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AP/AS/AD or Hybrid Kennen? Let's Necro Topic!

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The Shadowdove

Senior Member


Okay, so I know this has been asked a bazillion times before. However, all of the threads I’ve seen have been from quite a while ago and I was hoping to see how things are these days.

I am buying Kennen soon because his playing style looks like fun.

Let’s revive the necro topic AD/AS/or AP for my sake.

While we’re at it, how about item/rune/mastery builds for ‘your’ favorite play style.


Style: (ap/ad/as/hybrid/etc.) may also include playing style and skill order





Player notes: (extra tips and opinions/etc.)

Feel Free to deter from the format if you want to.

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I play Kennen as an AP stunner. He is easily one of the best laners in the game if you know how to hit your skill shot, and once you hit lv 6 you are an instakill waiting to happen.

He is usable because he is an energy character, and his Q begs for it to be spammed.

-I will usually start with dorans shield to help me stay in lane as long as possible
-on my first b, if I had a good time farming, and the lane is basically even, I will get a needlessly large rod if possible. If not then I will either start building ryalais or my boots. Pick up a few pots and a ward while ur here
-here is what I love about kennen, early-mid game if you can build your deathcap, the game is yours. IF you have to play more utility go for it and get rylais, they are both great.
-But I will usually get boots one pre(whatever you chose) then sorc shoes after u complete it.
-After ryalais/deathcap I will start building tanky, because my ult and E ability involve being in the middle of everything, some defense is good. (Unless you are having a good game and melting faces, then go for hourglass or other AP)
-the rest of my build is situational, but always try to pick up AP in whatever you buy. There are enough good items out there that the only real mana item (total waste) I would even consider is Bashees

masteries I go standard 9/0/21 picking up mag pen with the 9, and basically everything but mana with the 21 (you have to get at least one mastery skill here, I prefer flash)

Spells depend on the situation. If I am going to be on a side solo lane and playing very passively. So I will get flash/clair (I believe every team should have one just for map awareness). If I am going to be a carry and possibly mid, I will get flash/ignite.
Others may say to get ghost, I find with your E you really dont need it. But it is all a matter of preference.

Runes, I run a kinda unorthodox (at least to me) set-up. I do:
-AP quints
-Mag Pen marks
-CD/lv glyphs
-dodge seals (these I just had left over so I tossed them in, but they have saved me more times than I can count, there are some crazy stories there haha)

He is really a great character, his scaling is mediocre, but combined with his stuns he is amazing if played right.

Some tips for laning:
1. spam your shuriken, always look for a way to hit them with it. It is also a good tool for last hitting.
2.after you hit them with your shurikan, press W for pain.
3. use the auto attack mark, when you are at your 4th auto attack, hit them with it, and press W. they wont be expecting you to auto attack them if you harrass them with your Q for long enough. Causes lots of harrass and lots of kills early on.
4. since you should have a high health because of dorans, when you ding 6, coordinated with your mates to get a kill. its simple, flash in, pop ult, pop a pot (if you have the fingers for it, doesn't make much of a difference) throw ur shiriken, use W, and chase/stun with E. They will get chain stunned at least 3 times by you alone. If they survive that long

Team Fights:
Avoid them if you can, but you shouldn't ever be the first, or second one in. Wait for all of that deadly CC to get used up on your very juicy tank, then charge in. But while you are waiting on the wings spam your Q, but try to save your W for your ult, because it will hit more people. My little trick to getting in and our of team fights safely is flashing in, popping your ult, and hourglass if you have it. Then use W to stun and E to get out of the madness before people figure out ur squishy. If you have your wits about you in the chaos you can use Q to hit their squishies and do some damage or stun them too.

Skills order:
(use as needed) I play ken as the situation needs me. So if you need to farm up, put a point in E so you can clear waves faster. But usually go

I can't really think of much else about him, other than have fun killing people. I'm not a Pro, but this has been the style that has gotten me from my lv 16 to my current lv 30, and it is tried and true.

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The Shadowdove

Senior Member



Thanks a ton man.

I'm investing in more runes then getting kennen. I want to make sure that I have the full setup before I even custom map with him. (just a strange habit of mine)

I'm going to bookmark your post, as well as anyone else who shares their knowledge.

Hope to see you in game someday.

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Senior Member


I play him as tanky support. Meaning i get items such as rylais, abyssal, zhonya's hourglass which give me a healthy dose of AP as well as make me hard to beat down easily.
He needs to me smack bang in the middle of the fight, stunning everyone, and the longer you stay alive the more stuns/dmg you can toss out.