Pennywise - the dancing clown

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League judgement -*
** -starts off normal
** -setting: a dark sewer
** -shaco (or maybe fiddle... There isn't as much lore for fiddle as I'd like) enters, starts interrogating him, as well as attacking him
** -why did you come here
** -the league is a prison not a play place etc etc {possible dialog options}
** -hints that this wasn't part of the intended judgement
** -lots and lots of laughter

-why do you want to join to league of legends?
** *To spread the insanity hahahahahahaba
-how does it feel to reveal your mind?
** How does it feel to look into it?
** *Then my work is done

Lore -

** -same home world as shaco
** -traveled to runeterra of his own free will


Passive: insanity; each auto attack applies a stack of insanity, reducing the chance the target will hit by 1% each stack, stacks times, once stacks hits 20 they become feared for 1.5 seconds, and the stacks reset

Q - clowning around; passive: decreases CC effects by 25 active: grants ghost walk and is untargetable by basic attacks for .5-.6-.8-.9-1 seconds (12 second cool down) *{animation for this would look like hes wabling around ******edly}

W - haunting; tethers the target for 2.5 seconds, dealing 60-80-110-150-180 dmg (scales with ap) over time, if pennywise stays within 700 range for 4 seconds, instantly teleports pennywise to target location and attacks them twice for 10-20-30-40-50 each time (scales with ad) [12 second cool down]

E - danze macabre; active: your attack damage is cut in half, but everytime you attack, you hit twice {on hit effects are still applied} (lasts 4seconds, 24-22-20-18-16 second cool down)

R - yoink; gains the ability last used by target champion for the next 6 seconds, to be used at 80% of the power that the original champion used it for, also dealing 100 - 200 - 300 damage (scales with 100% ad) {the range on use of this ability is practically melee range}

Please keep in mind that the lore / league judgement concepts are still being plotted
Out by me any suggestions that would be constructive are welcome!

This characters name and appearance would be a salut to Stephan kings classic horror novel, and terribly made for tv movie IT