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[Story] Annie and Friends

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I like to imagine blitzcrank in the background in the reverse annie one. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. oh dear i can't stop giggling

okay ryuu-kyun slacking time is OVER.

(additionally feel free to post a request in my general discussion thread: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=15049294&posted=1#post15049294 )

It was a groggy summer afternoon. Annie decided to take a walk into the forest surrounding the village on Tibbers' shoulders to pass the day. They eventually came to a path and the lumbering bear came to a stop. He told Annie that there was some "weird juju" beyond that point, and that his clan never went further along this path.

Annie told him to go anyway.

When he refused, she sealed him in his teddy bear form and continued the walk herself. "Gee, Tibbers," she continued down the path glancing slightly at the large stone sculptures on either side, "you can sure be a scaredy-bear sometimes."

Tibbers pointed out that he felt extremely uncomfortable. Annie ignored him and continued farther down the path. Tibbers pointed out that the ground ahead seemed really weird(and also that he was really really uncomfortable). Annie ignored him and kept going.

The ground very suddenly gave way beneath the two. Annie panicked and tried to reach safe ground but found herself falling quickly beneath the earth. Her heart racing, she threw every wind spell she could think of to break her fall. She collided roughly with something, but the falling had stopped. She was safe.

There was an angry groan from underneath her. "What was that...?" Annie righted herself. She was sitting on the chest of a rather pretty looking person covered in dust.

"Annie." Ezreal spoke slowly. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Annie coughed up some dirt from the fall. "I dunno."

"You--" Ezreal cursed and pulled himself up, pushing the girl off of him. "Just my luck."

Annie stood shakily. Her leg hurt a lot. She leaned against a wall and pulled aside her strangely wet dress. Her leg was soaked in blood. She must have gotten hurt in the fall. Annie shifted her weight to one side and her knee buckled. This was not good.

"What's wrong?" Ezreal looked the girl over. "Oh. That looks like it hurts."

"It does and doesn't." Annie said in a weak voice. "It's weird."

"That's even worse." Ezreal flexed his left hand a few times before shooting an orange light out of his gauntlet, covering Annie in it's glow. Annie felt less weary, and the wound on her leg closed.

"Oh, wow." Annie smiled widely. "I forgot you could do that!"

"You dropped this, too." Ezreal extended his other hand, holding a stuffed teddy bear.

Annie grabbed Tibbers--who promptly informed her that he wanted to go home and eat the rest of the pie that Morgana had sent them. Pie sounded pretty delicious. "So, Ezreal, where's the way out?"

Ezreal sighed and rubbed the back of his head. He pointed to a passageway blocked off by rubble and debris. "It caved in when you showed up." He pulled Annie to a large stone door on the other side of the room. "This is our only hope of getting out, now. So we have to figure out how to open it." Ezreal's voice had a very electric note to it. "This door is huge, so there must be some mechanism to raise it." He paced about, examining the walls and muttering to himself.

Annie examined the door. It was big. Very big. But it wasn't TOO big. She released Tibbers and cast an enhancement spell upon him. The bear wound up, and blasted through the door with a single punch. Ezreal let out a loud yelp.

"Don't smash things around, you dolt!" He rushed to the door and listened for a moment. "These ruins are fragile. You could get yourself crushed."

"Oh, uh, sorry." Annie clasped her hands together. "...but wouldn't you get crushed, too?"

"I can teleport." Ezreal stepped into the passageway beyond. "C'mon, let's go."

As the passageway darkened, the gem on Ezreal's gauntlet lit up. After several minutes of walking through the winding passage, Ezreal groaned. "All this work, and I haven't found a thing." He muttered.

"Tibbers says this place has weird juju." Annie said pointedly.

Ezreal jumped slightly, as if he had forgotten about Annie's presence. "Is that so? Maybe something will be here, after all." A hundred feet later and the two could see a light at the end of the path. They rushed to meet it and were greeted by a large chamber filled with elaborate statues and a pedestal. The two were standing on a balcony overlooking what seemed to be a ritual area. The ceiling had several ornate skylights flooding the room with the summer daylight.

Annie smiled and opened her mouth to speak before Ezreal grabbed her and pressed a finger to his lips. With the same finger, he pointed to the back skylight. Two ropes hung down from the edge. "We're not alone." He whispered. The two crouched low and scanned the room for any sign of people. "Look there!" Ezreal pointed at one of the long pedestals. A piece of cloth bearing the emblem of Noxus laid upon it. "Noxians." He scoffed. "I hate those--"

"Shhh!" Annie tugged Ezreal down as two people entered the room from one of the passageways.

"See," one of the voices came from below, a female. "This WAS fun, now wasn't it?" It was a familiar voice.

"Hmph." The second responded. "Dear, I don't think most people would consider spelunking ruins to be an appropriate date."

Ezreal turned pale. "That voice..."

Annie peeked over the railing to see Katarina and Garen strolling down the length of the room, hand in hand.

"Better than trying to kill each other, isn't it?" Katarina laughed. "And we have all the privacy we could want here. To do whatever we want." She dragged the last sentence out as she traced Garen's jawline with one of her fingers.

Garen's face tightened, and he sputtered out a response Annie couldn't hear. She decided that Garen looked really weird without armor. Annie looked down at Ezreal--who was now sweating profusely--and remembered something.

"Aren't you dating Miss Lux?"

"H-How do you know about that?!" Ezreal stammered frantically, trying not to be heard.

Annie tilted her head. "Everyone knows."

"Are you--" Ezreal's voice was cut short by the sound of crumbling rocks, and the balcony the two were perched on suddenly gave way. Annie felt Ezreal grab her hand and then an instant later they were upon the ground, the balcony crashing down behind them.

Annie growled, clenching her fists so hard that little embers spat out from between her fingers. "I am sooooo sick of falling!"

The only sound that responded to her was the sound of Ezreal gulping. Katarina and Garen had quite obviously noticed the two, and Garen had an extremely pleasant look upon his face. It was calm--serene, really--and very welcoming. It was, Annie decided, an incredibly terrifying look to be on Garen's face.

"Ezreal." He spoke evenly in a nice sort of voice that sent shivers down Annie's spine. She unconsciously stepped away from Ezreal and held Tibbers close to her chest. "How good it is to see you."

"U-Um." Ezreal stumbled over his words, stepping back slightly. "Hi. Wh-what brings you here?"

"Me?" Garen's smile broadened slightly. "Oh, nothing special. Just a..." he paused intentionally, "date."

Ezreal tugged at his collar.

"Say, Ezreal, I'd like to show you something. In the other room." Garen took practiced steps towards the explorer. "Now."

Ezreal could only nod as Garen grabbed his shoulder and led him into one of the antechambers.

Katarina walked up to Annie and leaned against one of the statues filling the chamber, looking towards the two men exiting the room. "That poor, poor boy."

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Mordekaiser picking her up and taking her to golem is awesome +1.

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I Thunderclese I

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Wow. Never expected Mordekaiser to be so nice.

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Do please keep this up! +1 to every story when I read it. You have fans.

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Do please keep this up! +1 to every story when I read it. You have fans.

this makes me all : D

but I have no ideas atm orz

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how about a story about the rock band pentakill and annie

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Nipples McTwisty

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This stuff is great, friend. Keep up the good work!

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Wow, Ez, you're SOOO dead. SOOO Dead.

Annie though. Annie, you're adorable. I'm jealous that you can write for a child that well, and I'm quite impressed. Loved it, can't wait for more!!

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Annie and YOrick at a pentakill concert.
I LOVE these. Good work!

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write moar!