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If you disconnect from a match!

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This post is to hopefully better inform people on how to reconnect to a match that you've disconnected from and be a little easier to find.

So I was in a game with some friends last night when, thank god for automatic updates, my comp restarts itself. So I reboot the computer and get back on vent only to realize I have no idea how to get back in game. It took me about 10min altogether to find and understand what the post was saying. I did eventually reconnect, but needless to say we lost . If your like me worry not there is a way to reconnect!

Riot has already posted a thread about how to do this so i'm not trying to take credit for anything I just want there to be more up to date info on how to do this. Basically you go into your start menu click on your computer/hard drive and then find your Riot Games folder. After you've found it you click on the league of legends forder then inside that there should be a ton of files, find the folder that sames Game, open it. There you should eventually come accross a file for leagueoflegends that is .exe format, double click and it will try to reconnect you to the game. (I'm using a PC with vista 32bit dont know if its different for different operating systems)

It should look something like this

C/Riot Games/LeagueofLegends/Games

once your in the games folder locate the Leagueoflegends.exe file

Special Note: You can not just double click your LoL icon it will just open the main game page IT WILL NOT RECONNECT YOU!

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Jesse Perring



Good post with correct info.