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What do you think of this idea?

I think it could help! 126 87.5%
I won't fix anything. 18 12.5%
Voters 144 .

An Alternative to Leavers

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Bane Wraith

Senior Member



Honestly, I thought the OP touched upon the DC point quite fairly...

Orphan Harvest:
  • If player has X Number of Reconnects = Lock Out
  • If player has been disconnected for X Number of Minutes = Lock Out
  • If player has been AFK for X Number of Minutes = Kick and Lock Out
  • If player has been in X Size Radius for X Number of Minutes = Kick and Lock Out (This would be to keep players from going "AFK" but not receiving the leaver status. Basically moving or hitting space bar a few times every minute or so)
  • If player has not performed an ability or attacked an enemy champion or minion in X Number of minutes = Kick and Lock Out (Another fail-safe for the latter reason)
  • A ratio check on Games Player to Games Left. If the player has a higher than average ratio of games left, the system will be more inclined to kick and lock out earlier.

...They even left the Time amounts blank, To be determined later and tweaked.

...And..sorry mate. If you wish the /votekick thing implemented... There are several others that do, and I suggest you bring it up in another thread. Personally, I wholeheartedly disagree with it. Not to mention it might cause players to Actually Pressure and/or kick one another, Just because they feel another could do better... (which, really, basically accounts for Every unhappy player out there... )

I Humbly request you attempt Not to discuss it Here, but Make a new thread regarding it... Or find one that already exists. Methinks that it's worthy of being another suggestion entirely, Anyways.

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bump, great idea. Actually, I heard Dota 2 is being launched with this feature. Hopefully we can beat them to the punch!