...take care of the rest (phase shift "Stealth&quot Rin: HEY! WHAT! Don't leave me alone!

- Zyshin: Hey you know whats the difference between you and me? Rin: Huh? No? Zyshin: I didn't eat my mom Rin: You meanie!


- Zyshin: if you dare laying an eye on Rin, I'll tear you apart! Rin: He won't have time for that sweet hearth

- Rin: Come and admire my beauty...while I crush all your bones! Zyshin : Could get worst if you don't hehe


- Zyshin: I've fail you...my love...

Other Champions creation:

Kerebos, The Claw Of Cerberus (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=758030&highlight=kerebos)
Rok'Mar, The League hunter (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=825289)
Kimimari, The Pandara (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=9757590&posted=1#post9757590)

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Change log:

Changes 2011-05-21 19:30 :

-Added part one of the lore.
-Tails swipe bonus damage went from +0.5 per ad to +total physical attack

Changes 2011-05-21 20:48 :

-Added the mechanic system for Zyshin & Rin, Exhaustion bar
-Added more explication on the Innate: Got your back

Changes 2011-05-21 21:48 :

-Added "Story part 2: Zyshin's Story

Changes 2011-05-23 1:13 :

-Artwok added (just an overview)

Changes 2011-05-24 10:07 :

- Added tips
- Added Recommended items
- Added Champion Stats

Changes 2011-06-05 10:17 :

- Chain lightning exhaustion cost went to 20 from 15 and CD to 17/15/12/10/7 secondes
- Deadly Concert CD went to 26/24/22/20/18 secondes from 21/20/18/16/12 secondes
- Compression CD went to 130/100/80 secondes from 170/130/100 secondes
- Added a new "unfinished" concept art, didn't have the time to finish it for now. Just an overview of the characters.

Changes 2011-06-07 11:22 :

- Story has been rewrote by Samus93 to be more...lovely to the eyes.

Changes 2011-06-07 18:51 :

- Added a new different concept.

Changes 2012-06-21

- Part 3 and 4 of the story is out

Changes 2012-10-16

- Added some "notes" on skills...
- Boosted the HP regeneration.

Changes 2012-10-17

- R: Duration of the dot damage and slow went to 3 secondes from 4 secondes.
- W: During Phase shift, Zyshin & Rin can still be hit by any kind of CC.

Changes 2013-05-19

- R: Slow % went from 5/10/15% to 10/15/20%

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Incoming work and idea:

- Deadend for now

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First part of the story is out

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Poseidons Wake



2 champs for 1?
cool but how do you control both?

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yea forgot to say, you control both, like if it was only 1 champ. By having 2 character can bring some nice skill animation. Zyshin will always be in front followed closely by Rin.

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Poseidons Wake



yea forgot to say, you control both, like if it was only 1 champ. By having 2 character can bring some nice skill animation. Zyshin will always be in front followed closely by Rin.

ok that makes sense. now tht would be cool it would b like shaco or annie and tibbers1 sweet/!!

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Rodger Ironside

Senior Member


all i have to say is: awesome.

this champ has great flavor and his abilities are unique (some more than others). i love that he gives the illusion of two champs, but is actually just one champ (and not even a champ with a pet!). its like Nunu, but gives a stronger feeling of it being a duo (whereas Nunu does NOT feel like two characters).

Ability balance seems fine, as far as i can tell, and their mechanics are new, and yet they aren't complicated.

Your grammar and spelling need work, but that's forgivable.

This champ definately deserves my +1

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Rodger Ironside:
all i have to say is: awesome.

this champ has great flavor and his abilities are unique (some more than others). i love that he gives the illusion of two champs, but is actually just one champ (and not even a champ with a pet!). its like Nunu, but gives a stronger feeling of it being a duo (whereas Nunu does NOT feel like two characters).

Ability balance seems fine, as far as i can tell, and their mechanics are new, and yet they aren't complicated.

Your grammar and spelling need work, but that's forgivable.

This champ definately deserves my +1

Man, seriously thank you XD, sorry about grammar and spelling, english is not my first language so...well thats the main reason.

Hope i can get more comments like yours

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Poseidons Wake



these are amazing and i cant wait to play em! ill create some artwork for you! if you want me to crate artwork email me. [email]ryanrocks58@yahoo.com[/email]