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Icathia and Urtistan

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I have an idea that even now I am putting into a story that is going to be handed in to Riot by the 16th of May.
Look up this thread: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=669044

That Icathia and Urtistan were both destroyed in the same event.
Icathia was like a Noxus and Urtistan was like a Demacia,
Where Urtistan was on the West Coast, and Icathia on the East Coast of Valoran.

A terrible Rune War was unleashed which saw the destruction of BOTH the cities.
Icathia being reduced to ruins, where the barrier between Runeterra and the Void became eroded due to the arrogance of the inhabitants who had once lived there,
And Urtistan was utterly crushed, destroyed by Icathia's wizards and armies in an all-out war. Where Zilean was the only survivor of that terrible time of anarchy.

Look forward to it !
My story will explain the origins of Demacia and Noxus and Bandle City. It will feature the leader of the Black Rose and Le Blanc's great great great great ... great grandfather. It will feature the Black Rose' affiliation with the Void. It will reveal Swain, Veigar and even Fiddlesticks' connection with that cabal of dark magicians. And it talks of Urtistan's great fall, and the suffering of Zilean, being the lone survivor of an a kingdom that has ceased to exist. The story is entitled: "Into the Void".

I will keep you guys updated !

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I'll look forward to it =)

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Into the Wild.