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[Guide] Gragas - Booze and Bombs

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Well this is my first guide so lets hope it works out and I don't forget some vital part. Oh well here goes.

Guide Type: AP Build Gragas

Champion: Gragas

He's the (oxymoron aside) giant dwarf champ who runs into battle beard swinging booze guzzling and all around big booming his way to victory.


Barrel Roll: Your bread and butter skill. While you'll need all your skills to make Gragas really shine his one is what you level first and foremost. Basically you roll out a barrel and detonate it when it reaches its location or let it sit for up to 5 seconds. (awesome at all points of the game).

Drunken Rage: Mana buff, %damage reduction and damage buff. What more could you ask for?

Body Slam: Way better then people give it credit for. You speed in/out doing damage + .66% of your physical damage and you slow whatever you hit. It's great for getting away, dealing extra damage and keeping a runner from getting away.

Explosive Cask: Amazing ultimate! This can decide the outcome of team fights. Save your tubby ass or ruin someones day. Toss the barrel in, do damage and move the opponent based upon where they were in relation to the explosion. Takes some skill but it's amazing when it works.

Passive: Happy Hour. You should NEVER have to leave your lane because of this skill. 2% of your health back every time you use an ability. It's like a free regen item.

Quick Recap!

Early game can easily deny
Free Mana regen, damage boost and health regen.
Great escape skills and can dictate the flow of fights.
Tougher then any other mage (save Soraka heal spamming herself)
Hits as hard if not harder then many melee champs early game.

High cooldowns
No true disables
Mana intensive early game.

Summoner Spells

Cleanse: While Body slam can move you if you're snared (Morgana's hate you for this) cleanse will save you SO many times it's nuts. Lets go through what it saves you from; snares, stuns, silences, ignite, slow, poison damage (yes twitch cries when you kill all his stacks just before he exhumes), damage reduction, blind ie: Awesome!

Ghost: While you could substitute this out for Flash I think ghost is simply a much better spell (what insanity!). Ghost is only 120 seconds (much faster then flash) and lets you close distance, gets you into position, lets you answer ganks from across lanes and gets you out of trouble. While you can't wait for the last second like with Flash I find that the ability to use it more liberally means it'll have a greater effect just a less "flashy" one.


Get cooldown reduction! This should be your goal. Get Utility and Offensive for the 9% CD and then get runes to get that up to 24% total if you can. Gragas' primary weakness is that he can't spam. Make yourself into a spammer and watch them tiny champs drop like flies.

I'll do the list first then explain it.

First item: Meki Pendant - that's it.
Your building towards the recommended item Nashers Tooth (the yellow sword).
Gives you 25% CD, increased attack speed (yes this is good even for AP gragas) and 55 Ability power - awesome.

Second item: Boots 3. Boots 3 are very good for Gragas as your barrel requires you to have position

Third item: Another recommended item the Staff of the Void I think it's called. Gives you a boost to AP and 40% magic resist penetration (this -really- adds up fast)

Fourth Item: Lichbane. Gragas hits hard and lichbane will make you a physical force to be noted.

After that, doesn't matter. Build your AP and go nuts.

What no Rod of Ages?! Yes I don't take rod of ages. Why? Because Gragas doesn't really need the mana (he can regen it with Drunken), doesn't need the health (again 28% reduced damage before armor means your more then meaty enough and you have HUGE range, you don't need to be anywhere near the action most of the time) and the AP is good but CD is WAY more important to get fast.

Universal Note: ALWAYS be in drunken rage if you can. Yes, ALWAYS

Early Game (1-8): NEVER solo lane. Your barrel roll takes way to long to cooldown and you'll be eaten for it. With a buddy however you're an amazing harasser. Your have huge range with your barrel and you can leave it sitting on your minions as you bash them. People won't move in to last hit with your barrel sitting there. That and you can just constantly pester with ever increasing barrel damage.

- Skills: Build your Barrel whenever you can and take drunken rage every other time. Level 6 take your ultimate and level 8 take Body slam for escaping or smashing someone who took one to many drinks from your barrel.

With level 6 you should setup a kill. Tell your partner to be ready and when one of the enemy champs moves just into the wrong place land your explosive cask sending them flying into you and your buddy. Almost nobody makes it out alive unless they have flash and even then it's not assured.
By level 8 you should probably head back for gear. (Yes you shouldn't have needed to head back thanks to your Meki + drunken boosting your mana and every ability regening you)
Mid Game (9-14): Get into team fights or defend weakened turrets. In team fights you can roll barrels from behind cover meaning you take no damage. You can Body slam through cover to offer help should things to poorly and your can explosive cask to separate vulnerable squishies from their tank buddies. You can hold a tower solo. Your barrel can knock out a whole creep wave and your cask can blow all enemies but 1 away making them take heavy turret damage.

End Game (15-18): You're a beast by now. Your barrels do heavy damage and can take a big chunk out of squishy champs. You have a 1.025 attack rate and 180 physical damage (without damage items) and you have 2000 hp with 28% damage reduction before armor is considered (not that you have much). If you play smart you can kill anyone but tanks in a single sitting. The combo is this:
1)Barrel roll for some damage (most will still come at you)
2) explosive cask them so they fly past you (this is scary for most opponents as they're now worried about a gank and being much further from safety)
3) Body Slam with Drunken Rage up for 240 + 120 damage.
4) Hit them once for 180 + 100% of your AP (should be around 200/250 more damage)
5) When they try and run roll a barrel in front of them and watch the fireworks.

Now they're slow, have taken over 1500-1600 damage and have only hit you 2/3 times in return. If they still want to fight continue smacking them (you do enough damage no worries their) and when your body slam proc's again hit them for another heavy blow and smack them with a lichbane enhanced punch. Not many can survive this.

Final Sum up of a long Guide

1)You hit -hard- (180 damage by level 18 with no items), you hit often 1.025 is nothing to scoff at and you have lichbane upping your damage even further.
2) Your body slam saves you and nets you kills often and works great for proc'ing lichbane
3) Your barrels have very high range, very solid damage and can roll through cover keeping you well away from damage (something most champs can't do)
4) Using cover to ambush with explosive cask can send ballsy Tristana's or Yi's into the waiting arms of your team for quick painless kills.
5) You can defend towers better then most (Although rammus is still king at that) and your damage is enough so that your not bad at taking them down too.
6) 28% damage reduction makes a big difference and don't be worried about spamming body slam for more health regen, it can keep you in the game.
7) You're a hybrid, use that. You have high burst damage and that includes your lichbane buffed punches. Don't be afraid to get a little up close and personal. Should things go wrong you've go body slam + ghost + cleanse to escape so no worries.

Final Words: Gragas is amazing, if you can play him right

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Seems reasonable guide.

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Fun. I'm a big fan of Gragas (my friends all think he's terrible) and I've been going a Rod of Ages route right off the bat, followed by rylai's and whatever else may come my way. We usually win by then, but i digress. This seems a much more aggressive build, and a little less tanky than what I use, but I'm going to try it out. My favorite thing is to kill someone with a barrel, and spam "DO A BARREL ROLL! PRESS A TO SHOOT!!" over all chat. Good job, guy.

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I love this idea, the AP Gragas.

My build is a little different though.
I go:
Meki's -> Nashor's after Mejai's
Swiftness Boots
Nashors. (I think? The one with 55 ap 50 atatck speed.

then stack archangles staff. You get a TON of Ap!

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Emperor Hiccup

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Nice guide, I just started playing recently and I REALLY like Gragas, but I never seemed to be able to do much to anyone before, I just tried out this item setup in a match. I somehow managed to get into a fight against 3 enemies all by myself, killed 2 of them, and then held the last guy off long enough for my allies to respawn and save me. It was awesome.

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I think I prefer Deathfire over Nashor for an AP build. The attack speed seems like a waste to me plus Deathfire has that sweet nuke for 200 gold less. If you're maxing out your CD reduction with runes and masteries at 26%, then the 15% from Deathfire will already take you to the 40% CD reduction cap.

I'd also consider getting ignite over ghost as Gragas already has a great escape mechanic. With ignite, 1 lvl of body slam, and cask, first blood is pretty easy.