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FRZ Terror



Hey guys, I just wrote a guide on Syndra.

http://gameapathy.hubpages.com/hub/A-Guide-to-Syndra (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/redirect.php?do=verify&redirect_url=http%3A%2F%2Fgameapathy.hubpages.com%2Fhub%2FA-Guide-to-Syndra)

Hopefully it qualifies :-)

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Guide for Katarina.
Here. (http://www.lolpro.com/guides/katarina/132-katarina-build-guide-mid-lane-by-tiensinoakuma)

Written by one of the most famous Katarina players, considered second to Scarra. I followed his guide and it's worked fantastically for me.

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Senior Wrenchman


Updated to here.

Akali Guide by Kmchii
AP Akali Bring the Burst by ShiftyHobbit
Tank Akali by Magical Molester
Shadow Fisting with Akali by JezdziecBezNicka

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Senior Member


wrote a guide for jungling Leona:


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Junior Member


Top 10 Most OP League Of Legends Champions -
These champions, are the season 3 patch most over powered champions
in 1700 elo.


your welcome

yay Shyvana! I tried her out since she's free to play this week and a dragon chick. She is, indeed, pretty darn powerful once you learn to use her properly. "use her properly" being the key phrase there. xP

*edit* half-dragon chick. excuse me.

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NsK Chillzilla

Junior Member


Welcome to my singed guide. If your the uber elite player, or brand spankin noob this could benefit you. This guide is meant to be a guide and not to be followed in the exact recommendations i make cuz one, i cant spell to save my life, and two if you aren't flexible you should still fight bots.

That being said singed is absolutely a troll's greatest dream. Nothing better than a team trying to chase a singed and end up in a triple kill in TT or quadra kill in SR. The greatest tool in singed arsenal is his ability to have champions chase him when he has low hp.

Anyways on to the good stuff. No other guide has been posted recently and this is my first guide posted so i figured it would be good as i have yet to see any other singed come close to what i can do with him. Not to mention no other singed guide posted within a year or two lol.

1. Runes.

As for runes i go with flat ap glyphs, flat armor seals, flat mag pen marks, and movement quints. Before you say anything, my items shall explain why i chose such runes. But mostly cus i chase people, having early armor makes the first gank delicious, and mag pen lets me get boots of swiftness. If you're one of those junkies who always gets sorcerors boots or then tenacity boots then maybe your should stop reading and keep dying.

2. Summoner spells.

My favorite summoner spells are exhaust and flash. Simply because exhaust you can slow people to fling them to the homies, slow them from catching you, or to help you kite an opponent into your poisonous cloud of death.

As for flash - being able to move from point A, to point B instantly - words cannot express how many times its saved me or granted an ace.

Other summoner spells: For the most part they are useless. I could see the option to used ghost, or maybe, MAYBE cleanse in a bind, or occaisionaly teleport depending on your team makeup. But for the most part your are the most mobile MF-er in the game so make good use of it. Dont let this prohibit you from trying different combinations, but generally exhaust/flash is pretty much a gg combination for singed.

3. Skills

First skill is always poison trail. Oh but chillzilla fling is godlike and awesome and i get mass kills with it. **** you man this is my guide and if you want to be a savage beast that singed is than shut your pie hole and listen. I go poison train first because of the overall damage. If in the event a gank happens in either TT or SR the overall damage of poison trail trumps flings damage even if you can toss them into a group of 2-4 homies or a turrent. Also helps you strike fear into them when your laning which is absolutely crucial in either map.

But the overall priority is R>Q>E>W and i usually start out with levels 1-5 being Q>E>Q>W>Q and then following the afformentioned priorities. (yes i know my spelling is terrible - get over it)

4. Items

Now there are many, MANY item builds i've seen for singed, but the one i absolutely prefer starts out as such....

Begin with boots and hp pots. What you want to do is basically scare them from coming near your purple poisonous gas. If you can accomplish that then you have won your lane and are on the way to an easy victory. If they arent scared, at level two start tossing them to your laning partner and inflict non-voluntary fear into their hearts.

When you go back my first item i like to go is usually a little hp like the book for 20 ap for $435(yeah i dont know the name of it off hand, **** you). and a couple of hp pots. You might ask, chillzilla - why the hp pots? Well you little **** bag its because you're laning and want to stay there as long as possible for max gold gain. And the flask only has three charges. I absolutely dont want to limit myself to three charges if i want more. But if you want to rock the flask - go for it. But i advise against it.

On your second visit to the store you want to have most of Rod of Ages if not the whole thing. The only other variable i see at this point could be some mana regen. If you get the occaisional hero who thinks he's john wayne you have to have the mana to put him down. Sometimes ill purchase a mana regen pendant which i'll sell later, but for now will let me settle my dominance as the Alpha dog in my lane

After that your core items are going to be Liandreys torment(spelling?[BFT if in TT]) and rylai's sceptor.

So after boots of swiftness, RoA, Liandreys, and Rylais if the game still hasnt ended here come the situational items. There are so many items you can get its hard to list them all so i shall list my favorites.

One is Guardian angel as i likely initiate alot of fights, and to be able to come back is extremely helpful to my team even if i do die for a second time thats less focus on my ADC, or APC and more focus on me, which i consider myself to be a tank/carry/AP type champion.

Another good item is banshies veil(yeah i know **** you my spelling sucks) which i need not explain my reasoning for wanting it as it explains itself.

So far you have boots of swiftnes, RoA, Liandreys, Rylais and situational item. From here i usually go one of two things. Abyssal Sceptar or void Staff. Preferably abyssal unless someone else has it

With this build you will be at just under 4k hp, and with mad ap, and descent armor and mr. The core items i mentioned are assuming your snowballing which is easy with singed. If your team is getting mopped up then it may be beneficial to rush a situational item first.

As for how to play singed. You have to have the courage to run in like trynd, stand in the heat of the battle like a mundo, and be able to kite like - well kite like a singed cuz he can kite better than any other champion imo. As for 1-18 gameplay - play aggresively. Show no mercy. Toss one person to your lane partner and poison both of them. The key is to let your lane partner know your going to toss him a baddie so you can coordinate your kills. If not your just harassing deep in enemy territory to no beneficial gain!

This is my build. Following this build brings me to greatness and will do the same to you as long as your flexible.

Give this build a chance and i promise you will get a ton of kills, along with a ton of assists as your poison affects everyone in a team fight. This build will instill fear into your laning opponnents - forcing them to request backup thus letting your team push to victory. Remember its a team game and not a singed game.

I've ran mid, as well as solo bot and top and this build works for all places assuming your flexible. Try this build, enjoy its greatness.

Finally for the love of god - bump this guide as it will be the newest guide for singed since 2010....

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Junior Member


I don't know if it counts as a guide but I made a flashcard set for all the champion abilities in the game at https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/4254682249 if you'd like to include it.

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Junior Member


Hi all
I have created a blog which contains basic guides for each champs.
It contains item build, skill build, jungling, and all the other information.
This blog is created only few days ago and I'm uploading posts all day.
Come and visit to find guides!!


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What is a good item build for jax that will still do damage but give him more survivability in team fights?

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hi could not bother me if a guide is the Darius please greatly appreciate