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@riot- I need 7rp

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There's a reason why you need exactly 7 RP and it is called business tactics. They make the amount of RP you get from each time you buy so that you will always have to buy more RP if you want to buy another champion or another skin.

Lets say you want to buy the Brolaf skin. The Brolaf skin is 1820 RP. To get enough RP to buy the Brolaf skin you will need to buy $10 worth of RP and $5 worth of RP. The amount of RP that you will get from that is 2030 RP. 2030-1820 is 210RP. If you wanted to buy a cheap skin, which is 260 RP, you're going to have to buy $5 worth of RP.

So what I'm saying is is that RIOT wants you to be in the situation where the amount of RP you have is so close you what you want to buy so you will be tempted to buy more RP.

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