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Dear Riot/Anyone who might have a clue about possible stealth changes

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Crayon Puppet

Senior Member


Anyone know how its going with finding a mechanic to replace stealth. Is Riot still interested in doing that, or have they just committed to not designing anymore stealth based champs. I'm curious because I was thinking how you could separate the most balanced aspects of stealth from the stuff that "feels bad man" and it just seems like their is no division. There are no components to the mechanic aside from how riot decided to address the cool down and how damage affects fade time( Dota players should have fond memories of Clinkz popping out of no where unloading 10 fire arrows in 2 seconds on a fleeing champ and popping right back into stealth for 40% bonus MS Rofling good times). Anyways I'm actually just really curious to know if there is any progress on this idea, personally the stealth champs in their current incarnations seem not to be too grief worthy(in most games) But I can also see Riot avoiding stealth champs indefinitely, so I can understand why they would want to change it but for the life of me I can't imagine how and I think it would be cool to get an idea of where they are heading with this concept if its still on the table