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League Judgement - Alistar

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Hey folks, first time posting here in Lore section. I had some spare time so I thought I'd try my hand at writing something up.

Hope you enjoy it!


He is a walking mountain. His breath a breeze.

Scarred flesh tells stories none wish to hear, and noone holds his gaze for more than moments. Far easier to talk to disfigured flesh then get lost in the depths of his of torment.

The magnificent doors of the Reflecting Chamber are before Alistar.

Irritated, "More tests..." as he subtlety caresses the shackles on his arms.

An immense hand pushes open the silent doors, and he steps into the enveloping darkness.


The Great Barrier stands majestic. The winds are gentle this day, and on a worn mountain pass an immense giant strides casually as a slight figure hurries to keep up.

"Mighty warrior, it is precisely because of the uncertainty of our times that we must find common ground here in Valoran," coaxed Keiran Darkwill. "I know we Noxian's have a reputation, somewhat deserved, of xenophobia. But now more than ever, after meeting you, mighty Alistar, I am convinced that our people can find common ground. Yours are a mighty, and powerful people. JUST such qualities that are coveted in Noxus. Might makes right, and your might, great warrior, would make you very right in Noxus."

"My ears hear your words, soaked in honey as they are, Noxian. What would we stand to gain? Human desires often do not match our own."

The two are near a small gorge now, and Alistar stares below as he trades words with the Noxian.

"Allegiance to the might of Noxus bestows many rewards great Alistar, as I said, we Noxians believe that might makes right. Of course, despite this offering of friendship, should we not agree, the safety of your lands could not be guarenteed."

"Is that a threat?!" Growled Alistar, turning to his cohort.

"None at all mighty one," Keiran returned placably, "merely a statement of facts. Should a conflict ever arise, it would pain me to see it take place on your lands. Consider this an opportunity to further secure a place for your people."

"By subjugating ourselves to Noxian rule."

"Harsh words for what I believe would be closer to a partnership."

"A partnership which would have us answering to the beck and call of your people."

"Prosperity has it's price, noble warrior."

A low growl emits from deep within Alistar as he casually lifted the human with one hand to bring them eye to eye, "As does arrogance Noxian," before setting him back down.

Images and memories flash forward, the walk back home inconsequential to his memories now.

He returns to devestation.

Homes burning, friends slain, piles of bodies. It's cleanup. It was a ruse.

Then he sees them...

A deafening roar shatters the world, and Alistar is back in the reflection chamber.

Darkness returns...

The dungeons of Noxus.

Dark. The dark of that world seared into memory, coming out into the light only to be faced against a monstrous beast, or scores of prisoners and slaves. Seeing light means death. Only the darkness dampens the pain.

Killing is so easy now, human's are remarkbly frail, easily broken. Most of the beasts are half-starved and reckless. A sick game for sick creatures, and he the centerpiece.

He's sitting in his cell, home really, it's the only thing he has to look forward to, the only thing familiar that doesn't involve ending lives.

He's bleeding. Badly. Having just survived a particularly brutal and savage affair.

She's there too, stupid girl. She managed to pilfer bed sheets, and is handing them to him to dress his wounds. They actually smell clean...

He had threatened her, initially, and for many weeks after he first met her. Stupid girl.

"The worst you could do to me, is NOT the worst that others could do. I'll take my chances minotaur," she had replied when he casually mentioned snapping her neck one day. He had lept from the back of his cell to wrap his hand around her. "It would be so easy to squeeze the life out of you," he growled.

"The un-breakable Alistar in such a huff over a dungeon dwelling servant girl that brings him food and water-"

"Worm rotted bread and sewage run-off-"

"And now he holds said girl in his hand trying to scare her! What a sad creature you are, no wonder-"

He squeezed, not much, but enough to make her realize just how fragile she was to him.

"You do not know me, stupid girl, I advise you mind your tongue carefully when speaking about my state of affairs!"

"What did they do," she asked.

A deep sadness filled his eyes, as Alistar slowly released her, and slumped.

Too much death, far, far to much killing, and now her.

Too much...

Just....too much....

He told her, eventually. Everything. The day, the walk, the conversation...the aftermath...

The sheets were sopped with his blood, but at least the wounds were not flowing so readily. He was smiling at reminescing his earliest encounters with the girl when she suddenly returned.

"Quickly now!! This may be your only chance!" She held a trinket in her hand, and miracously the sealed gate of his cell swung open.

Tired, bleeding, and weary from years of violence, Alistar slowly got up and approached Ayelia.

"You are a stupid girl."

"You're welcome. Rip the gate off, it's more believable."

With the magic sealing the gate gone, it was a trivial task.

"Nothing can stop you now Alistar."

The walls of the Reflecting Chamber felt impossibly close now. The cascade of memories overwhelming.

"ENOUGH!!" he shouts.

"You are very tempermental, Alistar," a new voice spoke.

He snorts in response.

"Why do you want to join the League?"

"Who speaks? I dislike speaking with nothing."

The Summoner who asked the question appeared before Alistar's eyes. "Very well, here I am. Why do want to join the League?"

Alistar stalked over to the Summoner, and leveled his gaze.

Sometimes, words are not needed.

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Close to 300 views and no comment?


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Not bad, could use some editing, but not bad at all

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I found it very well done

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great, really like it. if you have the time check out one i wrote