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No Fighting other champions

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wrong wrong wrong.

first of all, if you are playing 2v1 the other player will be a higher level than you and if hes any decent (and most likely a ranged nuker because melee solos tend to get driven back) he will be able to keep you at a distant because he will have more last hits (gold) and xp.
If im soloing i always find myself going to the other team's tower and even forcing the other 2 players to go back all the time to regen hp because i got a very aggressive playing style during laning.
so with a half-decent player playing a caster or ranged dps you should be able to pretty much win the 2v1 laning

I totally see your point that the loner should be higher level and perhaps even arguably more spikey (damage-wise), but I've found two separate mana pools and sets of cooldowns is actually more dangerous. Do you think a solo would do waaaaay more damage than two people laning together?... because even in 2v2's, you won't be forced to bp every thirty seconds.

... though to be fair, maybe it's because the loners I've faced 2v1 have been crap, or have had ill-suited champs for the task.

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This was pretty much my strat in DotA playing Oblivion.

Granted, fights weren't completely avoidable, but I could push down wave after wave of creeps, and keep blowing down towers like nothing. When shit got heavy, I'd banish, run, and port to another lane.

It's a legitimate strategy, because with a tower at your side, you can keep superior numbers at bay well enough. Especially if you have a decent enough amount of disables so nobody would want to initiate the tower dive unless they were a hella tank.

Not to mention 4v5 will rarely be played out in constant 4v5 skirmishes when people need to stop you from pushing, leaving your team open to push and gank, when you tp away that wastes their time and they use their effort to push back from their tower etc. buying more time for your team to cohesively push lanes etc.

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New to LoL, but I'm pretty sure that in DotA, a Krob equipped with Boots of Travel could easily keep a team from committing to a push, since she could take down towers/rax/waves so easily. Now I'm not sure there is a similar hero in this game, but I would say that otherwise, most heroes are better off fighting with the team. The "Best defense is a good offense" tactic only really works when you already have them across the river.