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[Story] Annie and Friends

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Hey this was pretty good dude. Will you be doing more?

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does this answer your question? (also in before annie's eventual judgement making my inner characterization of her parents obsolete)

Annie was concerned. Before her towered a large oaken door, riddled with chains and locks. There was a large sign warning all who saw it to never, under any circumstances, cross the threshold this door guarded. Annie knew this is where Fiddlesticks lived.

Recently, she noticed that Fiddlesticks had been.. less scary. He hurt less than she remembered. People weren't as afraid of him as they were before. Fiddlesticks had always jumped out of the bushes with his crow friends to save Annie before, so she thought it would be nice of her to ask him if something was wrong.

A summoner warned Annie to not open the door, and instead told her she should write a message on a piece of paper and slip it through the crack. She chewed on the pencil in her hands and looked at her teddy bear propped up against the wall beside her. "What d'you think I should say, Tibbers?"

The stuffed animal gave a shrug imperceptable to all but Annie.

"Well, you're no help." Annie gnawed on the eraser for another moment while letting out a long "hmmmmm". Eventually, she put pencil to paper, scratching out a message.

"Hi Mr. Sticks. It's Annie. You don't seem as good in fights as you used to. I'm worried. Is everything alright?" She nodded at herself and slipped the paper under the door.

The moments passed slowly and Annie tentatively shifted her weight back and forth, occasionally passing a glance to Tibbers. The paper returned to her, and she excitedly retrieved it. Underneath her message, there was a crude charcoal scrawling of what appeared to be a summoner. She showed the image to Tibbers.

The bear vaguely expressed a distaste for summoners. "I don't know, Tibbers." Annie replied. "They're not ALL bad."

Tibbers crossed his arms in a way only Annie could see.

"Don't be so stubborn. Daddy says being stubborn is bad, okay?" She pouted at him.

The bear shrugged again. Annie turned away and picked the pencil up again, slowly trying to twirl it between her fingers like Ezreal did. After she dropped it the third time, she decided to focus on her message.

"Are the summoners being mean to you? Do you want me to beat them up since you're stuck in there?"

She slipped the paper through the crack again. Soon after, it returned. There was an image of many crows that made Annie feel a bit uneasy. She gave a sidelong glance to Tibbers before writing again.

"Does that mean that you're okay?"

The paper returned to her as quickly as before. The picture underneath showed Fiddlesticks surrounded by crows patting a charcoal Annie on the head. Annie wasn't sure why the crows were there, but it made her smile all the same.

"I'm glad you're okay, Mr. Sticks!" Annie yelled through the door. She bent over and grabbed her stuffed bear. "C'mon, Tibbers, let's see what Mr. Ryze is doing in the library."

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^ as inspiration

I drew a picture.

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man just look at me wordsing all over the place today

Annie ran. All she had to do was make it to the corner ahead and she'd be home free. Her lungs hurt and each breath caught in her mouth. Something snatched her leg and she tripped. She hit the dirt hard and she threw her arms up to cover her face instinctively.

"Got you, Annie." Amumu muttered, tapping her on the shoulder. "You're it."

Annie puffed out her cheeks and pulled herself off of the ground. "You cheated!" She yelled, waving her arms about. "Using your bandages isn't fair!"

"Oh." Amumu looked to the ground. "I'm sorry..."

Annie frowned. She liked playing with Amumu a lot, but he got sad so easy. It made Annie feel guilty. "Well, uh. Just don't let it happen again, 'kay?"

"Okay!" Amumu nodded fiercely. "Do you wanna play some more?"

Annie opened her mouth to respond, but a louder(and older) voice rang out from the base. Lux was standing at the top of the stairs. "Hey, the summoners are ready, you two!"

"Oh." Amumu sighed.

Annie patted the mummy on the shoulder. "We can play more next time, 'kay?" She gave him a quick hug.


When Amumu spoke, a terrible smell choked Annie's lungs. It was horrid and rotten. Annie did her best to keep a straight face while she waved to Amumu as he departed to the other base(having being her opponent). She turned and rigidly walked up the stairs to the base.

"Are you okay, Annie?" Lux tilted her head slightly. "You look a little sick."

"Um." Annie shot a glance behind her to make sure Amumu was gone. "Um. Amumu's breath is really bad."

Lux laughed. "Oh, is that all? Well, he -is- a mummy."

"I guess." Annie mused as the two approached the summoners. The rest of their team had already departed. "I wonder if there's some way to fix it?"

"Why don't you check the Institute?" Lux offered. "The library has books on mundane spells, too."

"That's a good idea!" Annie smiled brightly. "Thank you, Miss Lux!"

Lux returned a smile, and the two were whisked away by the summoners. When the white cleared from Annie's vision, she was back at her home in the Voodoo Lands. It was mere moments before her mother scooped her up into a hug.

"Annie! Welcome home. How was the match?" She set her daughter down and gave her a pat on the head.

"Uh. It was fun, I guess." Annie shrugged.

Her mother turned and busied herself with some food on the counter. "Did you win?"

"No." Annie sighed. "That queen lady beat us up pretty bad."

"Ohhh." Her mother cooed. "Well, I'll fix you up a snack and you just don't worry about the match."

"Um." Annie shifted her weight from foot to foot and hugged Tibbers to her chest. "Can I go to the Institute?"

Her mother cocked an eyebrow. "May I ask why?"

"I wanna look up some magic to help Amumu." Annie flushed red slightly and looked to the ground.

There was a long pause. "Alright. Try to be back before nightfall. And keep Tibbers close!" Her mother waved a wooden spoon admonishingly.

"Yay!" She cheered and hugged her mother around the middle. "Thanks, Mom, I'll be back soon!" Annie charged upstairs into her room and pulled a small device out of her drawer. It was a small cylindrical wand with adorned with a crystal at the top and a button at the base. She pressed the button and the crystal glowed, sending a message to the Institute requesting a summon.

Less than a minute later, light engulfed Annie and she was whisked to the Institute of War. She thanked the summoner on duty and skipped off to the library. After crossing the large double-doors into the almost labyrinthine library, she used the magic in the air to trace out a path to the one thing that could assist her in her journey.

"Hi, Mr. Ryze!" She waved with both hands and charged down the aisle, Tibbers flying about.

"Oh no." Ryze groaned. "What is it?"

Annie pressed a finger to her chin. "Um, I want magic to make Amumu's breath smell less bad."

Ryze sighed and snapped his fingers. A small spark of electricity hung in the air. "Follow that, and leave me to my studies!"

"Thanks a lot, Mr. Ryze!" Annie smiled and followed the spark, holding Tibbers with one hand and the strap of her backpack with another. The spark eventually fizzled out in front of a deep aisle of books. Annie figured this is where the magic she needed was, and began reading the spines of the tomes.

One side of the aisle was filled with books about preserving bodies for various reasons. The other side was about changing looks and scents of things with magic. Annie briefly wondered why people were so concerned with keeping dead people fresh, but she figured if people didn't do that, she wouldn't have Amumu to play with.

She pulled several books from both aisles at random and shoved them into her bag, before looking for a table read them at. She found an empty table next to some summoners discussing something that sounded serious. When she sat down, they suddenly looked really worried and walked away. Annie shrugged--she was used to people doing that now--and pulled the books from her bag one by one, flipping through pages and looking for something helpful.

After a few hours, Annie finally had her answer. She skipped off to the alchemy lab and set to work. It wasn't very long before her concoction was complete--a white paste she quickly collected into a jar and skipped off to show Mr. Ryze.

She found him quickly--to his dismay, being a beacon of magic made him easy to locate--held the jar up to him. "Mr. Ryze, try this!"

Ryze grumbled, and snapped his book shut. "What is it, now?" He looked down at the girl and the smell of candy ran through his nose.

"Eat some of this!" Annie offered again, stretching her arm as high as she could for emphasis. Ryze hesitated for a moment, before sticking the tip of his finger into the goo and placing it in his mouth. His eyebrows suddenly rose in a large arc.

"Do you like it?" Annie asked nervously.

Ryze hummed for a moment. "It tastes like lollipops."

As he spoke, Annie giggled and puffed out her chest proudly. "Your breath smells like flowers."

A few days later, Annie was able to present her work to Amumu. As soon as the match ended(while nine of them were fighting on middle lane, Master Yi snuck into the enemy base and attacked their Nexus), Annie grabbed the jar from her pack and held it out to Amumu as he was climbing off of Katarina muttering some apologies.

"What's this?" He asked.

"Just eat some." Annie shoved a spoon into his hands. He tentatively dipped it into the mush and slipped it into his mouth.

"Whoa." He smiled. "This is really good!"

Katarina rose to her feet, brushing the dust off of her knees and eyed the jar curiously.

"Um." Annie pulled another spoon from her bag. "I brought enough for everyone."

Katarina took the spoon from Annie and sampled the paste. "He's right." She said after a moment. "This tastes like candy."

"And it makes you smell like flowers!" Annie cheered proudly. "Even Tibbers smells nice now!"

Soon, all the champions(and even some attending summoners) had tried Annie's concoction. The jar was completely empty.

Mundo pat the girl on the head, his hand encompassing her entire skull. "Mundo like. Would like to merchandise."

Annie's eyes widened. "Really?!"

"Yes." He nodded, his tongue flapping in the wind. "Champion franchises very successful. Make lots of money. Has happened before."

"Oh, wow, Mr. Mundo, thanks!" Annie's smile was so wide, she felt like her face would crack open.

"No need to thank." Mundo pat his chest. "Mundo sells what he pleases."

Annie was bouncing with excitement when the summoner finally sent her home. Her mother gave her a hug and pat her head. "Annie, you look so happy. Did something happen?"

"I'm gonna have a franchise!"

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("Mundo sells what he pleases" had me DYING!"

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this story is very cool =D jarvin - lol

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Mundo does what he pleases, even in storytelling

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Oh god, I don't like hassling artists like yourself but I feel the typical reply to this wonderful writing is required.

Ahem, MOAR

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Oh god, I don't like hassling artists like yourself but I feel the typical reply to this wonderful writing is required.

Ahem, MOAR

I want to write more but I have no ideas atm : (

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hi thread I meant to post an age ago, but then I got really sick and I couldn't write

but now I'm better!

here's annie in a fight

The last minion fell to an arrow and the two teams were once again at a standstill. In the center of Summoner's Rift, neither with a tower or minion to aid them, the champions buzzed about, eyeing each other threateningly while they and their summoners attempted to reason out the best course of action.

Annie kept behind Garen. The big tree, Maokai, wouldn't take his eyes off her. Annie knew he was just waiting for the right moment to attack her.

Though, there was a part of Annie that wanted him to. Her blood was so hot that it felt like it was melting her insides. She was able to cast a lot more than usual this match, and she wanted to cast more and more and more. The feel of magic running through her fingers made her spine shiver and her skin tingle all over. Maokai took a step forward and Annie reflexively shielded herself, the magic tickling her so strongly she couldn't help but laugh.

The tree hurled a sapling at them, but Garen effortlessly knocked it aside to the river with his blade. The sapling burst, spraying water over both teams. Annie's heart raced and she began impatiently clenching and unclenching her fists.

She looked over her enemies. There was, of course, Maokai, snarling and just waiting for the right moment to strike. Ashe strode behind him. Annie wasn't too worried about her--she only hurt bad if she had a good match, and this match in particular was not one of her best. Annie made sure of that.

To the side, carelessly juggling a stiletto, Shaco's perpetual grin taunted his opponents. Annie really hated his face--it never changed even when she killed him. She thought it was really creepy. Opposite him, Cassiopea slithered about, hissing and spitting at Annie and her team.

Lastly, Warwick prowled about the middle. He growled and huffed and snarled, prowling about baring his claws and fangs. He and Shaco had been bothering Annie the entire match, dipping in and out of her lane at a near constant. Because of her summoner's use of wards, they never got an advantage against her, but it was still really annoying.

Recalling this made Annie's chest burn even more. Her body begged for her to fight--to cast more magic. She was ready to walk up and just start it herself. She stepped out of Garen's shadow, the fire above her hand pulsating with eagerness. Maokai finally saw his opening and lunged forward, transforming into a twisting visage of brush and hurling himself directly at Annie.

Garen pushed her out of the way and jumped infront of Maokai's assault. Annie turned to see the rest of the tree's team charging them in a close formation. Annie smiled and ran to meet them head on. They were so close... it was so silly of them to do.

She called forth her bear with a great torrent of magic. He exploded admist them, the force of his summoning throwing all four champions to the ground. He immediately bore down on Shaco, tearing through the Demon Jester's chest and stomach in a single swipe. He turned next to Ashe, ready to rip the bow right from her hands, but his swipe was caught by the feral hands of Warwick.

As Annie reached the fight, Ashe turned on her heel and leveled her bow at Annie, but it was too late. Annie struck her in the face with a fireball, and Ashe was sent flying backwards into the rubble of the tower.

She turned next to Cassiopea and covered the snake-woman in a blast of flames. The woman gave an unearthly shriek as she hardened into a statue under the attack, and shattered into pieces. Behind Annie, Warwick was slowly losing his battle against Tibbers. The bear roared at the werewolf, and pushed him back towards Annie's team.

Garen broke away from Maokai and charged the distracted wolf, running his blade through his middle. Warwick let out a long howl before falling limp. Tibbers tossed the body aside into the river.

Soraka, Veigar and Caitlyn had already worn Maokai to his last legs--or roots, as it were. Annie charged up a final fireball and sent it into the treant, blowing him to pieces.

"Charge!" Garen yelled. "Take the Nexus!" And he rushed forth towards the enemy base. The team followed, but Annie paused for a moment and looked over the carnage.

Truthfully, she didn't like killing. She didn't like hurting people. Tibbers grabbed her and pulled her onto his shoulder, trudging off towards the base to end the match.

Annie liked fighting, though. And she loved casting magic.