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[Champion Concept] Pyrictoria, The Hell Rider

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Assassin, Speed

Concept: Pyrictoria is designed to be a very fast champion capable of covering large distances in short amounts of time to quickly aid allies, protect/push turrets, or to flee.

Passive: Resilience - debuffs' duration reduced 10%. While debuffed speed is increased 5% during and after for 4 seconds.


Fire Strike: Next attack deals bonus fire damage and reduces the target's defense.

Hell's Charge: Movement increased by (20/30//40/50/60) for (10/15/20/25/30 seconds). The first 3 strikes slow the movement of target(s), any strike after that deactivates Hell's Charge.

Searing Path: A trail of fire follows Pyrictoria over (distance) dealing DoT damage to those in it. If Searing Path intersects with itself, the area within the "shape" causes an increased damage and DoT to those within as well as increasing Searing Path's cooldown by 10 seconds.

Damming Blast: After a brief charge (.5 seconds) for the power, a shockwave/blast of fire knockbacks enemies, deals damage, and silences for 1 second.


Low - Defense, Resistance, HP
Medium - AP, Mana
High - Attack Speed, Attack, Movement

*Please leave constructive criticism, thoughts on the champ, and input on the idea! :] *

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Senior Member


interesting, a damage dealer all about movement speed. could be real interesting, but all depends on how the stats are balanced.

and i dont know how well the fire ring thing will work.