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Haghen, The King of Death

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Haghen a god angel, that were partner of Kyle fighting against the devil that where ever it becomes, in a inmortal fight against Lucifer he sacrificed to save kyle. Becoming a Devil without soul just fighting against god, making the world a worst place. He has forgotten what he was and now he comes to league of legends to know his past making everything worst, may be just may be he would know what he was?

1.-Pasive (Liching Dagger):every 8 atack he took an 4% of the enemy life
Q.-Scream of Fears: A scream that cuases fear to the next 3 enemy colse to him in 450 range area, if there is 3 champs close and some minions, he focuse on the champs
W.-Dense Vomit: He vomit in a 500 target area dealing 80(+0 ap) and slowing the enemies in that area
E.-Tomb: He disappear, but he could'nt move wile he's disappeared and he can select the enemy in a 650 range area, dealing 90(+1/2 damage)
R.-Licked of Devil: He stretch his tongue 600 range infront of him taking 10% life of the enemies hitted

Q.-2% life cost (13.3sec /12.3/11.3/10.3/9.3/8.3 cooldown)
W.-2.2% life cost (80/90/100/110/120)10 cooldown
E.-3% life cost (90/105/120/135/150)16 cooldown
R.-20% life cost (10%/15%/20%)130 cooldown

Health: 502 base, 80 per level(582 at level 1, 1942 at level 18)
Health Regen: 1.3 base, 0.2 per level(1.5 at level 1, 4.9 at level 18)
Attack Speed: 0.579 base, 0.01 per level(0.580 at level 1, 0.759 at level 18)
Attack Damage: 50 base, 2.7 per level(52.7 at level 1, 98.6 at level 18)
Armour: 11 base, 3.7 per level(14.7 at level 1, 77.6 at level 18)
Magic Resist: 30 base, 1 per level(31 at level 1, 48 at level 18
Base Movespeed: 320
Range: 650

Attack: Average
Health: High
Spells: Below Average
Difficulty: Medium