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Leavers, AFKers and Malicious feeders Suggestions

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What to do with a team of <4

1. Replace the leaver after 2 minutes with a bot

Make the bot as smart as technically and humanly possible.
Can't make the uberbot? Get the current bot and having killing it worth very little exp and gold to compensate for the hit to the teams chances. Can't hurt that way can it? Send it down the middle and we'll baby sit it as best we can, it'd be better than nothing.

2. Leavers trigger early surrender

Leaver is gone for 5 minutes or so and now we can surrender regardless of the current game time.

2b. Same idea but add the leaver in as a Yes for surrendering giving a team of 4 a tie breaker and a team of 3 or less is automatic disqualification or surrender or something.

3. Mercy Draw or Rematch

Leaver is gone 7 minutes and pop up a vote to continue playing or reque

9 people now vote on continuing or reentering the que. Give a free vote a Draw from the player that left and ties of 5 draw 5 continue would side with the team of fewwer players.

Or just ask the losing team to abandon or continue, maybe offering a continue bonus incentive or something in that nature.

Adding to this idea of voting for a draw, an entirely new feature that could even be used without leavers in mind.

One team out class another severely or for any other reason that players can come up with, one team can offer a draw and both teams vote and the outcome instead of surrendering because an equal sharing of the matches rewards instead of a winner and a loser.

4. Reduce the gold or exp champion deaths give when there are only 4 summoners connected and further if there are only 3

5. Itzwarty "Reduce time spent dead for each leaver"
I suggest each player missing gives the team a 30% reduction in their time spent dead, a lot of these games are lost simply because 5 players v 4 is over as soon as 1 or 2 of the lesser team is dead after the 50 minute mark simply because the 5 v 2 is way way impossible to fend off on turrets.

Leaver prevention:

1. Negative reinforcemen

10+ minute ban that doesn't start until AFTER the left game ends and leaver mark is issued.

Take their IP / XP and distribute it amongst the poor sods who now suffer a great chance of a loss. This is how gunbound does it with their matches. You leave, you give up 100 gold to each person you left behind to rot. Make it like 20 ip to each or 25 ip ot each or 10 or 15.

Each leave is a Debt.
1 leave = - 1 ip/exp that persists on wins and loses until some criteria is met
44 leaves = - 44 or if greater than earnings, nothing is earned.
You take off a leave debt point for every 2 or 3 games played consecutively or non-consecutively.

Ditto to above but instead of messing with someones ip/xp just have an accumulating ban that is relative to the amount of leaver marks a player has. 80 leaves could be an 81 minute ban upon leaving your next game.

This would work well with an option to work off leaver debt with how many consecutive games you accumulate.

YOU COULD EVEN SELL ACCOUNT 'resets' That reset wins losses and yes a leaver's debt as well as all other records and you could even include that with a name change in the riot points store for your bottom line.

Lock accounts beyond 150+ leaves for 48 hours or more or ban them outright.

2. Positive Reinforcement

You already have a games in a row bonus, but adding landmarks that show up instead of leave marks you have loyalty points that people can see as they grant you bonus ip/exp ect.

100 games in a row without abandoning an entire match? 100 bonus ip/exp

1000? 1000 Bonus points of ip/exp or just ip.

Achievements that show on the forum and on profiles in game and in matches.

Colored name or icon that stands out for each 100+ games in a row, marking you as an honorable player.

We need Vote to kick. Make it count as a leave and they can't rejoin till after the game ends, like a leave. Or Have it build up points as well, get vote kicked 100 times and you're banned because there isn't much you can argue that says people booted you for no reason 100 times.

Add a front end to the champion selection to vote to continue and separate it from the looking for parties system.

Thats it for my brain tonight, goodnight.

RIOT please please chime in on these ideas and help us vet out the ideas!

These could all be terrible but it would be nice to know that the situation is being looked at and anything resembling an ETA on implementation of any kind of solution, temporary or otherwise would be wonderful for the community.

Rage quiters are terrible I just won a game an hour or so ago where it was obvious we were going to win because after dieing 3 times their Pantheon disappeared.

20 minutes into the game just before they had a chance to surrender, he pops back on. He flamed out, said "My team ****ing SUCKS" then left.

Why did you implement Que dodge penalties before leaver penalties? Que dodging is something people who see bad teams before they play exit for. The rest didn't get the champion they wanted. Some leave so they can join a party of friends that just came on after the Que popped up.

Please please please

1. Distribute IP amongst the Leaver's teammates.
Take this from the Leaver or just give 50 IP to each person who stayed in a 4v5 match. This is a system that is in effect in the worms styled shooter game Gunbound. Each Leave costs 300 gold and the remaining 3(v4) get 100 gold each. You can only leave once and this effects disconnects too. It can be set up to be a nuisance to prevent rage quitting.

2. Allow earlier surrenders. Soon as someone leaves a game, options to surrender should be available. This game is really dependent on each member of the team, with exceptions surely. Some teams come back, I have a screen shot of me carrying a 3v5 game as Singed and can produce it any time you want. However half of a hour of my life is being wasted when a guy gets firstblood and 4+ before 5 minutes is up. Thats 300 gold per kill so 1200 + first blood = a BF sword at 5 minutes or Big Rod.

3. Do a global leave reset and institute a DEBT system.

3a) Each point of IP you earn is reduced by how many leaves you have. You repay this debt by feeding it with IP until you've earned past the debt.

Leave a game? instead of Earning 100 IP for your next win or 40 IP for you next loss you get 99 or 39.
You leave 100 games? That's 100 less IP you earned over the course of playing.

3b) Playing consecutive games without leaving could earn you out of the debt. Each consecutive game you play earns you one point forgiveness for leaving. You leave a game you need to stay for 2 to make up the point.

3c) Each leaver mark stays and is calculated against your IP earnings. You have 20 leaves but win a game and rewarded with 80 IP instead of 100. IP - Leaves = Reward. I've played 700 games and left 8 because of real issues that were technical problems that my computer is still in the repair shop for or I'd have NONE! I justify this with the fact that people won't quit nearly as much or as often as 100+ Leaver marks that propagate the majority of accounts. 100 leaves is 400 living humans that had to play out a match without you.

Sell leaver mark resets in the cash shop.

4. Allow votes for remaking. HoN has this, you vote to remake with all 10 players voting. When someone doesn't connect within the first 3 minutes or 5 minutes I've had teams remade via this vote so I know it works personally. It isn't great and it would be better if the other team didn't want to take advantage of the 4v5.
4a) Alllow withdraws before 25minutes if there is a leaver. Withdraw = NO IP and both teams vote to withdraw.
4b) Allow Withdrawals but award ip to the team that DIDN'T Initiate it. The 4v5 initiates and if the majority of the other team accepts as well as the 4 on one team, give IP to the 5 and none to the other team to help prevent abuse but encourage fair play.

This option, as it is with HoN, expires after 10 minutes so it must be done early and then surrender is available at 25.

5. Vote to kick. HoN has this feature, its useful when someone is doing their worst to feed the other team out of spite. 9 people vote both teams vote to kick problem player. I've seen it work personally and have had to kick players out in HoN games because they spammed the in game voice chat and ran to their deaths for the fun of it.
5a) Have only the 4 others on one team vote to kick and this vote also surrenders or replaces the player. This would be a lot better with a restart or remake or withdraw from game feature to help end games with problem players.

6. Change the way Queuing works so that we can blind pick but leave without disrupting if the selections are terrible. Having a front end champion selection prior would help. People pick then vote to go into the next stage which is the real Match Making que.

Que one presents you with a chance to vote no and leave the pre-Match Making part. Just champion selection separated from the entirety of the match making would be so very helpful.

7. Encourage people to earn points for consecutive games. I've played 400+ consecutive games, I'd like to be able to show that off, and those of us that are not leaving should earn more IP than we currently do.

7a) Achievement landmarks for consecutive games of bonus IP
300 Consecutive Games (CGs) = bonus 100 ip
600 CGs = bonus 200 IP
1200 CGs = 400 IP

Ect. Encourage people NOT to leave with achievements and recognition.

Champion achievements would be a nice system addition too. Same idea just if you do 500 games on Singed you should get a bonus 50 IP or forum title or something to excite your community.

8. HoN has a Leaver system that allows you to LOCK your games, barring anyone with too high a Games vs Leaves Ratio from entering. You leaves can block you from joining games, simple as that. Carry that over into this by having your Leaves count in Match Making so Leavers are priority with other Leavers.

9. Leaver Points accumulate Que bans. Since the ridiculousness of how many leaves people have I can't argue and harder for this point than to say the guy with 200 leaves left 4 players each time. 200 x 4 is 800 PEOPLE 800 of your players, your PAYING and free CUSTOMERS. 800 of them sufferend and were frustrated by this one fool who I won't name but ther are many many many people.

Que Bans could work like this.

You leave a game you Earn Time Spent waiting much like when you dodge a que. 60 Leaves is 1 minute before you can join Match Making and you can Cash Shop sell account resets like HoN does. 200 leaves is 200 seconds EVERY time you try to que. There is no excuse for 200 leaves so I don't mind punishing people for it, neither should you.

10. Account bans at 300 or 500 Leaves. Just lock accounts out completely. Let the community know you won't tolerate people leaving that many games. If any account reaches 300 leaves affecting 900 players and 300 games they just can't log in any more until they get an account reset or make a new one. I'd set it it at 100 myself and having to make a new account and unlock champions that many times would discourage a LOT of leaving.

Remember I had my computer crash and freeze due to some GPU and PSU related meltdown thanks I assume to Nvidia drivers back in March. I have only 8 leaves. 700+ games 359 Wins and 363 Losses. There is no reasonable explaination for having 100 let alone 200 Leaver marks. Even if you often have to leave for work or to take out the trash, you'd learn to not Que into 25 minute game at minimum before work or you'll take the trash out first.

Please RIOT please help us.

8 Games is all I have left and NOT ANY were rage. ALL were computer related and my computer has been sent to Asus in CA for repair 3 times now. You understand that? Even worst case scenario for the most innocent amongst us...those with bad connections and software issues with Adobe Air and this game in general, should NOT have 200 leaves, NOT AT ALL.


I'm spent, thats the whole mother load again. Please riot respond.

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2. Positive Reinforcement

You already have a games in a row bonus, but adding landmarks that show up instead of leave marks you have loyalty points that people can see as they grant you bonus ip/exp ect.

100 games in a row without abondoning an entire match? 100 bonus ip/exp

1000? 1000 Bonus points of ip/exp or just ip.

Consider achievements that show on the forum and on profiles in game and in matches.

Like a blue name that gets brighter and stands out more for each 100 games in a row or something. Marking you as a loyal player.

I like this concept! There are many different ways you could implement it... however you can't go wrong with extra IP + some sort of recognition/stat.

I think many of your 'negative reinforcements' are a bit too harsh.

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Thank you tambreo!

Each post of support goes a long way to pass ideas to the people who can do something with them.

Yes, my negative reinforcement suggestions are harsh...to leavers. I don't leave, the 3 I have are because my computer "asus cg5290" is not willing to warm boot after freezing and 3 times I was playing LoL when it happened to crash and won't start back up for quite some time.

Leavers are a plague and the best cure is to inoculate everyone with a psychological vaccine of prevention. Give the majority of the population a taste of the negative reinforcements and they won't come down with a case of leaving again. Then, after they're cured, if what happens to me happened to them, it can be forgiven.

I saw a guy with 44 leaves on my list last night. I've seen guys around with more and no reason to care. Most of the suggestions aren't gonna hurt at 1 or 15 leaves. Its when you edge towards 50 that the leaving starts to accumulate hurt.

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This is a great post, Xet! I hope Riot gets a hold of this and actually looks at it.

Well thought out and pretty easy to implement, I'd think.


(ps, when you repost this, always link back to your original thread. i had to do some digging to find this from the UI thread )

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I love everything but the bot idea. Leavers are better than feaders.

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This is extremely necessary. Also, idlers at base. If you don't leave your base/attack for X minutes, should be auto-kicked.

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this is really nice and well thought out only thing is for that ip that would get to the point were you getting 1k ip a game and besides everything else seems very good beacause me beign lvl 30 we lose one guy its over so yea i hope riot looks at this

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I posted something similiar to this in "Tired of 4v5s" just a few threads down. With the positive reinforcement as you stated and my idea of not allowing individuals to enter games unless they physically click play now when a que pops, I think it would just about do away with leavers and afks entirely.

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Still wondering if we're going to get out of this funk of constant rage quiters and IP/EXP GAINING AFKERS!

I've had many people afk a game, get the points and never be there.
Or leave during and gloat with nerd rage.

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This thread needs more recognition. +1