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Mortal Monking: The Art of Blind Kombat V1.0
By Vrindlevine
I just want to start off this guide by saying that I have no idea if these strategies will work in higher-tier play or whatever but I find these to be the things that I find make me a more valuable member of my team when I choose to play as lee sin. I picked up lee sin on release day and loved him, (I have a soft spot for monks.) I found his popularity really dropped off after the first day and I can understand why it seemed to me that he was rather hard to play, but after learning the core mechanics and devising a few tricks I found my games to have improved immensely. I will be laying the ground work for what makes a successful monk and the build I use I believe it is possible to do a different build but have yet to try it yet.

For runes I use:
x9 armor pen marks
x9 armor seals
x9 magic resist glyphs
x3 attack damage quints
This rune page gives me the early game boosts I need to win brawls in lane and that little extra boost for my abilities with the damage runes.
I usually go 21/9/0 ignoring crit damage in favor of more attack speed and minion damage. I grab +armor and resist in the defense, 2 points in dodge chance, and 1 in blocking physical damage. That or if I suspect I’m going to die a lot then ill change the last three to good hands.
I like Flash and Exhaust both are great spells and work throughout the whole game. Since you have a dash and a knockback you shouldn’t need ghost. Other spells that work, are fortify if your team needs you to take it. Other than that you can take ignite but I find that more than 2 ignites is overkill on a team since its mainly for countering healing, it does help get first blood but exhaust does as well and scales to late game against non-mundo enemies.
Skill Order
Always start with your Q: Discordant Wave use it to check bushes and harass. Next get Safeguard, at this point you’ll want to keep Q and W at the same level (start with W) and your E, 1 level behind them as its mainly a great slow and also reduces attack speed which is just fantastic when taking on carries. Take your ultimate whenever you can.
I have yet to try and test a good pure dps damage build but Ill share my tanky-dps and work on the other on later.

Dorans Shield – 475g
Pickaxe+Boots – 1325g
Either Mercury Treads or Swiftness – 850g/650g or Madreds Razor’s – 985g
About now I find ill need some survivability
If facing high ap teams/focus get Negatron Cloak – 740g if not then Giants Belt – 1100g
At this point I like to finish my Bloodrazer and then get the item I didn’t get one step before.
Then I build pure tank – so Warmogs – 1900g and FoN – 1870g
If things are getting really late-game Ill start grabbing BF swords -> Bloodthirsters.
Randuin’s Omen can be very useful also Ive tried Black Cleaver and it’s a decent late game Item but I think the pure damage from the Thirsters and the ease with which you can farm them as lee makes them a better choice.
Of course you should make room for wards if you need them or maybe oracles, your escape moves and knockback/up make you a survivor and therefore a good oracles carrier. Also red elixirs can be useful for an instant boost if you really need it.

Flurry (Passive): This is an amazing skill and has crazy synergy, when you use an ability you get +50% attack speed and restore 15 energy on your next 2 attacks. This is like a mana regen item and better than a recurve bow for free! But it only lasts 2 attacks…. This is where the the best lee sin trick comes into play. Master this and your deadliness will multiply tenfold.
Weaving is basically when you use an ability then you – weave – 2 autoattacks into the combo before using your next ability, since lee has 6 abilities you can chain together 12 fast attacks and keep your energy levels up. This takes some practice to do correctly and even more to pull off in the middle of a feverish teamfight. Early game you can pummel champs really fast and scare them off one you get 2 skills. I usually start with safeguard and end with discordant wave to maximize its damage. Practicing on creeps in custom is a great way to learn the motions and best timing.
Q: Discordant Wave/Resonating Strike
This ability is really fun and great for harassing, chasing, and last hitting minions. It’s a skill-shot which I usually have set to smart-cast. When you hit someone with it they take some damage and they get marked for 3 seconds. If you press Q again during this time Lee will fly towards them and deliver a powerful kick with a satisfying Smack! sound. This does the damage of your Wave and 10% of their missing hp in bonus damage, in addition to any AD bonuses. I like to think of it as a mini-garen ult and the results can be quite deadly.
E: Safeguard/Iron Will
Another great ability after selecting your target lee sin dashes to them and creates a small shield which basically gives them some extra health he gives himself the shield as well and can target himself. If it breaks you get some energy (like 30) back. The range on this dash is impressive and dashing to creep waves/allies is a great way to escape death at the hands of pursuers. After creating the shield lee can cast Iron Will for 3 seconds which gives him some nice lifesteal, spell vamp, and bonus armor. This is great for staying alive in lane and as a buff to help kill people early game. Later on the bonuses are less impressive but it’s easy to activate flurry using it. Lastly one of my favorite tricks is hitting someone with my Q then Q again then immediately dashing back to my creep wave/ lane partner before they can touch you. This is my standard harass combo and can really annoy some people. I also usually set this skill to smart-cast.
W: Tempest/Cripple
This skill is simple and useful, when first cast lee does some damage in an area around him while also revealing anything it hits. This is great for defending yourself in a lane with an eve/rat/akali and can also be used to kill wards or Teemo mushrooms. If you cast it again within 3 seconds it will slow the movement and attack speed of everything that was hit by tempest and is still within range by a good amount. The targets get their speed back over its generous duration of 4 seconds. This spell is also easy to use to activate for flurry and can really help you mess up carries and other champs that rely on attack speed.
R: Dragon’s Rage (Ultimate)
This is my favorite skill on lee sin and maybe my favorite ultimate in the game. I mean sure some people can call down death magic to obliterate everything and others can steal souls and just refuse to die. Lee sin just Kicks you. That’s all he needs. When you target someone with this ability they get knocked back a far distance which basically keeps them out of the fight for something like 1.5 seconds. They also take a bunch of damage, and if they by some chance happen to hit their allies on the way they take damage as well and are knocked into the air for a short time. As you level it up its duration drops from 80 to 50 and its damage goes up. It’s just awesome, three great ways to use this skill.
#1 Knockback/Disable: use it to save yourself or an ally from a chaser and to give your team time to get to them, coupled with flash you can pull of some really cool kicks that will place your enemies carry right in the middle of your team.
#2 Initiator: You kick the front person on their team in a teamfight and the whole team takes damage and is knocked up this is a great use of the ability and can set you up to win these fights.
#3 Badass Finisher/Fatality: This is risky but fun basically you kick someone so that the damage from the kick kills them, this can go bad if you kick them to safety, (I know how that feels =/) Also be sure you’re not kicking them towards an escaping ally as this can lead to painful ignores when you ruin people perfect games If it works I like to type FATALITY into the chat for jokes hehe. Optional placement of Q on the target can allow you to 2ndQ to them to kill them in a really stylish way after you’ve ulted them and minimizes risk but takes forethought.

Overall Strategy
Basically you are a complement to a complete team, you can take damage, initiate, kill, and slow, and save your teammates. Thus try to lane with someone who can dish out damage or harass well. An absolutely fantastic lane partner is Maokai since lee has 6 skills you can charge Maokai’s passive up super fast and make him very hard if not impossible to harass. Pretty much you’re a jack of all trades so make sure your ready for any possible situation. I would not advise playing lee on a team that does not have all the key roles filled.