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an AP based Ezreal Build

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I'll keep it short and simple.

Summoner Spells:

Flash: survivability

Smite: If your bad at last hitting, I would take this over clarity. I'm good at last hitting, however I always take smite on champions that cannot farm well without a good amount of skill for a while.


Marks: magic penetration

Seals: Mana Regen

Glyphs: Flat AP

Quints: Health OR AP.



offense: 1 in smite, 3 in archamges savvy, 4 in cooldown, 1 in spell pen

utility: 3 in health and mana regen, 1 in death timer reduction, 4 in extra XP, 1 in gold aquisition, 3 in mana regen, 3 in movement speed buff, 1 in flash cd, 3 in cooldown reduction, 1 in aura utility, 1 in presence of the master.


Start: 1 meki pendant, 2 health pots

first time you return: When you reach 850 gold, you can come back for a chalice of harmony and some boots.

Second time you return: 1450 for sheen

The rest of the items in this order:
Sorcerers boots
tears of a goddess
lich bane
archangel staff (sell chalice of harmony)
Zhonias Ring
Deathfire Grasp or Nashors Tooth depending on the team your facing
Warmogs/banshees/ryalai's scpeter, your preference, but it must give a good amount of health.

I went 12/0/15 with this build yesterday. Take it or leave it. Play Ezreal in the middle line for team battles. You are not front line, nor ar eyou back line. Use your Q skill constantly after you get your chalice and your ultimate so you can get the CD of your ultimate as fast as possible. Use your W skill to heal allies in clutch situations or deal damage to enemies. Use your E skill to chase or escape with a flash as well, use your ultimate to counter push lanes or pick off enemies for maximal effect. Most importantly HAVE FUN AND DANCE!

edit: Don't forget about Zhonias ring new active. I used it in that 12/0/5 game to survive twice.

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gun fu panda

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How are you farming as AP Ezrael?

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With Smite I'm able to farm as well as I do with Fiddlesticks normally, anywhere between 950-1250 gold by level 6. Havn't tried without it yet. Keep in mind that this also depends on how much your laning partner steals your creeps.

I tend to focus on getting back row creeps... though I have ran into a few Tryndameres and Tarics that simply steal everything i bring low and prepare to last hit.