Any newbies up for a few games with my smurf?

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I made an account today to play with a friend I recruited this morning and now I want to finish getting it to level 5 and since he is offline I figured I'd ask if anyone wants to play a game or two.

I have 2 level 30 accounts, around 725 wins - 585 losses total. If you'd like to play a few games and maybe get some pointers or something, add me.

"New Recruit Jay" is my summoner name.

NOTE: I WILL NOT completely carry the team. I don't believe its fair if my team is 5-20 to be getting pentakills vs low levels. I will play well enough but in no way is it a free win.

I'm logged on now. Add me if you'd like to play a few games. We can play against people or bots, doesn't matter.

EDIT: lol chat is down -,-