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[GUIDE] Rammus the Armordillo

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Thanks, i think the guide is actually mostly still right on most points, though Randuins Omen should be added to the gear list.

Ive come to notice that Tremors doesnt activate as easy as it used to (seems like some form of hidden delay or something), so that changed my playstyle a bit aswell.

Mostly, if i play Rammus, i still follow the same order:

cloth armor + pots
Heart of gold + boots
rest is to adjust to the enemy team.

Randuins is a great item, but if i actualy do get it, its quite far in game. Certain items are just too goodon rammus:

Thornmail is usually a must-have. Its just too good not to get.

Warmog's offers an amazing HP pool and could only be replaced by a Frozen Mallet (which is actually quite a good item for Rammus).

Force of Nature and Banshee's Veil are both amazing magic resist items, and not getting them severly cripples your survivability. Keep in mind, most damage recieved is magic, usually only carries do physical damage.

Add in your boots and youre at 5 items. This means your 6th item (should you ever get that far, can either be Guardian Angel (which is still my top choice) or Randuins Omen.

I have to admit i dont play Rammus that much anymore, as im completely hooked on Akali, but a friend of mine plays him a lot lately. Still, ive given him loads of tips and tricks and ive seen it work in his favor, as he used to be a sunfire stacker. Which, by the way, is cheaper now, but still a stupid choice.

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what about jungle rammus?

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