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League of Legends LAN!

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Junior Member


Hi, i wish that any admin read this and take this like a suggestion...

I was thinking about to join in some place to play LOL between us and i look that the only way to make that is playing with internet connection and, for example, if we are 6 to play no exist a connection to support that...

So, maybe Riot Teams can make that LOL can play LAN way and when you play this mode you dont win nothing just a momento to play with a friends and have fun...

I dont know, is a suggestion that I was thinking and I hope that admins take it and see if they can make that!

So, thank you for your time, and see you!

PS: Sorry for my english Im from Argentina and know a little of English.

Por si hay admins en espaƱol y lo que dije antes no se entiende, lo hago cortito y en espaƱol.
Con unos amigos queriamos jugar LOL todos reunidos en una casa para poder jugar y reirnos juntos y no hacerlo todo via internet y veo que la unica forma es jugar por internet lo cual necesitas una conexion muy buena como para mantener a 6 personas conectadas sin lag, ademas de que hay que depender del estado del servidor (el cual anda a las maravillas) pero con un minimo de lag, el lag para los 6 seria terrible.
Entonces pense de poque el LOL no podria ser jugado en manera LAN, digamos... jugar por diversion, que puedas elegir cualquier champ pero que no te de ni espaditas ni experiencia, solamente sea para jugar entre amigos...

Creo que no es una idea muy loca y que podria ser llevado a cabo, pero bueno veremos que opinan ustedes.
Un saludo y gracias por su tiempo

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bump, i want this

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Adaelphon Delat



They have said that they do not want this option. LAN is nice, but the problem is that if people are playing LAN it means the server software has to be available easily. Then you would start seeing pirate servers pop up, with infinite RP and all champs unlocked and stuff, and it would give people wanting to hack the game that much more knowledge of how the servers work.