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[Guide] God Tier Aura Sivir

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This is a guide for playing Sivir as a "carry support." What's a carry support? It's the champion that supports the carry. An Aura Sivir is much more effective than a DPS Sivir or (heaven forbid) an AP Sivir, for reasons that will be outlined below.

I am probably not a high-level player. I take much of the advice used in this guide from people who are, notably QUICKSLIDE, who has dispensed much Sivir wisdom in scattered posts (and has generously endorsed this guide since publication -- see the replies). This guide is an attempt to gather the good advice I've collected while researching the champ I main as. If it bothers you that you're reading a guide by someone who doesn't have several hundred wins under your belt, this is your chance to bail.

In addition to my already lengthy guide, you'll see scattered QUICKSLIDE commentary. This comes from the guide he was working on, which was itself already twice the original length of this guide. It's not reproduced in its entirety here, but where relevant, excerpts have been added to augment the guide.

QUICKSLIDE]This guide is based on Sivir's most powerful incarnation, the Aura Hoarder. As most of you know, Sivir is, by far, the strongest farming character in the game. It should also be no surprise that aura items, by their nature, give the largest bonus for the gold spent. This Sivir build is her strongest incarnation simply due to the fact that we use these 2 things together. Sivir's ultra farm allows her to pile on auras faster then any other champion. Auras, are stronger the earlier you get them. This guide focuses on abusing this potential in order to be the strongest TEAM on the battlefield. This is NOT a guide for pub stomping or carrying your team with a ridiculous item build you farmed up. That stuff only works in low ELO and I have no intention of detailing a play style that will fail you as you move up the ranks. It does work sometimes (you can never account for bad players/noobs/feeders), but we are here to discuss a way of playing that works at higher level play and maximizes what you bring to the battlefield and hence giving your team the best chance to win.[/quote]

Warning: long and detailed. This is a guide for people who care about the "
In any case, the major point to take away from Sivir's passive is you should NEVER stop moving. Not only does it activate the passive, it really screws with your opponent. They will have a harder time judging where you will be and it will be nearly impossible for them to know when you're maneuvering for a BB.

- Boomerang Blade: The skillshot. Deals 60/115/170/225/280 (+0.75) Magic Damage to the first unit and 10% reduced damage to each subsequent target (to a minimum of 40%).

BB is Sivir's main harassment ability in the laning phase. To be successful as Sivir (especially when solo mid), you have to get good at hitting the other guy. With a little practice, you'll almost always hit once, and usually again with the return hit. Remember that the boomerang returns to where you are and not where you were, so reposition yourself if necessary to get the maximum benefit out of the return flight. Also remember that the damage diminishes with each target, so when going for the kill, try to avoid throwing through a huge group of minions.

QUICKSLIDE]After a couple tosses you will quickly see if your opponent is bothering to dodge them. If they aren’t, great, continue to harass with it. If they do, its FAR better to hit the creep wave. I see far too many Sivir players get caught up in getting kills and inflating their ego through k/d/a. Don’t be one of them! You don’t need the kills!! You are the best farmer in the game, the gold will come. You will also sometimes notice that your enemy becomes lax in dodging the BB once you start hitting the creep wave. If they do, be sure to hit them with it![/quote]

Later on, you'll use BB to push. BB plus Ricochet eats a creep wave like it's nothing. You can passively kill an incoming creep wave this way without ever taking your focus off a tower.

Special Mention: Banshee's Veil. Due to the nature of BB, it isyour job as Sivir to rip down those veils! Why? Well: You can still get partial damage through due to the return shot. You can rip down multiple shields with one shot due to it piercing. It is pretty **** wide and has a long range. These 3 things together means you are the dedicated anti BV. You have no idea how often you will get thanked for doing it.

- Ricochet (toggle): Sivir's basic attacks will bounce to 1/2/3/4/5 additional target(s), dealing 22% less damage with each bounce (only the first hit procs item effects).

There has been a little debate over whether Ricochet or BB is better to take first. The short answer is that BB is much better, and there are a lot of reasons for this. Let's take a look.

First, the damage (and therefore the benefit) is diminishing. If you're using Rico to harass, you're dealing, at best, 78% of your damage to the enemy champ. Next, you're not getting any benefit from your items. Rico is always based on your regular attack damage, even if the first hit crits. Rico is also physical damage, whereas BB is magical.

The biggest difference, though, is that first one. Each additional level of Ricochet helps less than the last. Meanwhile, BB always gets 55 extra damage for each additional level (and, yes, extra mana cost, but that's not a huge deal).

When should you use Ricochet? Once you get a good source of MP (Chalice
It is important to note that while the mana cost seems like a small amount, it adds up VERY quickly and you should NEVER just leave this ability on. It goes on in one of 4 scenarios:

Scenario 1: Teamfight! No brainer. You want to be putting out as much damage as possible to the other team and swing the battlefield in your favor by eliminating the enemies creep wave passively. Passively is the big part. You can focus on a single champion and ricochet will mop up the creeps without you even paying attention.

Scenario 2: In lane creep battle. Again, no brainer. If there are creeps around, you should have ricochet on! Clear that wave faster, earn more last hits!!

Scenario 3: In lane VS a melee opponent. The only time I will take points of ricochet early is when there is a melee opponent in my lane. It's decent passive harass and can be very frustrating for the enemy. Only a couple points is required (as the damage scales down even faster then BB) to ensure that the first or second bounce will get to the enemy champion. It will take practice but you will eventually know when your ricochet bounces will hit an enemy, once you do, you will be toggling this like mad. On when they can be hit, off when they can't. Just be aware the ricochet bounces to the closest new target first. If there isn’t one, it will just go to the closest target (even if it's been hit already).

Scenario 4: Attacking a tower, waiting for the first enemy creep to appear from the fog. One of the reasons Sivir is the best pusher in the game is not only how quickly she can wipe out creep waves, but more importantly that she can do this while attacking the enemy tower. Have your finger on W and wait till you see that first melee creep appear from the fog. When it does, toggle on ricochet and throw your BB straight down the creep line. Your creeps will barely have a chance to budge from attacking the tower. Not only does this give you a nice amount of gold from last hits, it allows both you AND the creep wave to simply focus on the tower while you, almost by accident, kill the enemy creep wave. This particular tactic is ESSENTIAL to playing a good Sivir. Master it.

- Spell Shield: Blocks a spell, giving you MP. Proper use of Spell Shield is the difference between a bad Sivir and a good one. See https://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=638519 for the list of what is and isn't blocked.

There's not too much to say about Spell Shield except that it's key during the early game to fuel your BB and keep on harassing the other guy.

QUICKSLIDE]It's rare that I take more than 1 level of this (at level 2) till I have maxed everything else. If anything other than the cooldown grew with levels, we would have a very difficult decision to make. Seeing as it doesn’t though, we really only need so much shield. If I'm facing a caster who is harassing me with spells, I will take a few levels in it, normally depending on the cooldown of the dangerous spell my opponent is packing. A perfect example of this is Heimerdinger. I've seen people complain in the forums about his auto-target rockets. I personally have never had a problem with them. All you need is 2 points in spell shield to beat its cooldown and be quick on the button. It doesn't take long for Heimer to realize hes just feeding you mana and that he has to switch his strat against you.[/quote]

- On the Hunt (ultimate): Grants Sivir and nearby allies 25% movement speed and 25/45/65% attack speed (half for allies) for 15 seconds.

There are two reasons why Aura Sivir is the best Sivir build. The first one is that she's an excellent farmer, probably the best in the game. The second one is this ability. It makes every nearby ally (including minions) faster for a significant amount of time. This is the ability that will let your carry eat the other team for breakfast. You want to use this in every teamfight.

In addition, it's great for pushing towers, even if you're solo. Get a nice fat creep wave, wander up to a tower, and chew it down. Use BB + Rico to eliminate enemy waves before they make it to your minions and you can take down a tower before the enemy figures out what's happening.

Finally, it's an excellent escape mechanism. Gank squad appears out of nowhere? OTH + SS means you'll get out of a lot of situations you don't deserve to.

Runes and Masteries

Runes: Attack Speed. Because of Ricochet, AS is more important to Sivir than crits.
Seals: Dodge. Synergy with your passive and masteries.
Glyphs: MP regen/lvl. They're better than the flats by level 5, and you'll want the MP in order to keep spamming BB.
Quints: Attack Speed again. You have a lot of options here, really, so if you find something else that works better for you, take it. Move speed, dodge, XP, and HP are all viable choices.

Why not armor penetration?

Armor pen can work as well, and if you feel strongly about it, be my guest. I will tell you, though, that the numbers have been run by math geniuses far greater than I and attack speed gives you the largest over all damage boost early game. I also find it allows me, as mentioned, to last hit every creep in the wave. It requires good last hitting skills, but the faster you can get those blades out there, the better your chances of getting all the creeps in a wave.

Why not Crit Chance/Damage?

Flat out, Sivir is not a crit champ. She has no natural crit damage or chance boosting skills and, more importantly, Ricochet is based on non crit damage. So, even if you crit for 1000 damage with your crit damage runes and your IE, your ricochet will still be based on your normal attack damage. Aside from that, we aren’t taking any items that give crit chance (which will be explained in the item section). Lastly, crit chance and damage is a late game stat. Sivir is all about ending the game before stats like crit chance and damage really come into their own. Again, this is a guide for a proper team play Sivir who gives your team the best chance of winning. These stats do not help this in any way.

As for masteries, 8/22/0. In particular, you want the +dodge masteries and the mastery that gives you +movement for dodging. This adds to your escapability. Attack masteries are recommended for the +AS, but if you feel more comfortable with Utility, that's fine, too.

We do a 8/22/0 build for a few important reasons:

6% attack speed +2% attack speed at level 18. We get 4% from offense and 2% +2% at 18 from ardor. This lets us tart the game at level 1 with 32% attack speed bonus. That’s HUGE. Remember, Attack speed gives more bang for your buck then any other stat at the beginning of the game. With this kind of stacked attack speed, I am FAR more dangerous and it allows quite a few kills against overly cocky lane opponents who think they have a stronger champ early on.

In addition to the attack speed, we get our very much needed 2% dodge and +10% MS upon dodge. This rounds out our escape mechanic. We get a VERY nice bonus to our armor and magic resist, which is needed, as Sivir is pretty squishy. We also pick up 60 health points. Again, incredible at early levels and plays a part in our early game health management. We also have some reduced physical damage and 2 less damage from creeps. Lastly our static 4% damage reduction.

Summoner Spells

Rally and Teleport.

Rally is obvious: you're playing Aura Sivir. Rally is an aura. Do the math. Pop it during teamfights, but also pop it in the laning phase for a quick heal. (Rally, by the way, is better than Heal, unless you die first.) Pop it when downing a tower, but make sure you pop it outside the tower's range, because Rally has higher targeting priority than creeps. The aura itself has pretty good range, so don't worry too much about it reaching.

Teleport is an all-around great ability. The obvious use is to BP in the laning phase without losing experience, but you'll also need it for catching up to your team (who need you around for your invaluable buffs). Finally, Teleport is good for popping into an empty lane and pushing through a tower or two. Late game, Sivir plus her minion army equals tower destruction.

It will happen sometimes that after pushing the first inhib at level 11 at about the 16 minute mark, your team may not be able to push for the nexus. Sometimes you just need to wait on the first super creep. Sometimes you're playing a great enemy team and they just won't let you through. Whatever the reason, there is no reason to sit there and try and win a fight you most likely won't. Generally one of two things will happen. There will be a teamfight at the inhib when you take it and the enemy will get whipped OR, and this is where teleport comes in handy, the enemy played defensively and all 5 are still there and you can't face them AND their 2 nexus towers. This is where you immediately teleport to another lane and push it right to the inhib! You can even do this by yourself at this point in the game.

Skilling Order

1. BB
2. SS
3. BB
4. Rico
5. BB
6. OTH
7. BB
8. Rico
9. BB
10. Rico
11. OTH
12. Rico
13. SS
14. SS
15. SS
16. OTH
17. SS
18. Rico

Boomerang Blade first. It's your harassing ability. Level it as quickly as possible: it does amazing damage in the early game, but quickly goes out of style. Ricochet picks up the slack around that same time.

Spell Shield second. Only delay Spell Shield if the champ(s) you're laning against don't have anything you can absorb. (Of course, if that's the case, you may want to laneswitch.)

Ricochet is leveled before Spell Shield, but I usually wait to get the last level of Ricochet. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the last hit is negligible: the first extra hit does 78% damage, the second does 60.8%, the third does 47.4%, the fourth does 37%, and the fifth does 28.8%. The second reason is that you need enough targets to get the full effect from Ricochet. This is a matter of taste
Boomerang Blade VS Ricochet early game

I've had this conversation SO many times since August in MANY long, drawn out debates and the whole thing really comes down to 1 thing: How good are you.

You see, Ricochet and Boomerang Blade are 2 parts of the same skill really. Sivir's AoE. When we can only have 1, the choice can be difficult. The bottom line is, early game, BURST is what gives you the advantage. This means that hands down BB is the winner. Now, as I mentioned it comes down to skill. It is certainly easier to start with ricochet. Just FAR less effective. It is easier for your opponent to judge, gives NO burst and the damage on the last few hits is pitiful. There is no reason to max this before BB. The only time I would EVER take it earlier then level 4 is if I was facing melee lane opponents, as it can be decent harass. Even then, I put 2 points in (split by either shield or BB depending on opponents) to get my 2 bounces (3 targets total) and max out BB. The reason is, the damage becomes pretty pitiful after the initial bounces and for harassment and last hitting, you just don’t need more.

Aside from melee lane opponents, BB wins hands down. I know a lot of you will still use Ricochet, as it is the easier option. I just wanted to let you know that if you can master BB, it WILL give you better results.


Start with Meki Pendant + 2 health potions. Vampiric Scepter is often suggested as a first item, but remember that Ricochet doesn't proc lifesteal. Besides, you'll need the MP regen to keep up the BB harassment. (The mana boost from SS is a nice bonus, but is usually insufficient against smart opponents.)

The next time you return to base, pick up a Chalice, boots, and if you can, Emblem of Valor. Berserker's Greaves are usually best, but if the other team is really CC-heavy, you might opt for Merc's Treads. This is pretty much true for any champion, so use your judgment.

You'll be building up to Stark's Fervor next, then Aegis. Note that Aegis applies its buff to minions. This is the reason its buff may appear weak, but it's really handy for Sivir.

After that, it's up for grabs. If you find yourself FF'd during teamfights (read: if the other team is smart), then you'll want to work on a Guardian Angel. Keeping your buffs on the team is the difference between an ace and a complete failure. If the other team isn't paying attention to you, you've got a good degree of liberty. Consider Bloodthirster and then GA, since Sivir can use the extra damage and the lifesteal stacks with Stark's.

Note that this item build (Chalice, boots, Stark's, Aegis) is the whole point of this strategy. Sivir can get the auras faster than anyone else, the auras are more powerful the earlier you get them, and so on. The idea is to force an early win for your team. If you want to throw in a Last Whisper or an Infinity Edge or whatever your favorite item is, then this is not the build for you. Go play a DPS champ.

Early Game

Sivir makes a great solo mid! There are several reasons for this: first, she's such an effective farmer that your laning partner is liable to wind up broke; second, she's a great harasser; third, she's good at avoiding harassment. Finally, Sivir has an easier time dealing with one opponent than two because of the way her abilities work. If you don't go mid, it's not the end of the world, but Sivir isn't an ideal lanemate at the start of the game.

Sivir's early game is all about harassing with BB. Many opponents will be overconfident and you can get a kill or two in. If they're hiding behind a tower with 100 HP left, run up, throw a boomerang, and run away. You can get in the kill without ever being targeted.

That's best case; more likely, you'll have to be content with forcing BPs out of your opponents. This is a win for you, too, and you can often get the opponent to BP twice before you ever do.

Ideal laning opponents are those you can SS easily. This includes Ashe, Katarina, Yi, Cho'Gath, and Malphite. You really don't want to lane against enemies whose abilities activate without warning. Twitch is maybe the worst offender: his poison isn't preventable and his abilities are unpredictable and instant. Consider a laneswitch against a really bad matchup.


Once your opponent has BP'd one time too many, you'll inevitably knock down the tower in your lane. If you were mid, this is a good time to hop over to another lane and assist for a bit. Midgame -- after you're done laning but before you get your Stark's/Aegis -- is Sivir's low point. Boomerang Blade's damage is starting to become less significant and you don't really have an amazing autoattack. Your best bet is to help another lane push their tower. You can really wipe up minions at this point, which will get you the gold you need, and the three of you should easily take down the tower unless they divert their attention from the other lanes (which will cause them other problems).

Your goal in this phase is to get your aura items. On The Hunt isn't amazing yet, so if you're under level 11 and you don't have your Stark's yet, you're not bringing much to the table.

Late game

As soon as you've hit level 11 (with Stark's in hand and, if you've been doing really well, Aegis), coordinate the team and push. If you're playing in a premade, fantastic. You've got it easy. If you're pub queueing, then you'll need to take the lead. Tell everyone that you have amazing buffs and that they'll be stronger just from being near you. Gather the troops and march forth. Remember, you are the Battle Mistress. If you've been playing well, you shouldn't have trouble convincing others to follow your lead.

If your team sticks together and is decently competent, you'll win the ensuing teamfight and go on to knock down an inhibitor. Your job as Sivir is to get this rolling as early as possible. If the other team isn't properly prepared by the time super minions roll into their base, you've got the game cinched: they'll be too busy playing damage control to effectively prevent pushes.

If things go wrong, remember that you are the game's best pusher. You can solo push a lane to victory in the late game. Remember that Aegis, Rally, and OTH all apply to minions. Using them together with a healthy minion wave will take down a tower in no time; just be map-aware enough to notice when you're about to get four-manned. (But if you have to die to take a tower and distract the entire team, then I'd say do it -- just make sure you can finish off the tower before you die. A typical game will run 20-30 deaths per team, but only 11 towers. Do the math.)

Closing Comments

Aura Sivir isn't for everyone. You won't get mad DPS or a great KDR. Instead, you'll finish 2/1/9 at 21 minutes and call it a victory. If this doesn't appeal to you, you're better off playing with Twitch.

The reason Sivir is considered God Tier is not because she can kill enemy champions. She's not really that good at killing, and none of her abilities really scream "carry." She is instead an expert farmer/pusher, maybe the game's best at both. She can perform half-decently as DPS, but she really shines in her backseat role as Aura Sivir because she can take a carry from great to godlike while still leveling towers Yi-style.

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Great guide i really liked it and i agree that aura are really good on sivir she can farm them so fast but you need a team that stick to you for it to work and in solo this usaly never start until lvl 13-18 cuz people are too busy farming ect .. depends of the game sometimes u get great teamplayer sometimes you dont i only have to disagree with you on getting boomerang first i think its actualy sivir worst ability so easy to doge and doesnt do that much dmg i used to take boomerang first and mana regen when i started playing sivir and id say against less expirimented player it will work most of the time u can easily land boomerang on them and make them back up and loose xp but after a while i got paired with better and more expirimented player thats where i started to get ricochet in laning phase instead and let me tell you that the effect it have on the ennemies is 10 x time stronger than a boomrang that u throw and get dodged easily and than is on cd ricochet is always up and as long as there is creep your opponenent cant actualy farm normally or cant farm at all but as for mana regen i usally never need a single mana regen item on sivir there is always going to be downtime for you to either get lizard buff its also important to point out that most the time if you see you have 2 allied creep left running toward your opponent tower than at that point leave your mid lane go kill the creep camp and come back to your lane your 2 creep wont kill anny ennemie creep they will just delay the wave so take that time to clear creep camp for even more xp this really optimize your farming and xp gain wich is what sivir is made for farming and pushing like crazy

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Boomerang is nice, but it's mana intensive; and they'll stop shooting you with spells if they know your spell shield is up. That's why I like ricohet, I harass without even trying. I keep them at their tower denying them gold. It's gold denial, because it's much harder to last hit vs tower.

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Mesa H

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Can't agree more. Aura Sivir is really good for a decent team, tho don't expect much praises from your teammates as ppl nowadays seems to think that only kill numbers matter. I would advice holding off the Aegis after Stark and get some item for survival first, depending on the other team, either MR or HP based items, nothing fancy, Sivir is not that squishy, but while pushing waves and in team battles, u sometimes run into situations where u have to do some damage and take some in return, the point is to stay alive to push after the team fights. Great guide, hope more ppl pay attention to these builds which can ACTUALLY win games, not just killing and ganking all the time. kids.

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A few addendums.

Ricochet is magic. (been a few patches since last tested, but I don't think it was switched back)

Shes getting a slight range nerf. 450-400. This will make ricochet a tad weaker in early laning. Not much really though.

One thing people never mention. Turn off ricochet when tapping towers, with enemy champs hovering behind them. Probably should be obvious, but I don't doubt forgetting that your ricochets might go past and tap that champ, drawing tower aggro you don't want, happens all too often to many Sivirs.

BB first is definitely better. Only really need 1 rank in richochet to zone control melee. And BB is better vs ranged.

Aura sivir with a team that isn't completely clueless should drop an inhib at level 12. And end the game at level 14.

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A couple of changes I would suggest:

1) Attackspeed doesn't help Ricochet that much. In fact, it means it drains your mana faster. Consider Armor Penetration Marks instead.

2) For Masteries, consider 17/0/13. This gets you advanced Rally but still the full amount of Mana Regen from Utility, along with at least one point in the movespeed mastery. Advanced rally is super good for teamfights, as it gives a bunch of AP, making your nukers stronger, and it lasts longer.

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Hey look at that, I got an honorable mention

Guide looks good dude. Def needs a little more fleshing out though. I have 14 pages of Sivir info Id like to send to you so you can add it to you guide. Its 14 pages just covering skills, masteries and runes. It is VERY in depth. I was writing the Sivir guide to end all Sivir guides but I am perfectly happy simply adding to yours. Not only do you use my build and strat (Kudos to you) but your guide is well presented and formatted. Email address? MSN?

By the way , its Boomerang Blade. Not Boucing Boomerang.

@Mbirk: Ricochet is Physical. Weve had the debate 3 times in the last 4 weeks. Proof is in the pudding. If you take Ricochet an never throw a BB and never buy an item that does magic damage, you will have 0 magic damage doen at end of game. Its been a LONG time since Ricochet was magic damage.

He makes a very good point at the end though. The whole point of "God Tier Aura Sivir" is a particular strat. The build is useful without the strat, still better then anything else you can do with her, but the strat is key.

A couple of facts we must realise:

For the price, Auras items are, by far, the most effective and powerful items in the game. Pretty self explanatory. Sharing Starks with 4 teamates gives you WAY more benefits then what starks costs. (Im actually of the opinion that starks is great on just one person for what it costs, nevermind the aura).

Secondly, the earlier you have an aura for your team, the more powerful it is. Again pretty self explanatory. If your team has a sweet aura befre the other team has any major items, well, your team will win the teamfight.

This leads us to Sivir. Sivir is the best farmer in the game. She, above anyone else, can get those auras the earliest. This is compounded by the fact that she has her very own aura as well.

So the strat, as it were, is to use Sivirs unparalleled farming power to get that starks ASAP and use it, your aura, your unrivaled pushing power and your team to drop an inhib ASAP.

How soon is ASAP? Well as Mbirk mentioned, you can realiably end games before surrender is a possibility. Why? Well, think about it, if you as Sivir take mid, and manage to hit level 11 and have your chalice, boots and starks your team is WAY aheaqd of the other team. Your team mates as well as the enemy team will all be around level 8-10 (the enemy mid might be the same level as you, but you should have been able to harass the hell out of them early game and force a few blue pills).

It comes down to this:

Sivir with 2 levels of On The Hunt and starks grouped up with her teamates THAT EARLY IN THE GAME can make an unstoppable push right to taking an enemies inhib. Were talking 14-18 minutes into the game. You as Sivir will be the ONLY one with a bit ticket item. You just happen to share yours with your team, increase its effectiveness with On The Hunt and, of course, you have a rally flag for the SECOND tower your going to hit.

After knocking down the inhib you need to make a choice:

Did you Ace or almost Ace the enemy team?

If you did, you should probably follow your creeps to the nexus towers and see what kind of damage you can do.

Other team backed off to protect nexus towers?

Hit that teleport button and hop over to the lane that is LEAST pushed. The rest of your team should go to the lane that is the most pushed. Why?

Pretty simple actually. Having teamates around doesnt really increase Sivirs pushing speed very much. More notably, Sivirs on the hunt affects the creep wave. This means that, after knocking over the first tower you get too, your on the hunt should still be active long enough to rush your creep wave right up to the next tower.

While that is going on your 4 teamates will push the closer lane. Generally whats happens is this:

Your lane, your teamates lane and the super creeps in mid (or whatever lane you pushed first) all arrive at the enemies base together.

Short of unbelievably bad play, this will end the game in a victory for you. Have you ever tried fighting off super creeps when your whole team is level 10-13? Its pretty much not doable. Nevermind the fact that your in there as well, more often then not, if your early enough, super creeps will win the game for you.

In any case, thats a basic rundown of the strat that accompanies "God Tier Aura Sivir". Needless to say it works best in a premade, but ive gotten it to work MANY times in a solo queue. Just be a good teamate and people will follow you!

Anyways, Mogri, send me your MSN or email so I can send you this rediculous amount of Sivir information that is doing nothing but taking up room on my desktop.

Cheers Bud,
Good Guide

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A couple of changes I would suggest:

1) Attackspeed doesn't help Ricochet that much. In fact, it means it drains your mana faster. Consider Armor Penetration Marks instead.

2) For Masteries, consider 17/0/13. This gets you advanced Rally but still the full amount of Mana Regen from Utility, along with at least one point in the movespeed mastery. Advanced rally is super good for teamfights, as it gives a bunch of AP, making your nukers stronger, and it lasts longer.

I completely disagree on both counts.

Attack speed is the way to go. It not only increases your damage the most early game, it not only increases your overall Ricochet damage mid and late game, but it makes it that much easier to last hit every **** creep in a wave before BB and Ricochet do it for you.

Yes you will drain mana faster, but you will get to the poi9nt where you can turn off ricochet faster. Saying attack speed makes ricochet use up more mana is rediculous. The ricochet still costs the same amount and you shouldnt have it on when you dont need it. This leaves attack speed for ricochet doing one thing: Getting the ricochet out faster which lets you get to the point where you can turn it off faster. So attack speed doesnt make ricochet cost more. It makes it more effective by shortening the period you need it on for.

Armor Pen IS the secondary choice though. No other runes really synergize with Sivirs abilities. As long as you have one of these 2, your good. Attack speed is marginally better though.

For masteries, while yes, advanced rally is good, its not worth losing out on the defense tree. The AP does basically nothing for you and while it does last a minute amount of time longer, you will quickly notice that Rally lasts plenty long as it is and you will in almost all cases have the tower down or teamfight over (one way or another) before the rally ends.

Mana regen really isnt needed if youve taken Glyphs of Clarity and straight build for a chalice. Between that and a little bonus mana from spellshield, you dont need any more. Seriously. Its not bad, but its not needed.

Movespeed mastery is always great, but again, we need that defensive tree.

Sivir is pretty squish. Which would make you generally think that using such a low amount of early healing (2 HP pots, 1 rally 1 teleport) would be a bad idea. However if we take proper masteries, it suffices VERY well.

T%he 6 MR and Armor should be a no brainer. Its actually a pretty **** respectable amount of mitigation if you dont have anything else. Considering that in this build our only defense is from chalice and aegis, these 2 really help.

We get 2% dodge and 10% MS on dodge. Sivir, when running and stacking this plus dodge runes actually dodges pretty reliably. That 10% move speed comes into play a LOT. Its this dodge stacking plus spellshield that lets Sivir escape from bad situations. Considering that part of the start calls for you to push a alne yourself, being able to reliably get out of there is important.

Next we get some reduced physical and creep damage. Always good. Youd be suprised how little damage cree waves do to you with this, the armor and the 4% damage reduction. It also plays a large part of Sivirs early health game.

Veterans scars. +60 starting HP. Yes please! Not only doe sit help in all the usual ways, going up against a larger health bar then they are used to can really screw your oponents plans for getting you dead.

Ardor, IMHO the most underated mastery in the game. At levels 11-14 you get 3% attack speed. Thats pretty **** good considering that its the same ratio as in the offense tree for attack speed. should the game go longer, youll get a minute amount of attack speed more. It does give AP but we dont get any on this Sivir build so that part is useless. Either way, were staruing out at level 1 with even more attack speed. Thats never bad. I go 9/21/0 as it gives me a great defensive boost while still starting me off with an extra 6% attack speed (which adds up very nicely with the 25% I take in runes for a starting bonus of 31% to attack speed).

Lastly 4% damage reduction may not seem like much, but go onto your profile, check how much damage you take in a game and see what 4% of that is. I defy you to find any single mastery (aside from the 5% damage boost in offense, much the same thing) that effects the game SO much. Again it plays a large role in Sivirs early health management.

Just my thoughts on those commenst

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Good guide. Obviously alot of influence from QUICKSLIDE but that's because the build just plain rocks. Looking forward to the conglomerated version including the additional 14 pages.

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Anyways, Mogri, send me your MSN or email so I can send you this rediculous amount of Sivir information that is doing nothing but taking up room on my desktop.

14 pages, wow. And I thought my guide was running long

You can send it all to arperry@gmail. Thanks for the praise -- your scattered comments have really improved my Sivir game.