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Mouse Cursor changes size and shape?! Sometimes can't find it in team fights.

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When I'm playing, depending on what I hover over, my mouse cursor changes size, shape, and color. Normally it's not a problem, but in team fights, I always loose it. Now I'm not ready to admit that I'm color blind, but even if I was, I don't see any way to change it in the options or config files (approved changes for color blind people I see here in the forums.

Is there anyway to stop making my cursor change size, shape, and color... I mean when you go from this yellow pointer shaped thing and hover over something to attack, it changes to a red diamond shape... In a teamfight, it might as well disappear!

This has bugged me from day one about league of legends... and I've seen options to change colors for friendlies and enemies, but nothing that handles the mouse cursor. I'll also admit that this really only becomes a problem 10% of the time or so, but its the critical 10% of the game.