Not much balance discussion this patch..

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Havent heard much from the community and basically nothing from Riot besides some Pirate stuff. So0o0o0o00 lets start it up shall we?

(before you run to downvote me for saying that a champion might, possibly, perhaps, need to be nerfed chill, its just my opinion, oh and dis my smurf)

1) The following champions are perfectly fine yet people (not all) seem to want buffs: Cassiopeia, Caitlin, Garen, Karma, Leblanc, Morgana, Shaco. Most are just outshined.

2) There are three imba bruisers left right now: Jarvan, Singed, Irelia. Irelia does everything: cant ignore, hard to kill, cant CC, unstoppable once itemized/fed. Cant itemize against Phys/Magic/True damage. Jarvan gets the DPS of a Tanky DPS with the AoE CC/Initiation of a main Tank. Singed just has no counter-play once he hits level 6. Can go anywhere on the map at any time and if you try to kill him youll either fail or end up dying yourself. CC reduction on ult was a buff to an already borderline OP champion.

3) With that said, defense items are still out of whack with offensive items in terms of what you get for the price. Its the reason why all the true DPS (Master Yi, Gangplank, Tryndamere) are so inferior right now. Also not enough AD Caster items.

4) Dragon is too strong and the gold/exp too low. Honestly, the risk/reward is outta whack right now, and champs that could early dragon (Fiddle, Warwick) have suffered. Makes early game more boring than it used to be.

5) Eve is still broken (cant stop her roaming unless you go level 1 vision ward gl with that) and Twitch is still useless. Guess we just gotta wait for Stealth remake.

6) TF is still broken (cant stop split pushing) and Pantheon is still useless. Guess we gotta wait for Global remake. (even though the key is removing HSS)

7) Gangplank was handled incorrectly IMO. The main point of Deny was to keep the lane pushed, not to deny them gold/exp. He's a pretty bad laner and now hes really useless and susceptible to ganks.

8) Galio is still kinda meh. Too easy to break his ult (especially with on-hit CC like bear stance, decisive strike) and his support stuff is kinda clunky. His W heals you when others take damage even if youre at full hp, his E always felt clunky using it as a MS boost, etc.

9) Stop making non-mana champions because you want to be innovative with your resource systems. They have always been, and always will be ******ed in lane. Takes out any thinking involved with how to conserve mana and just makes it faceroll your keyboard 24/7 spamming skills as much as you can.

10) Karthus death reduction on passive is too high. That is all.

11) Malz is kinda OP right now. His W has such a high unreliability that in order to make it useful in normal situations, it had to become god-mode when they actually stand in it (cough Nether Grasp cough). Honestly I feel its more that QSS is just bad, but we cant make it too good because then we have Pre-Season Cleanse 2.0 on our hands + Ghost/Flash. Also E gives him back too much mana, once he hits like level 7 its just faceroll every wave.

12) Hybrid builds dont work. Cant get ArPen and MPen (looking at you Ezreal).

6 Will of the Ancient Vlad ftw. Discuss.