Rumble - Is it just me...

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Or is he really, really powerful? Especially after like level 4-6. He can be easily shut down before 6, but once he gets some defense and/or staying power (be it HP regen or spell vamp), he can just keep harassing AND free farming all day long. Buy a ward to avoid being ganked, escape more easily than Mordekaiser (you have a shield, speed boost and stacking slows).

You get low on HP? Ult a creep wave. Or overheat and with spell vamp auto-attack few minions. Build Abyssal Scepter, Sunfire Cape, Rylai's. In teamfights, use R to hit as many people as possible (2-3 or more), use QW to get into fight and E whoever tries to get away. Once they settle in spot or get taunted/CCd/rooted by tank, overheat and start smacking them in face with Q + magic damage autoattacks.

The only problem he has is, like Sivir, Mordekaiser and Morgana - they are great pushers, but in order to sustain themselves in lane, they must push and heal from creeps. Then again, nobody said every champ must be easy to play.