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Here's one for Veigar. It's my first guide but I put a lot of work into it.


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Here is a Malzahar guide. Like above poster, it's a first time guide with alot put into it.


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I'd like my guide to be considered:

"An Extremely Long AD Jungle Shaco Guide"


Updated today to account for Mastery changes.

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Zyx N TheEND

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Thank you for guide thank you very much

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Jason from Oak

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My iots points won't work it always said i have an error. How could i fix it?

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Heimer is my favorite champion. Mainly because I improved 250 elo (680 to 930) solo queue in one week playing him. I use him as a pusher - mainly mid. However, Heimer can solo, duel or jungle. The only thing he cannot do is tank or take an Attack damage role. He does jungle fast, but other junglers are better at ganking so I wouldn't take jungle except in a pinch.

He's a quick leveler too because any kills his turrets get gives you exp. and gold too. He can have up to 2 turrets down and two turrets in queue. His turrets stay up until you build a third turret and then the oldest one dies to maintain two turrets up. This ability makes it easy to run into a creep wave, drop a turret and then go elsewhere to jungle or otherwise get more exp.

Team fight:

Activate you ultimate if you think it'll break out. Drop your turrets near the fight or where the enemy might escape. Stay on the edges and prepare to flash away if you get focused and then return. Toss your grenade at the enemy AD carry to blind and hopefully stun. Just keep spamming rockets and tossing grenades while staying out of the middle. Drop new turrets as the fight moves. Keep moving to avoid Area of Effect attacks during team fights and while laning.

Anyway, more on how to use him shortly. I build him as follows:

Ability Power blues (because Magic Pen doesn't work with the turrets)
Flat HP yellows (he's squishy)
Magic Pen reds (this does work with rockets and grenades)
1.5% percent HP quint (he's squishy)
One Mana Regen quint (he needs mana badly and with this plus doreans ring and wise mana use you'll be fine)
One HP Regen quint (helps early game sustain)


Flash - to save me from ganks and for the occasional flash - rocket champion kill.
Teleport - because this allows me to save towers by TP in, drop a turret and then head back to my lane. Plus early game I can drop my turrets, recall to buy/heal and then TP back without losing much exp. or gold. Further, I can TP onto a turret just like a ward so TP makes me very mobile.

Masteries: 9/0/21

In Offense: Take 4 AP, 4CDR (4%), and the 10% magic pen.

In Utility: Take everything right down the middle (mana, mana regen, 3% spell vamp, 5% exp. boost, 6% cool down reduction, 15% summoner spell (flash/teleport) cool down reduction) plus one point in summoners insight to help Flash and Teleport and 3 points (2% speed) in movement as Heimer is a bit slow.

Items: Make sure you always have spot for wards until the end game. Sell the ring if need be.

Starting Items:
First - doreans ring (gives everything he needs early game, AP, HP and mana regen)
2nd - Chalice of Harmony (890)/Philo. Stone (800) and two wards (75 ea.) for the mid side bushes.

It's a toss up between these two for 2nd item. CoH gives mana regen and magic resistance so I choose this when under strong magic harass. I take Philo/stone when I think I'm ok mid so I can get the HP and Mana regen plus the gold per time.

Primary Items:
1st - Cool down reduction boots (1050) - Since his rockets cost very little mana, it's great to spam fire them. Plus a newly placed turret gets a short attack speed bonus which is great when ganked or attacking. The other option is magic pen boots (1100), but I find the early cool down reduction better.

2nd - This is situational depending on how the game is going. If I'm not getting focused then I go for Rabdon's Deathcap (3600). If it's rough, I go for Ryai Crystal (3105). The Deathcap gives great ability power (AP), but Ryai's gives HP, AP, and a slow which helps your turrets and other abilities. Zhonya's Hourglass (3100) is also an option here, but I don't tend to need the 2 second invulnerable and find that if I do, it won't help much anyway. Another option is the Rod of Ages (3025), but this doesn't give as much AP as either of the above options. Still it gives more HP than Ryai plus serious mana. If you have no true tank this is something to consider. If you do choose it, get the catalyst (1325) first.

3rd - Will of the Ancients (2100) for the spell vamp. this is a great sustain item and gives the aura to your teammates. You can also start the Hextech Revolver (1200) part of this build early for some early sustain.

4th - Abysmal Scepter (2650) as opposed the the Void Staff (2295) as the AS magic pen. aura helps your turrets and the Void Staff only helps your rockets and grenades.

5th - Pick up one of the 4th items you don't yet have by selling the ring.

Finally sell the Chalice or Philo stone to buy another 4th item. Make sure you don't sell the stone until right before you respawn if you're dead for the continued gold per time. Also, don't hesitate to buy and consume the ability power elixir if you have 250 extra when you recall, but not enough or room to buy an item. (Don't forget that you should be buying wards and need a spot to place them).

Ability Order:

Passive: Regen Bots: It'll regen you, your teammates, your turrets, minions and TOWERS 25/hp in 5 seconds. I mainly appreciate this because I can let a TOWER take a few hits and then regen the tower by standing near it for a few seconds. It's also helpful in team fights for the health regen aura.

1. Turret first because you can drop it early and have the mana regen before creeps arrive. Plus, if you fight near your turret in an early gank, you can 1v1 anybody who didn't take heal as their summoner ability. Additionally, you can drop it in their blue bush to punish their jungler or near your blue to give your jungler a great leash to help them jungle. The greatest weakness of turrets is that they target the nearest enemy (even minions) unless a champion attacks you when they switch the that champion. Also turrets do half damage to towers so you can often push a wave and drop a turret so it'll only hit the tower. Although towers will target your turrets over minions once the minion it's firing at dies. Your ultimate heals your turret which gives it a chance to hit the the tower 2 more times.

2. Rockets because the grenade costs too much mana and has too long a cool down to be useful early game. You fire 3 rockets which hit the 3 nearest enemies even if they are minions. I wait till I just kill a minion and then there are 2 left closer to me plus the enemy champion to harass with rockets. When you activate your ultimate, you fire 5 rockets so don't forget to activate it before you fire the rockets in a team fight.

I then max turrets and rockets till I can get two turrets down (level 3 turrets). Afterwards, get one point in grenade for the stun it gives when you hit somebody dead on with it. It's a lot easier to stun them if they are close because of the slow grenade toss. It also blinds and damages with an area of effect. It does have better AP scaling than rockets.

3. Now you should be able to drop 2 turrets, one grenade and rockets plus maybe one point in your ultimate which you should always max whenever you can.

4. The ultimate gives your turrets a slow and heals them, gives you 5 rockets, and increase the grenade toss speed. Activate before using your abilities in a team fight. It's passive reduces your Cool downs and with the boots and masteries, this is maxed pretty quick at 40%.

Why he helped raise my elo:

It's because he can hold a tower against 2-3 champions by himself. He should be able to hold middle lane almost the entire game. If your middle tower doesn't go down ever, you will win. This frees up your team to go 4v3 or 4v2 and that usually means you win.

To hold the tower, place your turrets in front of it to clear the minions and tank for the tower while you stay safely well behind it and use your rockets and grenades to clear the minions and harass any champions that close in to hit it. Afterwards, you can stay near the tower to regen the damage it suffered.

Also, if you push a minion wave and all enemies are accounted for, then go ahead and drop a turret (or two) so it's in range of the enemy tower and out of range of the enemy minions. Thus it will target the tower. When the tower targets your turret, wait until it has one hit left and then activate your ultimate to heal it. Meanwhile, use your rockets and grenades to clear the enemy minions and get help from your minions. I've killed a tower in the first 7 minutes this way. This does tend to exhaust your mana so be careful and strongly consider recalling after you can drop another turret behind your minions to keep them from pushing your tower while you're gone.


1. You can drop your turrets on the other side of thin walls to scout bushes or harass enemies.

2. Your grenade gives sight in bushes so it's a great way to scout them before face checking them.

3. If you have a ward in a bush and see an enemy hiding, it's easy to grenade stun them, rocket them and drop a turret nearby to really hurt them quick without getting too close.

4. If an aggressive opponent tower dives you, wait till they hit you once so the tower targets them, then grenade stun them, drop a turret and continue running and hitting rockets when you can. If you think you can kill them, wait till they think they've got you and then flash to the other side of the tower so they have to run by the tower and your turrets to get you, but it'll kill them. Otherwise, flash away. You are squishy so some champions can tower dive you successfully.

5. When laning place your turrets behind your minions so you can protect it from the enemy champion. It's also useful to place one near the bushes so it can hit the minions, but an enemy champion must still run by it to gank you. Also, remember to last hit the minions with your wrench. It's often helpful to simply hit the minion your turret is hitting so you'll probably (90%) get the gold. The best way to manage your mana is to place turrets so you don't have to replace them.

5. NEVER stick around when you run out of mana. He's useless without it.

Hope you find this useful. I'll add more with suggestions.

Edited thanks to suggestions from S B and Warrrax

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Not sure I posted a link to my guide here or not, so this could be a repost. Please take a look at the below link -


I've reached the limit in the first posting, but I'm working on a word document, for which I've provided a link in the first post. Please let me know if you find this useful, and if you have constructive comments, please post them on that thread. Thank you!

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Lynk The Hero

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I have just written a lengthy and extensive (but by no means complete) guide on playing Riven.


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Updated to here.

Hellcat, you did not post a guide link.


[Outdated]Arctic Annihilation by knav
Cryopheonix, Miss Anivia by Morello
Get First Bloodby Rectal Necrosis
Jungle Ganker by Azurenight

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I have a Twisted Treeline Guide I made a few weeks ago: