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Warwick help? Ty.

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Junior Member


Haiiii, What's up?? I'm good.

Anyways, i need help with Warwick. I need to know what items should i use for him.
Thank you...


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Listen carefully junior,

First you need to get cloth armor and 2 pots Let your teamate know your gonna solo summonerspells= smite, and teleport or whatever you want just get smite
right when you can upgrade to madreds razors
than get some zerker boots
and than you might wanna grab a malady
than just get a infinity and you willl rape

you might wanna return to lane after you kill golem beginning game
than jungle when you get your madreds razors

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IMO warwick shouldn't be used everygame warwick is on my team he is the weakest link. Everytime warwick is against my team he is the weakest link... I tend to follow warwick so I can eat his face just because it is so easy and then I am fed and my team automatically wins... I only had one warwick that killed me once early game but then once I hit lvl 6 I fed on him and finished the game 16/1/12... Moral of the story unless you really like warwick stop using him lol

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Usually items that proc on-hit effects are pretty good on him. The two most prevalent being wit's end and madred's bloodrazors; this combo wrecks havoc on casters because of all the bonus damage. The best way to play him is (as far as I have known him) to jungle, dragon at 5, and gank at 6. This isn't set in stone, as many excellent gank opportunities arise at level 3 or 4, when you have full buffs up and the other team is injured to some extent. There is a video of Dan Dinh jungling on youtube, which I personally follow because oftentimes the other team tries to gank golem(the other method is to hit golem first because of the mana regen and CD reduction, helping further jungling by allowing spell-spam), and doing so successfully really puts warwick in the dump for the rest of the game (most likely).

Common build for junglewick:
1. Cloth Armor + 2 pots (alternately you can go long sword and a pot if you have a good rune page).
2. Madred's razor A.S.A.P.
3. Boots of speed (upgrade around same time the enemy does, usually t.o mercury treads to cut down on that nasty CC that usually gets thrown your way)
4. Wit's end if they have a few casters/mana dependents OR work towards bloodrazors.
5. Bloodrazor if you didn't get it last time.
6. *This is where it becomes less cookie-cutter* I like to get Black Cleaver here, an ult lays down all 5 stacks (-60 armor), allowing your team to tear through the target.
7. Bloodthirster is usually really good-- survivability comes from high lifesteal.

Note: If you get exhausted you will likely die if you're in the middle of the fray.