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Raising ELO - 2 Cents

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To raise your elo, and why it may be hard (in particular if you are in ELO hell).

Everyone is always getting marginally better. Every player learns, so you have to learn *faster* and *better* - I know this may sound silly, but imagine that two players are playing.

Player A has an arbitrary rating of 600, and Player B has an arbitrary rating of 580. In this example that means Player A is better than Player B.

Now player B is frustrated because Player A always wins. No matter how hard Player B tries, he/she feels like the game is dumb or they are never getting better. False!

Player A is just maintaining his/her lead over Player B, and additionally Player B wouldn't be frustrated if the game wasn't close. If Player B didn't feel like they had a chance, they would just give up from learned helplessness.

Basically, you need to step your game up in some game-changing manner. Not just a mild tweak here or there, but some serious change in your game-play needs to occur.

-Practice - Try builds out in coop vs AI, or in friendlies with friends, see what works and doesn't.
-Play with a friend together (get better together for good lane teamwork)
-Play a critical role well (Jungle/Roam/Carry)
-Understand builds available to your champ - Ties back to practice.
-Watch higher elo play - Then try and emulate them. So what if it doesn't work always, doing > watching, and it helps you know your limits, high elo players often tread the fine line between greedy plays and genius plays.
-Learn diplomacy with uncooperative players
-Learn at least one champ for each basic role (Carry, Tank, Support, Jungle), so if you ever get those people that lock-in, you can fill in the gap with confidence (Very important)

******** DIPLOMACY *****
-Have a positive attitude with your team. When people are being rude or uncooperative in team chat, call them out politely. Don't turn your back on allies even if they are rude. Chances are they don't really want to get reported for harassment, and they want to win too and if your teammates say hey we're trying to work together being rude isn't going to help us win, in my experience, this has minimized the anti-teamwork that someone can generate.

Ex: Roaming as Ali, I failed to help mid secure a gank, response: *STAY THE #$(@ out of Mid", well we called him out, I then saved him mid about 2 minutes later, and after that he shut up and we worked together as a team.

Now of course sometimes this doesn't work, once in awhile someone just trolls. Use that report button, chances are they troll more then just your team and their time will come.

So you want to win, you are an experienced player and deserve to be higher elo. You have to lead your team. This doesn't require a pep-talk, just do some basic things such as:

-Drop wards or remind people to ward:
-Ping for people to meet and say MEET to push (REALLY effective)
-Setup a gank or call for a gank, etc.
-Help other lanes with MIA

Chances are if you do some sort of leadership role at least 2-3 times in a game early on, people will already have *accepted* you as the leader, and now you no longer have to worry about people listening. Again there are exceptions, but in my experience this holds true and very frequently I get the enemy team saying things like:

"Our teamwork sucks compared to ya'lls gg fail team" etc etc.

Seeing this happen often enough convinces me that hey my leadership is working. Let it work for you also

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"Remind people to ward" at 600-1000 elo they will just tell you to f' off they can't "afford" the cost.
"Coop vs AI" Will not help you play better vs real players. The AI is too predictable.
Understanding builds, obvious but so very true at low elo.
Jungler/Roamer: NICE.

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I know this does not directly apply to league of legends, but as a wow arena player I have found it's about how much you are willing to commit to being better. The people who do the best are the ones who are keeping up on patch notes, always trying to improve themselves. It usually comes down to the fact that people aren't willing to try their hardest to do well.