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What ever happen to their "left" system?

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I have a grand total of 5 "leaves" all due to internet, patch day, computer problems.Ive never left a game for my own personal reason either rage, life,etc.

The 1st week I started I was having internet problems and I got 2 "lefts" in a row. the 1st time I got a warning..they 2nd time I couldnt join a game for a set amount of time.

How ever since then Ive not gotton a single warning for the other 3.

So my question is their "left" system a costmic joke?

Why not have this system in place for one month of play
1st warning
2nd 10mins before u can join a game
3rd 30mins before u can join a game
4th 24 hours before you can join a game
5th 1 week before you can join a game
6th 1 month ban

and so on

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It calculates off a ratio, and if you have a "leaving spree."

Early on they're a lot more suspicious for leaves, and may just penalize you for 2 leaves in a row. Afraid that the leaves will continue and interfere with people playing games.

They allow a few leaves though, obviously there are personal issues and issues outside your control and cannot ban you for the occasional disconnect.

The system you had would be a bit strict. They have a "Leaver Level" which penalizes your IP, along with a system of direct penalties. It tries to adjust for more lenient treatment of people with more games as well.