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Fiddle Sticks...

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Silent Reaper

Senior Member


I've played him for a while, and I just the past few games have been carrying my team with him. Anywho, many people find him very Op, and the truth is, he's not.

There are two ways to learn how to counter him, take my advice, or learn to play him.

Here are a few things that I do that alot of people make mistakes doing.

1) Tower Diving...

Just don`t do it when a fiddle is around, its stupid, it will get you killed.

Ex: I have 90 Hp left and im hugging a tower.
A master Yi comes with highlander and tries to tower dive me.
I just cast Fear + Drain = Master Yi is very sad.

2) Teamfights
Be prepared....always suspect that fiddle will use his ultimate and wipe you out.

Usually, I hide in a bush and then I cast

Ultimate, Darkwind (the silence spell) then fear and then drain.

To counter this just take Mercury Treads and for the love of god, attack him so that his ultimate doesn`t kill you.... (or run as fast as you can away from him)
This also means that if someon casts CC then this is the perfect time....

Additionally, his Drain Ability is very powerful....which means that at any second he can pop it out and get 160 hp regen per second.....and that means dealing 160 damage per second to a target.

3) If you are alone in a lane with an enemy fiddle + partner, just stay really really back...

Alot of time's I just Flash beside an enemy, cast fear + drain and have my fellow partner beat the **** out of him.

4) Deny fiddlesticks, if you try you're hardest and you make sure he gets no kills and you make sure he dies as often as possible, good job!

5) The rest you learn by playing him, and learning to play with him properly...
20% is learned by taking someone's advice
10% is by playing with him a few times
70% is by learning how to actually play him, and learning his strategies.

For people that need help learning to play with him its simple...
Red needs to be magic penetration...the rest can be whatever you want....i have armor and magic resistance cuz i save Ip on buying runes.... ( i play alistar often)
Summoner Spells:
Clairvoyance + Flash
(Or you can replace clairvoyance with ignite, but.....meh)

Ability Build order...
Fear and Drain get leveled up respectivly at the same time
Ultimate whenever you can...
Get either lvl 1 darkwind at the begginng or wait until the very end...

Item Build:
The first 3 items are mandatory, the rest are simply the compliments..

Fearie Charm + Rejuvenation Bead ----> Haunting Guise
Boots of Speed ---> Sorcery Boots (Try to get this item in one shot)
Rylai's Scepter... Reduces movement speed of single targeting spell by 35%....
Rylai's Scepter + Drain = ftw (for the the win)

After that...
Abysall Scepter if you have enemy mages..
Mejai`s Soul Eater
Zhonya`s Ring
Deathfire grasp
You can pretty much replace the complimentary items with whatever you want, just personal choice really...

Hope this helps guys....

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Senior Member


Magic Pen>AP On Fiddle

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Ninja Cyborg

Senior Member


I don't agree with a fair bit of your build. Here's somehing I posted earlier;

for summoner spells I strongly recommend having ignite and flash.
Masteries should be 9/0/21 focusing on cooldown reduction, and making sure you get the masteries for ignite and flash.

starting strat
starting item - Ruby crystal. This is the only item that allows you to go solo mana golem.
1st skill - drain.
After getting golem, go lane. Get dark wind as the 2nd skill for harassing and silencing.

Skill order
Crowstorm>drain>fear>dark wind
seriously. All the good fiddlesticks go for drain. This is because it does insane amounts of damage while they are feared, and keeps you alive during your ult even when diving a tower with 3 enemy heroes at it. It also allows you to be fearless in the laning phase, taking damage and then draining your hp back.

Item build
Ruby crystal (to get mana golem lvl1)
Mejai's (to get the ball rolling)
Sorc boots (magic pen)
ruby crystal>catalyst>rod of ages (survivability and mana and ap... perfect)
Void staff (magic pen and AP)
Guardian angel (usually I'd have full stacks by now, and this allows me to be more suicidal)
Zhonyas (just that little bit extra AP)

Random tips
The combo to get kills is
[crowstorm from bushes or flash]>[flash if you haven't used it yet]>[fear]>[silence]>[drain]>[ignite]

To do this you have 4 options:
1) go from where they can't see you, like a wall or a bush.
2) go when they are pre-occupied in team fights etc
3) if being chased run into a bush and quickly ult
4) flash and do the combo without the ult to kill low hp champs in the laning phase.

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Silent Reaper

Senior Member


I find void staff over-kill lol....
Also....I said ignite is also good, its just my personal choice not to use it
And draining golem at the beggining of the game is good but well.....It's just a choice of preference, takes too long for me i guess XD

Also Rod of Ages is good, but it usually takes too long to "build up" : /