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I hit 515 referral's I get 10 year ban

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Senior Member


Please leave dead and old thread alone so they can rest in peace. This Thread was born and died in april last year. Almost 11 months to the day. If you are interested in old posts, please just read and leave them alone.

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As a side note, I can definitely appreciate that you're upset about it, but I'm in a state of shock that you figured the right way to approach this was to campaign on the forums and deny wrongdoing.

I can't possibly believe that you didn't know exactly why you were suspended the moment you saw it.

Some buddy's of mine are telling me about buying refferals? And they have like medieval twitch and grey warwick and stuff but i was just wondering if that is banable? because I dont wanna do anything that can get me banned like that I was just curious if I would get banned for doing that

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Please do not bump old, unrelated threads.

Buying referrals is against the Terms of Service and can lead to your removal from the Referral Program and the loss of all rewards.