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Common New Patcher Issues

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With the transition to the new patchers, a few common issues have been springing up. Below you can find a list of common issues, and how to post a new patcher-related issue to get support!

This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect
Also shows as:
Failed to launch RADS\system\rads_user_kernel.exe

Possible Cause:
Lack of Windows Updates

Possible Resolution:
- Go to http://update.microsoft.com and download the latest Windows Updates. Note you may need to run through it 4-5 times before you get all updates.
- When updating, select the 'custom' option
- Make sure all High Priority are selected, but also software. Hardware is optional, but it rarely hurts to do.
- Do all updates, and try League of Legends again.
- If still having issues, Re-Run Windows Update and ensure you have all 'custom' patches.

PVP.Net Patcher Kernel is not responding

Possible Cause:
- Other versions of League of Legends Open
- Not enough time for the launcher to start up

Possible Solutions:

- Close any League of Legends Windows you have open.
- Restart your computer. This should close all instances of League of Legends.
- Only click to open League of Legends once - clicking multiple times could prompt this error
- When the "League of Legends" badge is open, do not click on it - it could take a few minutes to start up.

Patcher Freezing/Stuck on x%

Possible Causes:

- Slow network bandwidth
- Heavy server usage
- Stalled update
- Peer2Peer Issues

Possible Solutions:

- Wait it out. Sometimes it can take a while to finish up, even at 99%. I would say anywhere up to 20 minutes without inactivity - if it's going up slowly then leave it to work its magic!
- Try closing and re-opening the launcher. Sometimes it'll go through the same process, but eventually finish.
- Try a quick restart. Always a good option!
- Open the launcher and select the settings menu (cog icon in the top right). Uncheck the "Peer 2 Peer" option. Apply the changes, and restart the launcher. Ensure the option saved!

Server Status: Blocked

If you are a player from South-East Asia, you will be unable to play on the NA/EU servers due to publisher agreements. This was announced a few months back.

You can head over to http://lol.garena.com/transfer/ and request a transfer to Garena's version of the game. If you have any issues, you can also direct a ticket to http://support.leagueoflegends.com (http://support.leagueoflegends.com[/COLOR])

If you continue to have problems...

You've got this far and you're still having problems. We can work on that! First step to try is a quick repair of the launcher:

- Launch the League of Legends Launcher
- In the top right hand corner, select the 'cog' (settings) menu, beside the minimise button
- Select the 'Repair Installation' Option. This may take quite some time, but the repair tool is pretty awesome!
- After repairing, start it over, and try other troubleshooting if necessary.

If issues persist after repairing, please make a new thread in the Help and Support forum, and include the following:

- A screenshot of the issue
- Your logs from C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS (default location, may vary)
- Your patcher_lib.log logs from C:\Riot Games\League of Legends (default location, may vary)
- A description of your problem (of course!)
- Any steps you've tried so far to resolve the issue

And we'll do our best to help you!