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[Directory] Complete List of Guides

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Hello Riot, Stevo here from http://www.gettherax.com. I was hoping you might accept my guide into your list. It is a general game guide that is designed to help rookie and pro players alike imrove their LoL skills. Many of the guides you have posted here are recommended in it, and it's a clean, informative, and fun read for any player. It's updated regularly and has received positive feedback from readers. I hope it's good enough to make it into your collection!



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First of all, I have a thread called "Creativity is not Trolling (AD Malzahar)", but it is in the Champion Feedback forum. I initially posted it there because I thought it doubled as a champion discussion forum. It's a combination of a guide and a discussion thread and, if possible, I would like it listed here. I know that for a thread to be listed here, it would most likely have to be in the Guides & Strategy forum, so could I also request that it be moved to this forum? Even if my thread is not approved for this list, would it still be possible to move the thread? It's not in the appropriate forum either way.

The objective of my thread is to enlighten the community on the topic of 'creative' builds, in other words builds that are not 'normal'. I would like to make it perfectly clear that my thread is not encouraging trolling. I encourage players to try interesting, out-of-the-ordinary builds, and to not dismiss and/or harass players who do choose to use them; however, I acknowledge that some builds are purely detrimental to one's team (such as AP caster Vayne). I don't personally believe this is 'trolling' as long as the player is using a Lich Bane and Deathfire Grasp, and is still attempting to contribute to the game, but I also acknowledge that it's far too ineffective to help the team, and is therefore an offence. It's about defining where the line between 'effective' and 'ineffective' is drawn, and trying to convince players of a more lenient point of view.

Also... although I use AD Malzahar as an example of a creative build that is viable, my thread is not specifically about AD Malzahar. I think it would fit best in the Miscellaneous category rather than under Champion Specific: Malzahar.



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Couldn't sleep and made a guide for top Shen (which im sure there are plenty) but i also have my Dominion build in there as well it's my first guide so go check it out, thanks

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Hey Aregionius I have a Syndra guide to submit for you consideration on this list. Here is her build (http://lol.askmrrobot.com/champion/syndra-apcarry/mid#build) and gameplay tips (http://lol.askmrrobot.com/champion/syndra-apcarry/mid#gameplay). If you list the guide, give credit to AskMrRobot please

We also have a section where users can play with their own builds and graph her damage (http://lol.askmrrobot.com/tools/builder/syndra-vs-targetdummy#r=Damage,t=TargetDummy,d=Dps), since there are a lot of viable ways to play her.

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I want to post a mordekaiser guide, and this is the link to it:
Pretty much sums up what you mainly want in guides.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjoBjHCN6ho&feature=plcp < best guide video. Only thing you will need to be 2200 elo

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I noticed you need a Jayce guide I made one about a week ago it's pretty good stuff!

Would appreciate it if you took a look and considered adding it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpZnuJ4ZLS0

Also made a Sivir one so if you liked the Jayce one add that too.


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I've had a healthy amount of upvotes on my guide, I think it's noteworthy, I'd like to have it added if possible:

Why You Lost (A Guide to Winning) (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2602203)

I've run out of room to post in the original post, so I may actually create a new thread with a few reserved posts, if so I'll update the info here. (As an edit and as a new post, just in case it's missed in either)

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Thanks for keeping this list updated Aregionius.

Currently doing a massive review on all my guides, I'll be sure to post any up that aren't already included and in turn have a look at all the guides featured here for that champion to clear any clutter.

My Xin Zhao Guide has been fully updated to reflect his changes now and can be re-added to the list (I notice there are only 2 currently): http://www.squidoo.com/league-of-legends-xin-zhao-guide

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I didn't see a Dr. Mundo guide up here. Im considering purchasing that champion so I would like to see something for him up here.