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[Closed RP Application] The Taboo, Broken.

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K D Bonez

Senior Member



Drez smirked to himself. He's had plenty of fights with things that thought going straight for him was a good idea- but **** this thing was fast. A claw grazed his armor before he could thrust backwards.

With honed reaction time he fired the barbed net from his Board, one of three, while at the same time swung at it with his Hellglaive, intent on immobilizing the thing.


Seeing the net coming, the beast spun it's body, almost turning itself into a moving buzzsaw, tearing thru the barbed net, but not before having it coat it's skin. As it speed on toward Drez, it clashed against the Hellglaive, and ricochet off it, zooming toward Nwol, it's next target.

((sorry, irl stupid stuff keeps me busy))