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[Story] Annie and Friends

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Annie and Trundle no go?
........Annie and Singed?

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awesome story with Annie and Draven i laughed so hard at the end, Cant wait for more from you, your story's just make me smile

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so, um I drew you a picture

nice work as always

fullres (http://i.imgur.com/zdCih.png) (idk how this board works sob)

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annie and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
oooooo i know....Rengar....ya

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After a sudden and inexplicable blaze, Annie found herself three hundred gold richer. And much, much less annoyed.

F***ing clasic loving every chapter of this fan fic keep it up!!!

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annie and fizz would be a good combo

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How about Annie and Veigar.

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in my running theme of asking for requests and then never doing them(except i will do annie and veigar one day), here's something that

a: no one asked for
b: probably makes me a terrible person

The League would often sponsor public events and fundraisers using champions as attractions. Annie always wanted to be called into one, but much to her dismay, the League rarely asked for her assistance in anything. However, one morning, the League scepter was glowing with a rather exciting message: Annie was to report to a town in northern Demacia for a fundraising event.

She accidentally woke Tibbers by literally bouncing in excitement. Annie jumped out of bed and quickly changed out of her bear pajamas before running downstairs and eating a quick breakfast. She hugged her parents goodbye and clicked the crystal on the scepter, teleporting her to the event area.

When the light faded, Annie found herself in a large room with several other champions. A high-ranking summoner was also present, Annie guessed to tell everyone details. Her smile stretched to both of her ears and she bounced on her heels in impatience. Annie always looked forward to chances to see the other champions in a context that didn't involve violently murdering each other.

After a few moments, the summoner did a head count and cleared his throat loudly, gathering the attention of the champions. He pointed dramatically to the sky and shouted a single word: "Fanservice!"

Annie didn't quite understand why, but there was suddenly a very heavy feeling in the air.

The summoner lowered his arm and cupped his chin before continuing. "Fanservice is the theme of today's event. We have created outfits for you all to wear, and you will be waiters and waitresses for this restaurant. Tip proceeds are going to go to a charity devoted to building orphanages around Valoran."

Annie got even more excited. She got to wear a costume and have fun while gathering money to build stuff for people? It baffled her that many of the other champions looked so down about it.

"You have been allocated dressing rooms according to gender. You will find your outfits on the rack--with your names on them. Get ready, Champions!" He clapped his hands and saluted. The champions sighed and filed into their appropriate rooms. The door snapped shut behind Annie.

"I cannot believe zis!" She heard Miss Fiora cry out. "I deed not join ze League to be paraded in such a manner!"

"I think it sounds like fun!" Annie cheered, skipping over to the clothes rack to look for her costume. However, she quickly found that she was too short to read any of the tags.

"And besides, Lady Laurent," Miss Lux peered over the costumes looking for her own. "It's for a good cause."

Miss Fiora harumphed before pulling a set of clothes with her name on it from the rack and disappearing behind a changing sheet.

"Here, child." Miss Leona pulled a much smaller outfit out of the bunch and handed it down to Annie. "I believe this is yours." Miss Leona gave a soft smile that quite literally brightened the room.

Annie returned the smile and grabbed the costume eagerly from Miss Leona. It was a bright pink dress with deep red trimming, and all sorts of frills all over it. There was a note attached. Annie read it to herself: "You are a MAGICAL GIRL. Banish evil from this world by delivering items to our customers! Here is a list of phrases and poses to use..." Annie was a bit confused. Wasn't she already a magical girl?

She shrugged and tried to change into the dress as quickly as possible. The outfit was incredibly complicated, and at one point she had to ask Miss Lux for help because the bodice was stuck on her head.

Annie felt extremely proud of herself once her outfit was on properly and the ribbons were tied up in her hair. She looked at herself in the mirror and decided that she was cute enough to stop evil right in its tracks! Tibbers quietly sighed, hanging from a holster specifically added to the outfit just for him. The tailor was incredibly thoughtful, Annie mused.

The other champions began filtering out from behind their curtains. Miss Fiora's face was flushed. "Zis is so embarrassing..." She muttered, trying to cover her maid outfit with her arms.

"Rich girl, ya got it all wrong." Miss Nidalee(also in a maid outfit) trotted over and began tugging at Miss Fiora's outfit.

"Uh, what?" Fiora looked over her outfit again. "I followed ze instruct--" She was cut off when Nidalee suddenly tore at the top of her shirt, popping several buttons loose and revealing the top of Fiora's chest. Fiora let out a very girlish(and uncharacteristic, Annie noted) shriek and slapped her hands over her chest. "What are you doing?!"

Miss Nidalee let out a bellowing laugh. "That's how ya get customers happy, rich girl!"

"I do not want zem to be happy, zen!" Miss Fiora sputtered as she rebuttoned her top.

"It could be worse!" Miss Nidalee laughed. "Irelia could be in here!"

"I am quite sure zat iz the reazon they did not call her in." Miss Fiora retorted, her face still a deep red.

"Annie, Annie!" Miss Lux called, and Annie turned to face her. She was wearing a deep blue stylized witch outfit. "We match!" She winked and held out her palm.

Annie giggled and smacked Lux's hand. "You look real pretty, Miss Lux."

"And you're just adorable!" Lux smiled brightly. "Let's do a pose together!"

Annie nodded enthusiastically and Lux picked out a pose from the card for them to try. They stood back to back and raised one hand over their eye and extended the other forward, towards the mirror. "For Justice!" They said in unison.

"Hey-hey, soldier girl!" Miss Nidalee was raising a ruckus outside one of the changing curtains. "Ya done yet?"

There was a very, very muffled response.

"Ya got until the count of five to be done!" Nidalee laughed. "One..." There was a distinct clamor behind the sheet and a voice protesting loudly. "Two..." The sound of several pots being knocked off of the wall and onto the floor rang out across the room. "Five!" Miss Nidalee reached out and ripped down the curtain.

Miss Riven was standing before them, her entire body flushing red, clothed in a bunny suit. "T-This is unbecoming..." She murmured quietly.

"Now, Riven..." Leona stepped out from behind her curtain. She was wearing a very elaborate golden yellow ball gown, with a large pin with a sun motif holding her hair up. "You look splendid."

"Zat is not fair!" Fiora shouted. "You look spectacular! Why do we have to wear zese... embarrassing things while you get to wear..." Fiora struggled to find the right word. "Zat!"

Leona smiled. "I assure you, it's not as great as it seems!" She took a few slow steps forward. "It will not be easy to carry the orders in this."

There was a knock at the door. "Ladies! We're about to start, so please read the note on the door and line up!"

The girls (for the most part) awkwardly shuffled towards the door, where Leona grabbed the paper and read it aloud to everyone. The dining floor would be divided into two areas--the men's side and the women's. They were to serve everyone on the women's side. There was a diagram of what tables where numbered what, and where the division was exactly.

They could hear the summoner on a loudspeaker. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome! Remember that your tips are going to charity, so the more you like your server, the more you should tip! Have a great time and..." The door in front of them flung open, "Enjoy your meals!"

The girls stepped out into the dining room to come face to face with an absolutely packed restaurant with a line pouring out into the street. The crowd inside roared with applause, and then small cameras floated down and panned across the champions, causing the crowd outside to also erupt into cheers. Leona immediately turned and kneeled, placing her hands on Annie's shoulders.

"Annie," she started, "for our safety, I must ask you to handle table twelve, please."

"Um." Annie tilted her head in wonder. "Okay?"

"Zey are recording this?!" Fiora shouted as they moved onto the floor. Riven's face turned a few shades of red deeper.

The champions began to filter through the tables and taking orders. Annie skipped up to the table Leona requested, eager to take her first order. "Oh!" She gasped in surprised when she arrived. "Miss Irelia!"

The Will of the Blades sat with an absolute blank stare on her face, vaguely moving from waitress to waitress. Annie wasn't sure, but it looked like the woman was drooling slightly. Irelia's eyes came to rest on Annie, and they immediately shifted from vacancy to the eyes of a hunter. "Annie!" She called and gave a thumbs-up. "You look adorable!"

Annie couldn't explain the nervous feeling trickling down her spine. She felt as if she was somehow in danger. "T-Thanks. Um. May I take your order?"

Irelia's eyes fixated on another waitress. "Water."

"Okay..." Annie slowly backed away and hurried off into the kitchen. As she neared the door, she could hear some ruckus on the men's side.

"I am NOT going on there in this." She recognized Ezreal's voice almost immediately.

"Come now," Mister Garen stood in front of the door in a tuxedo. "We all have to do it."

"That's easy for you to say!" Ezreal retorted. "You look normal!"

Annie skipped over to the two. "What's wrong, Ezre--" Annie was cut off by her own laughter as she turned the corner to see Ezreal in a bunny suit similar to Miss Riven's.

"Ugh." Ezreal hid his face in his hands. "Now I'm really not leaving."

"You call yourself a warrior?" Another man that Annie didn't recognize in an odd dance outfit walked up to them. "A true man must be willing to enter all forms of combat! This is just another battle!" He pounded his chest and walked off.

Ezreal sighed again.

Annie had an idea. "Ezreal, if you don't go out, I'll tell everyone about the time when--"
Ezreal immediately straightened up. "I'll go," he said quietly before stepping out and approaching a table.

Annie couldn't help a devilish smirk as she walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. She returned to Irelia's table and placed the water in front of the frightening woman. "Can I get you anything else?"

Irelia sipped the water. "There is nothing more I can ask for." She said in an incredibly serious voice. "I am in heaven."

Annie nodded slightly and very carefully backed away while Irelia was staring at what Annie assumed to be Miss Fiora's frilly skirt. She quickly found a free table and addressed the customers. She lifted up one leg and winked at them, framing her open eye with her middle and pointer fingers. "In the name of Justice, I will take your order!"

Annie immediately felt incredibly awkward as the cheesiness of the line oozed over her. The man sitting at the table opened his mouth to speak when an eruption from the prep area overcame all the noise in the restaurant.

"WELCOME TO THE BUFFET OF DRAAAAAVEN." Annie heard doors breaking open and something cascading out of it. She looked up, but her vision was immediately dimmed as hands clapped over her eyes.

She waved her arms about trying to identify her assailant. "What is it?"

"It's my turn to protect you." Leona's voice responded. Annie could hear a scuffle going on across the restaurant amongst many feminine screams.

"Get down from there!" She heard Garen yell. "And cover yourself with this, quickly!"

"Ha!" Draven scoffed. "This is what the ladies really wanna see!"

A few girls shrieked Draven's name.

"Get back in there and put on your outfit!" Annie recognized the voice as the summoner from before.

"You think I wanna look like him? Draaaven doesn't do that." Through all the commotion, Annie could somehow make out the sound of Ezreal feeling sorry for himself.

It was several more moments of bickering and arrogance before the yelling disappeared into the back room and Leona removed her hands from Annie's eyes.

"Uh," Annie turned around rubbing the back of her head. "Thanks?"

Leona gave a soft and radiant smile. "May you never learn of the horror we witnessed." She said before standing up and attending to her table.

Annie's relief mixed with her curiosity. She shrugged off the feelings and attended to her own table, noting down their order and skipping off to the kitchen to deliver it. On her way back to the floor, she noticed Miss Riven was having difficulty moving in her heels. It was obvious the ex-soldier had never worn such attire before.

As Miss Riven neared the table she was waiting on, she lost her balance. She fell backwards and the food began flying in the air. Annie moved to cast a spell to catch Miss Riven, but before her lips could part, Miss Irelia had somehow flown across the room, catching Riven in one arm. With her other arm, she caught the tray and expertly darted her hand around, catching all the food as it fell. Never once did Irelia break eye contact with Riven.

As Annie blinked and tried to process that what just happened was--apparently--possible, Irelia slammed the tray on the table(still keeping her eyes on Riven's), and spoke in a quiet voice, "Eat." With her hand now free, Irelia brought it gently to Riven's face, cupping her cheek as if it was priceless china.

Annie wasn't quite sure what she was looking at, or what she should do about it. However, it was apparently something that the men in the restaurant found highly interesting. Annie wasn't quite sure why--having someone trace her lips with their finger seemed quite invasive to her. She wasn't quite sure why Miss Riven was totally petrified, either. Or why Miss Leona was grabbing Miss Irelia by the collar and pulling her away from Miss Riven.

Annie decided to just continue waiting tables.

At the end of the day, the champions gathered in the back once again. Leona was chatting with the man Annie didn't recognize, Riven seemed to be incredibly relieved that people were no longer staring at her, and Draven was now wearing a bunny outfit similar to Ezreal's.

The summoner cleared his throat loudly and began to speak: "Great job, Champions! We received a rather large amount of donations from this event!" He pulled an envelope from inside his robes. "We will be granting a special surprise to the champions who earned the most donations!"

He paused for a moment. Annie seemed to be the only one excited.

"For the men!" He opened the envelope and read the results incredibly slowly. "Draven!"

"What?!" Ezreal yelled.

Draven laughed mockingly, his rabbit ears flopping about. "Draven does it all! With style!"

"For the women!" The summoner pulled a second piece of paper from the envelope and read it. Then he read it again. And again. His brow furrowed in confusion, but he spoke. "Irelia?"

Miss Riven suddenly froze solid. Annie frowned--she had hoped to win.

The summoner wrapped up with thank yous and began porting everyone to their homes. Riven remained inhumanly still through the process.

In a bright flash of light, Annie found herself at home again. "Wow!" She heard her mother instantly. "You're so cute in that!"

Annie smiled, quickly forgetting her disappointment of her loss. "Thanks mom!" Annie shared a nice dinner with her parents, and went to bed vaguely feeling like she learned something about adulthood that she never wanted to know.