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Mordekaiser: The Metal MeatGrinder

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First off Morde is kinda new and while I've tried a great deal of builds with him at this point it's impossible for me to have tried everything if you have comments or suggestions plz feel free to leave them I'll look into them and edit this accordingly. But I know many people are excited to try him and are a bit lost so this is what I've discovered.

First off his abilities:

Q) Ace of Spades:
Damages 3 nearby enemies if there are nearby enemies, if there are none, hes does double damage to a single enemy.

W) Creeping Death:
A metal shard shield that is DPS while adding to armor.

E) Siphon of Destruction:
Does damage in a cone, and adds to your shield.

R) Children of the Grave:
Does negligible dps but if the target dies under this spell you get some of his stats and now control a slightly reduced version of them.


Runes: Runes i'm using armor pen red's, Dodge yellows, cooldown Blues, with armor pen/health Quens.

Masteries: I go 0/21/9 Make sure to pick up improved Cleanse and Ghost.

Summoner Spells: I prefer Cleanse and Ghost, Flash and Exhaust could also be sub'd in there if you really want kills early game. But esp late game people will be trying to CC you that the Cleanse is a must.

For spells I follow this build
1. Siphon
2. Creeping
3. Siphon
4. Ace
5. Siphon
6. Children
from here on priority is as follows
Ult > Siphon > Creeping > Ace
I do this because Ace relies heavily on your own damage and only gets a slight damage buff along with a shorter cooldown with each point put into it. Creeping also signifiganly increases your ability to 1v1

1. Regrowth Pendant (Great lane survivability and allows you to spam your spells better)
2. Sheen
3. Boots (I like merc or ninja depending on the team)
4. Phage > Triforce (you will be spaming your spells so often that this items is essential
5. Vampire Scepter
6. Rylai's (This makes it impossible for your opponent to escape you do so much aoe that in team fights their whole team will be slowed)
-At this point you need to decide if you are having trouble living or killing
7. Bloodthirster or Force of Nature
8. Infinity Edge or Banshee's

Game Play:
Morde has an amazing lane presence. Use Siphon to harass the champs in your lane make sure to hit as many units as you can when you use it, also last hit with it. Siphon is your best friend.
Some of the smarter players will try to poke at you after you Siphon because you are a melee with only one ranged spell right? Wrong hit Q and smash a creep and watch the shrapnel fly in their face for even more fun harass.
Morde has 2 true aoe's and a multi target spell, and he's not limited by mana so you should have the most last hits in the game easily, if you don't your doing something wrong.

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You raise an interesting point with mace of spades. While I prefer leveling it with Siphon and leaving shield till last I will have to try this build. Kudos!