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The Leaver Buster has a need to be refined and perfected. I have an idea on how the system can be bettered and more manageable:

1- Leaver Buster summary - Works by adding "points" based on if you leave a game or afk. After so many points, you get a warning/suspension, or a ban. Ranked games give more points for a leave/afk than normal games. People walk around with over 100 leaves and are still around, some people get a suspension after 2 leaves. Instead of leaving the Leaver Buster to simply "Decide" that someone has a pattern of leaving, set a tier of reprimands for the system and players to abide by. Also, allowing players to watch their points would help, as would making how you gain points stricter (I see some people go afk, and just watch tv while coming back every 8 or so minutes to move their character. Thus, leaverbuster is powerless against them since they never technically leave or go afk by its standards.)

2- The tier system:
Everyone starts at neutral. The first punishment is a small suspension. It is given when a player reaches Tier B. The final tier, Tier Z, results in a ban once reached. At higher tiers you earn more leaver points than if you were at a lower tier, so players who intentionally leave more than others will recieve punishment faster than others, and players who occasionally get called away by real life will be ok. The tier system also determines what punishments are received.

"All players start here. You are neutral." +1 leaver point per match
"Upon reaching Tier B you get a warning" +2 leaver point per match
"Upon reaching Tier X you get a suspension" +3 leaver point per match
"Upon reaching Tier Y you get a longer suspension" +5 leaver point per match
"Upon reaching Tier D you get a longer suspension" +8 leaver point per match
"Upon reaching Tier Z points you get a ban" You should not reach this point. ever.

3- Account page: Allow the account page on the lol site to keep track of your leaver points. Make it so people HAVE to abide by and follow their games or they will receive the consequences, and perhaps as you proceed into higher tiers of the point levels your leaving games gives you more points. If you can see that you are between X and Y for leaver points you would generally be more wary of it, very few players would ever make it to D or higher. Most players would only ever remain around B-X because of real life issues, which are understandable. Also, the current record system for leaves seems a bit inaccurate. As many people have mentioned there are many, many players running around with 100+ and even higher numbers of left games, yet they are still here and going strong. While I can believe that these players may have simply amassed 100+ leaves over their entire time on LoL, I can also see that some of them may be respectable players who just had 100+ important business phone calls/tornados/family deaths/children to take care of that they had to take over a very long period of time. If working off some of your leaves would remove the record (still keep a list of total leaves, but perhaps let players know that player 1 might have 126 leaves total, but is only on Tier B. This is less likely to cause instant friction because of 3 digit leaver records) After a set period of say 3 months without leaving a single game, ONLY after reducing your leaver points back to below B tier, your leaver tier will reset and instead of gaining larger amounts of leaver points per leave on tier D, you only amass the normal amounts for the starting tier. This will make it so real life can still call on people, and will also force leavers to play by the rules. The more games they leave, the longer it takes and more careful they must be to reset their leaver tier. The main object here is creating an environment so players will be more aware that they are doing it and more wary of continuing the action, but not simply giving the feel of "if you ever leave IMAGETCHA RAWRRAWRRAWR"

So a comparison between 2 players, one who leaves often and one that does not, would look something like:

<Player 1> Leaver Buster Points: between Y and D (player 1 has had a warning and several suspensions, including longer suspensions. He now receives more points for leaving a match than a player at X tier or below. After playing proper games, not leaving or afking, his Leaver Points eventually reduce back to below B. After 3 months at this point his Leaver Buster resets his leaver status to that of X tier B. He now receives the average amount of leaver points again as a good player, since real life will call on occasion.)

<Player 2> Leaver Buster Points: Below B (Player 2 has only left a small number, perhaps 3 games, due to important real life issues. After a period of 3 months that he has not left a single game, his points will reset to flat, not that that is very important to him since he does not leave games or afk.

Player 1 will not have any problems with this system. He receives the normal number of leaver points per match and rarely gains any. Player 2 will find it absolutely necessary to not leave games, since he is already at Tier Y and receiving 5 leaver points per match he afk's or leaves.

I believe this can provide an iron fist of judgment to leavers and afkers, while providing players who abide by the rules a great amount of protection against having leavers in their games. It should minimize the amount of leaving ever done.

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Bumping, just to hear what others think, or if anyone's seen a similar thread.

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so fail

surrender needs to cost 3 votes and an ad campaign againg long game times not being = to more ip needs to happend; in combination with a 4% reduction in rune prices, and 6% gain in ip

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