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[Champion Concept - "Big" Femalle champ] Donna, the Mad Cheff

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Astral Yorae



Her skills cound give a hint of her role.
She would carry a caldron with chains tied in her shoulders and neck, a pan in her left hand and a spoon in her right hand. She attacks with the spoon. If she have stacks due to her passive, she keeps shaking the concent in caldron with the spoon while not attacking.

Q: Iron Pan
Donna yells at target and hits his head with a heavy iron pan. Does physical damage and "pop target down".

W: Nasty Lunch
Donna puts "piece of food" from her caldron in her target's mouth. She victim is slowed, silenced and poisoned for a duration. At the end of the duration, the victim vomits.

E: Scold
Donna yells at an enemy champ, making him/her nervous, slowing it's attack speed and giving a miss chance.

R: Hell Kitchen
Donna freaks out, making her allies, scared of her, more efficient (bonus damage), while she drops her caldron's content at ground in rage. The area arround her becomes poisoned. Who steps on it got poisoned and slowed. For each stack in her caldron, she deals bonus poison damage.

Passive: Caldron
Every time she delivers a last hit in a minion, she stores it in her caldon, cooking it. The number of stacks she can can have is based on level. For each stack, she deals a small poison damage when she attacks (with her spoon).

1st- Assistance/Slower
2nd- Melee
3rt- Tank?

Check out the kist of all champions I planned. You oppinion metters and is very welcome!
-Ryuukin, The Half-Dragon:
-Kharla, The Abjurer
-Hellena, the Peace Ambassador
-Donna, the Mad Cheff