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Seals - HP

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Dodge use to be a no brainer for seals, but given that cc and ability damage is reigning supreme at end game levels I'm thinking about replacing it with something that will help vs casters.

The best thing I've found so far for seals is to replace it with HP. Which would be better? Scaling HP runes or flat HP runes.

Flat HP gives you 48.15 hp.

Scaling gives you the same by level 5 and maxes out 174.98

It seems like scaling runes are a no brainer in this situation, since you have the same at level 5, but maybe the extra early game survivability is worth it.

Alternatively, scaling hp regen runes seem like they might good too, I think it gives around 17 hp/5?


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If you are intending that your average game time is going to be consistently 45mins+, then go for it however you please. Static health gives you the extra survivability, especially in the early levels. Most of the time, how you do in the beginning, directly translates into your end game output.

All depends on your play style and your strategy for that particular game.