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Pro Ezreal Tips/Tricks

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Silent Reaper

Senior Member


No, this thread does NOT talk about Runes, Items or Masteries. It's all about tips and tricks.

A small introduction about me:
I've been playing this game since just after beta, have played over 2300 games (over 250 with Ezreal) and am at around ~1550 Elo.

Tip #1
Use Smartcast. I mean it. Don't say to yourself that it's not a huge deal, it's a BIG deal. Smartcast can give you that extra 0.25 second reflexes which will get you that extra kill on mystic shot or allows you to arcane shift gtfo of a bad situation.
Please, trust me on this one, use it.

Tip #2
Watch your passive stacks. Whenever your killing mobs and your low on mana, conserve your mana and refresh the passive just before it wears off so you can keep it at 5x stacks while using the minimal amount of mana.

Tip #3
Try to get Lizard buff.
The lizard buff is kinda strange on the mechanics of how it works but I will try to explain. Although your Mystic Shot's deal a certain amount of damage, the lizard buff applies a debuff which deals damage over time EQUIVALENT to the amount of damage you have done. What does that mean exactly?
Let's pretend you hit someone for full damage with an auto attack and deal 100 damage. While you carry the Lizard buff, the total damage you will do to your opponents won't be 100, but around ~150 damage because of the DoT effect which is applied with it.
Similarly if you hit the enemy with a Mystic Shot for 200 damage, the total damage you will do with the lizard buff will scale with it aswell dealing ~300 damage. Similarly if you have Sheen + Mystic Shot you will deal around ~300 damage. Add that with the Lizard buff and your total damage output comes to 450.
Note: I'm not 100% sure about the exact "ratios" involved but the lizard buff DOES proc off the amount of damage you deal. Since very few champions can benefit this to the full use, make sure you can!

Tip #4
Conserve your mana. Although manamune is great, it won't really ever compare to an extra blood thirster of +100 damage and 25% lifesteal. So instead of buying Manamune, try to take it easy on your trigger fingers and save your mana for teamfights and skirmishes. Use the auto attacks to last hit.

Tip #5
Trinity Force isn't bad. But it's not amazing. Use your discretion of when you should and when you shouldn't buy it.

Tip #6
Try Sword of the Occult on Ezreal. It works pretty nicely as long as the enemy team doesn't stack too much CC. You can generally always get 20 stacks on this. It might or it might not work out. But atleast try it.

Trick #1
Arcane Shift. Okay this spell is really OP and the reason it is OP is because of the mechanics behind it. Besides the fact that it refreshes really fast, it's mechanics allow it to actually overide the actually places it can go. Meaning you can jump over walls that not even Tristana could jump over.
(Picture Attached Below, Reds show the possible hopping places, and White shows where you cannot jump.)

Trick #2
Surprise attack. See picture attached below. If someone is pushing your tower, you can hide in the wraith spot (blue circle), Trueshot Barrage -> Arcane Shift --> Mystic Shot them from Full to maybe 50% health.

Trick #3
Hopper. You can jump over, Anivia's Wall, Trudles Piller and Jarvan's Ult.
Not Tested/Confirmed: You can jump over skillshots.

Trick #4
I don't want to die. If someone CC'es you at the same time you Arcaneshift (such as Amumu's Ult) your Arcaneshift will overide the ultimate, moving you to the designated location, and then taking full damage/CC from your new location. (This can make break Malzahar's Ultimate, and make warwick attack thin air!

Trick #5
Use Essence Flux on enemies rather than your friends (unless you have a Yi or something). Debuffs are all multiplicative while buffs are only addidative.

Trick #6
When you arcane shift to escape your enemies from a gank, try to use it at such a time that while you blink it still deals damage to them, rather than a minion.

Trick #7
Using Trueshot Barrage at the beginning of a teamfight is more useful than at the end of the teamfight when several of your teammates are dead and most of the enemies are "barely" alive.