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Fan Judgement - Master Yi

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Shadow Chorus

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Observation -

Master Yi enters the room around him with almost meditative calm. Inspecting the room around him, the Seven Lenses of Insight on his face quiver and click quietly as he looks around, his gaze inspecting the room before finally settling on the inscription upon the large door before him. "The truest opponent lies within." With a gentle nod to the hidden meaning of the inscription, Master Yi gracefully strides forward and pushes the door open with a hand, stepping into the blackness inside.

Reflection -

Entering the Oppressive blackness, Master Yi sits in what he feels to be the center of the chamber and, laying his blade across his lap, begins to meditate. Before long the darkness is washed away and he is sitting at the forefront of a battlefield. Leaping to his feet, he looks around him and finds an all to familiar sight as he grips his blade in whitening knuckles.

Carnage. Ionian against Noxian, the battle rages on. Master Yi remembered this fight, and took to his role immediately in this play. He wondered what the Summoners intended for him as he danced through the battlefield, his blade parrying Noxian weapons and striking down the men behind them with practiced skill. As he bifurcated a particularly large soldier, moving past him and bringing his blade up from groin to head in a fluid motion that left the two halves of the body laying on the ground behind him, he sensed a turn in the tide. The Ionion forces were slowly but surely pushing back the Noxian tide. Tapping into his Wuju Training, he enacted the deadly alpha strike. His muscles pumped to their limits as he propelled himself faster than the eye could track, seeming to be six of him where one was, his blade slicing through Noxians like paper as he ravaged the retreating forces. When he came to a halt, the remaining Noxians had begun full evacuation, and the Ionians raised their weapons and cheered a cry of victory. And as Master Yi raised his sword, everything began to swirl.

Now he stood in front of the ruins of a village....His village. The buildings being slowly eaten away by the remnants of the acidic toxin that monster, Singed, had deployed here. Bodies half-rotted before even having died, eaten by the deadly fumes, lay at his feet as he strode through the village. His blade felt heavy in his hands, and his face was sullen. But the sadness did not last long. For a renewed fury beat in his heart, and he gripped his blade until his knuckles whitened and the leather of his gloves groaned. And then came the perpetrator, the monster, Singed, emerging from behind a building, his tall form adorned in a lab coat.

"MONSTER! Murderer!" Yi shouted, pointing his blade accusingly at the chemist, who merely smiled at him.

"It is wonderful, is it not?" the Chemist asked, looking around at the place before him. As he marveled in the destruction, his form began to change. His lab coat became bandages, his eyes lit afire as red armor and a shield adorned themselves on him. His hair burnt and fluttered away as the massive Green bottle that held his trademark Insanity potion appeared. He laughed menacingly at the Wuju bladesman, taunting him. "Such destruction! Such deadly mayhem! All from the push of a button, and the realease of a deadly chemical!" He said, laughing even as the angered Yi charged forward, his blade cutting a diagonal arc that severed Singed's torso left of his right shoulder from the rest of him, the split body falling to the ground in two pieces as Yi gritted his teeth and breathed angrily. As he turned to examine the corpse, it turned its head to face him.

"Why do you want to join the League, Master Yi?" Singed asked, in a strange voice.

"What does it matter to you, monster!?" Yi replied, seething.

"Why do you want to join the League?" Singed asked again, in entirely a different voice.

Yi closed his eyes and calmed, looking at the severed torso with a calm face.

"To take the blood price of my village from every Noxian in the League. To exact my vengeance and to restore the Art of Wuju to the world."

"How does it feel, exposing your mind?"

"It is a bond I shall shoulder willingly to achieve my goals."

And then it all faded away, and as the doors to the League swung open, Master Yi entered with a renewed purpose in his stride.

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yeah Idk why riot never released his judgement he has soo much potential however this was excellent

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Master yi getting angry seems extremely farfetched even in this scenario- the idea that he isn't calm just doesn't sit well with me :\

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Senior Member


I believe Master Yi rage toward Singed isn't the kind that makes him leap on his neck at first sight: Yi is Master in the way of Wuju, he for sure got complete control over his feelings.

The way Yi would react to Singed is probably very calm and somewhat polite but yet with disgust. See "Ask Master Yi" thread on Roleplay section, the way one pictured Yi in there seems to me very legit.

PS: I know you put effort in this, but this situation where Singed is like "u mad bro?" and Yi "FUUUUU" seems to me like too... Apprentice-like, just like the ones who got their Master killed in hollywood/chinese movies, a Master wouldn't react like that.

PS2: Though my critics, one who got love on Yi enough to write a Judgement is worth of thumb up.