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[GUIDE] Rammus the Armordillo

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@crujuco (Nashor's Tooth): Could you explain to me why Nashor's is such a great investment? In my opinion, the only good thing it offers is the cooldown reduction, but if you really wanted that, a Frozen Heart would be a better choice.

@Philo's Stone builders: Its a bad item for most champions. It offer no survivability, no offensive power and the laning power it give would be great at lvl 1, but when you reach level 6 and higher, its vastly overrated. The same amount of money would yield a Heart of Gold, or nearly a Catalyst. The money could also be used for a Null-Magic Mantle and a Chain Vest which would increase your survivability by a lot. Its just not a good item.

Phil Stone is great as a 1st item for rammus. I know it sucks latter on, but it will pay for itself + more if you make this your 1st item. I can kill a minor neutral camp (DBC 1st skill) and by the time I get to my lane be nearly full health. If I want to get aggresive I can pop DBC get a last hit or harras an enemy champ and then retreat for a prolonged period with the regen from the health pendant. I always stay in lane until i have enough to get the meki pendant and complete my PS. I will get the PS before my boots.

As for Nashors, it is a great investment because it makes rammus so much more versitle and gives him so much more damage output. I value every stat it has.

It gives you high mana regen and cooldown reduction - this allows you more attack AND defence. Since rammus can now spam his abilities quicker and has the mana to do so (this is also where PS helps).

Attack Speed + 20% - Rammus is a fairly heavy hitter. He gets 25% of his armour value added to his attack. This makes him more versatile, you can now hurt enemies that have stacked MR better not to mention you have added 20% more damage to Rammus already considerable tower melting ability.

AP increase - 3 of rammus's abilities benifit from this. -

- Powerball gets a great conversion rate (i think it is 1:1). This is great for iniating teamfights the more enemy champs you hit the more it benifits.

- Tremors does damage per second and is AOE, so in group fight situations this can be quite alot of damage.

- DBC vs Melee champs with added AP can absolutely shred them. I have defended a inhibitor against a Jax and Tristina at the same time by having a thornmail and popping DBC. Ability power + DBC + Thornmail against pure Physical DPS Champs = pure ownage.

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This guide is getting old, haha.

Anyway, I'm wondering about HP.
It seems that most other tanks r~eally focus on HP. I heard that by 30 min marks, Mundo, Shen, and Alistair are generally pushing 4K HP.
The Rammus build that I've been playing with will see maybe 3.2K HP at 30-ish min if I'm fed, although it's closer to 2800 in most cases.
Why is it that none of us Rammus players in this thread really push that hard for HP? Should we go for more HP in general? Maybe push for Warmorg earlier?

@True Bandito:
Would high HP gain become a problem though? Rammus is an absolute beast because of his high armor, and how it synergizes so well with all of his builds. Giving him more innate HP could really drive him off the wall.

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True Bandito

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HoGs can help with HP as well as the new Leviathan. The core of the problem though lies with the low HP gain per level for Rammus. Riot really should address that problem.

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thanx i will enjoy rammus more now!=o

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time to add a new item to all Rammus armor builds... this is out in the PTR realm. the synergy with rammus' armor stack and ult is unreal.

New Item: Randuin's Omen
+300 Health +90 Armor + 25 Health Regen per 5 Sec.
UNIQUE Passive: 15% Cooldown Reduction
UNIQUE Passive: 20% chance to reduce physical attackers movement / attack speed by 35% for 2 seconds.
UNIQUE Active: Slows movement speed and attack speed of surrounding units by 35% for 1 second + 0.5 seconds for each 100 Armor and Magic Resist. 60 second cooldown.

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Ye, i've been looking at that item with full interest aswell. Seems like a very good early game choice, possibly early-mid game.

@Xocolatl (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/search.php?do=finduser&u=24107): Personally, i dont think Rammus will be OP if his HP would be higher. As it stands, Alistar and Shen offer a lot more during teamfights.

My personal issue with Rammus is the fact he has to go to base all the time. This wasnt as bad before they changed the xp gain, as i was usually a level or 2/3 ahead. Now, due to me basing all the time and getting very limited xp from kills, i find myself underleveled and therefor underfarmed. I would love a change in DBC, giving it some form of life return after the effect ended.

As an example: You pop DBC, run around turtled and stuff, getting hit. After the effect ends, you gain a certain % of your HP back, based on your level in DBC.

My idea :
Rank 1: 10% Lifereturn
Rank 2: 12.5% Lifereturn
Rank 3: 15% Lifereturn
Rank 4: 17.5% Lifereturn
Rank 5: 20% Lifereturn

If you look at all the major tanks (Alistar/Malphite/Shen), they all have a couple of things in common:

1: a Tank ability (Alis' ult, Malphite's shield, Shen's Block, Rammus' DBC)

2: some form of initiation (Ali = flash + knockup, Malph = ult, Shen = port in + taunt, rammus = powerball)

3: some form of AoE disruption (ali =AoE knockup/single target knockback, malph =AoE ult, shen = single target port in + AoE taunt, rammus = single target taunt)

4: Some reason to attack them (Ali = heal spam, malph = ground slam, shen = healing buff, rammus = tremors)

5: some form of protaction during laning phase to farm a bit

Ali can heal spam his way through the laning phase, Malph has a HP shield that regenerates and can use ground slam to kill minions, Shen has his health stealing thing but Rammus completely fails at this part. If he has a bad lane partner, you just have to turret hug and hope you get some gold. Your only damage spell (powerball) in a mana hog and should only be used if you have spare mana or if you can get a lot of gold for using it (3+ mobs). The problem is taht if you go in to farm a bit, they will attack you, making you loose a certain amount of HP. All the other tanks have a form of counter against this, but rammus has to rely on his amazing amount of HP pots. This isnt much of a problem during lvl1-3, but starting lvl 4 or 5 im usually around 1k hp, making a potion loose a lot of its efficiency.

The other downpart about rammus (malph too btw) is that they rely a lot on armor. Your passive is completely useless vs a caster team. Malph has this issue aswell with his ground slam. Shen/Alistar can gear how they like because they dont have to use their passive. Malph actually has the best passive for a tank, as it basically increases you HP by 10%, and regenerates it if you arent doing anything.

Randuin's Omen is gonna be a massive upgrade for rammus tho, while i DBC, you can expect its ability during late game to slow for 5 second easily, which is massive. On a full gearlist, you are probably looking at a 6/7 second slow, which is completely game breaking.

Other tanks will still be around 4ish seconds which does the same thing tho....

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Grand Xerxes



TKana, I want to thank you for this guide, it has increased my Rammus effectiveness 100 fold(at least)....

So I was trying out the new rammus yesterday, the buff to mana regen and less mana cost on powerball/taunt helped a ton. This guide really helps even though you haven't updated it yet for this last patch(not ragging you just saying). I was going to go for Randuins Omen to see how it worked, but the other team surrendered prior to me having a chance. I think they may have been mad I was owning with rammus, I went 6/1/9 in 25 mins. I know I shouldn't be getting all those kills, but when you have thornmail, HoG and tabai its hard to not kill non casters instantly; they were all pure attack guys except for their lone mage...Morgana, who I didn't see except for one time when I helped gank her.

Anyways, I will have to get Randuins prior to thornmail next time just in case.

To everyone who says you will never get all those items, this may be true, but the guide itself is about reacting to what the other team has damage for. If all casters, skip Thornmail, get banshees and some other magic resist....if you only go off a guide, you will not be successful(well maybe if u are just unreal or smurfing)....The HoG itself has changed the way I play rammus a ton and helps me get that early gold to get some of the must have tank items for him....I did get ALL of the items one time...the game lasted around 60 mins and I was pretty much unstoppable at that point. Even when they actually were able to get me to no health, my GA brought me back and they were done....that was a great game....

TKana, I also took your post in my rammus help thread to heart and lvls 1-6 or so I have been extremely defensive and only last hitting, for the most part with DBC on...once I get my HoG and boots of choice, I get aggressive and it works really well.

Thanks for the help!!!

One other thing....I didn't even bring clarity, on accident, with me last night and instead equipped my mana regen glyphs....I don't think i will need clarity anymore, but that game could just be a lucky one against auto attack style champs....I think it was Sivir/Ashe/Ali/Kat/Morg for their team if I remember that game right....

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Update: I'll be looking to update this guide in the near future.

I'll try using my mp/5 runes aswell then, see how it works
Thanks for the feedback, i've done a few games with him since the previous patch (not with the last patch yet) and i did like the Omen. Still dont like Leviathan, but with last patch, it wont matter anymore.

I'll check him out after a game or 10-15 with Akali

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True Bandito

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Looking forward to the update, as I like your guide.

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Scrumpy Jack

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I know this guide is old, but thank you- I went through all the linked Rammus guides, and liked this one the best. It's helped learn him this week.