First ranked leave...

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This is just lovely. We had decent team comp, enemy had a bad team comp (Heimerdinger first pick)... game crashed. Tried reconnecting. Tried to see if crashed. It did. Checking other websites. They all crashed. Checking internet. All bulbs lit, all notifications say it works.

Calling tech support. All lines busy. All consultants busy. Turned out the company's main hub got axed for half an hour. Exact same half hour during which I was playing. -12 elo.

Funny part? The lines are still busy. They either don't want to hear excessive complains from customers, or they are overloaded with complains already. The only way I knew it wasn't just me was 3 other people called me to ask if I have the problem as well, since I'm the IT guy in our family - everyone's Internet crashed :/

...So, why can't I get leave forgiven? :[