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Building AP Masteries

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So recently I've been looking into different ways to build masteries for AP caster builds, and I've found that 9 21 0 has been working a lot, mainly because of the ardor ability which at 3 ranks gives you +4% on your AP/Attack Speed Scaling.

It gives a bit more oomph to your spells, and the fact that you get -4% damage and +hp just makes for a huge boost in survivability. Now I can't for the life of me figure out why you would want some mana regen and small movement speed buffs/CDR which won't make too much of a difference considering CDR items instead of the survivability + more burst.

Just my 2 pence.

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Well, masteries are more of a preference as well with Runes.

Runes being alittle different as what you want to focus on with them. (Survivabilty, early game damage, etc.)

If you wish to go into the Defense Masteries that fine. Preferably I go Utility whenever I play Mages, except for Vlad.

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mine are 21-0-9 to give you max AP from masteries maxing Mental Force, Sorcery, Arcane Knowledge, Blash and Archmage