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My thoughts on Mordenkaiser items

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I'm going to need to try the whole Warmogg's thing if everyone is having such good success with it. I just find that it is too much money to pay for a chunk of nothing but HP. I tend to start with a regrowth pendant, build Mercury's Treads and Frozen mallet, then turn the pendant into a FoN and then grab an armor item of some kind.

I like FoN, not just for the health regen, but for the increased movement speed. Morde doesn't have anything in the way of positioning skills, so he is all about the movespeed. I'd build boots of swiftness rather than mercury's Treads, but I typically run Cleanse, and the combination of the two is incredibly good when dealing with CC-heavy characters. Why yes, I think I will spend .4 of a second in your Rune Prison, Ryze.

I also rush Frozen Mallet because it gives him CC power. Not to mention the fact that your ghost applies your on hit effects, much like Shaco's clone. So, once you pull off a successful ult kill, you can now slow *two* people in a fight. It is nice.

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The thing that bugs me with Mordenkaiser is that I cannot find an almost perfect build. I always feel that I need too much gear to be effective :-/

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I build it with both Warmongs and FoN, after warmongs is capped on stats you can tank just about anything and spam all of your abilities without concequence.

1x Regrowth
Boots of Swiftness
2x Regrowth

Rest is all personal choice

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Force of Nature has sexcellent synergy with Warmog, lategame you generally have 3000+ HP. FoN gives you 8 HP/s, Warmog gives you 6 HP/s, let's assume you've killed 50 creeps since then, not unreasonable, and you have an additional 5 HP/s, and since you have 3000 HP and FoN gives you +0.35 of your max HP/s, that's 35 one thousandths, so,


Wait, what? That can't be right...
Erm, moving on, the leaguecraft calculator is giving a lvl 18 Mord with flat Warmog and FoN 3000 HP, with about 40 HP/s regen.

That's scary.

Double check that 3000HP figure on FoN. Your math is calculating 3.5% of maximum health. FoN gives 0.35% of max health, not 3.5%.

3000*1 = 100% (one, for the full percentage)
3000*.1 = 10% (one tenth)
3000*.01 = 1% (one hundredth)
3000*.001 = 0.1% (this is a "one thousandth&quot

Take that bottom one, and you get 3hp/second. Using your system you can go ahead and multiply that one thousandth by 3.5 for your answer, 10.5hp/second. You could have also just did 3000*.0035 for the same answer.

Of course, spirit visage can make things more interesting. And IMO a good survivability based Mord should have 3.5-4k health.