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[GUIDE]: Mordekaiser - The Smashinator

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Mordekaiser: The Smashinator

Alrighty ladies and gents. Here's the deal. Mordekaiser has been out for a couple of days, and there are half a dozen ways to play him, most settling into AP, AD, or Tank. Now I don't claim to be an expert. Hell, I've gotten stuck playing with idiots lately too and have had some nasty losing streaks like anyone else. However, let me say something right here:

If you're going AP or AD. YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.



Mordekaiser is considered very weak by many top tier players, and for some good reason. He has no stun, no slow, no nothing in that category. Thus, he appears to do little in teamfights. Well Mr. High-ELO who knows everything, think again. Tanking and initiating don't necessarily require a stun or disable. Sure Alistar and co. have it, but they can be ignored after they use it. Mord cannot be ignored, or you will be SMASHINATED. Mord doesn't require a silly CC. He is, and always will be, SMASH, that's for **** sure. More on that in a bit. Let's start below.

Mord is a tank, through and through. You need to build him like a tank. If you require knowing where the smashinating comes from, you must wait until further along in our story. Quiet peon, and pay close attention.

If you are here to get kills with Mord, go look for a different guide, because the focus of this is not to get kills. If you like the idea of fighting three on one at once until your team gets there to help and not dying, this is your new home. Sit down and shut up.

I have personally played a couple of games where we are in the enemy base, 3/5 of our team is dead, and all 5 of them are up and defending at half to full health. Myself and one other teammate went in, and I tanked all 5. My teammate died as the second enemy died, and I continued to smash, smash, and smash more until all 5 were dead. And this is WITHOUT my GA even procc'ing. Interested? Read on.

First. You want to lane with a friend. Yes, you can solo. But I won't talk to you again. And the Smashinator will not allow you to play him again, seeing as he is far more effective as a big metal wall and shield for a high-dps teammate. Do not take solo unless you absolutely have to.


Here is your order of skill importance:

R > E > Q > W

I saw your argument before it left your mouth and no. Shut up. You don't max mace of spades first. Don't question me. Just do it. Mace of spades is based upon you being close enough to melee your target at all times, which doesn't always occur until the beginning of the laning phase is over. And you won't be getting boots early, so shut it. E is far more useful for hitting a running enemy anyway. You will start thus: E, Q, E, E, and so on and so forth going by the above guide. W comes last, as an afterthought. It is helpful as you begin tanking half of the enemy team, but not before.

Yes, it kills minions. No, not as fast as your E, Q combo it doesn't. Next.


Items? Items depend on who you are playing but follow a basic setup. In general, you will end up with a team of mixed physical DPS and magical. If this is the case, you will do the following:

Starting item:
Regrowth Pendant
(You MAY do Doran's Shield instead, but Regrowth builds into plenty for you)

First full item:

Force of Nature - get MR item before second Regrowth
~This is for the MR and health regen. High MR means no more silly Ryze. Regen means you can spam your skills with full confidence in your HP.

Second full item:
~Armor is for your physical DPS enemies: Yi, Trist, AD Shaco, Jax, etc.


Boots. Either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads
~At this point, it's usually a good idea to get the boots. You have waited until now because The Smashinator has no need for boots like other lowly champions, but now must be able to keep up with the group. Grab Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads as required by the other team's setup. You may sell them later for more tankage for end-game pushes.

Warmog's Armor
~Need I say more?

Guardian Angel
~4 and 5 are interchangable, depending on how much damage you are taking


Your choice of: Warden's Mail, Spirit Visage, Sunfire Cape, Frozen Mallet, or Rylai's Scepter.

Please note, you may get Rylai's (Ability slow and +AP) or Frozen Mallet (physical attack slow and +dmg) earlier if you feel you don't cause enough havoc on your own if you want them, but I have been playing without and doing just fine. Your team will ideally have enough CC to deal with enemies running, but just in case, you will have summoner spells. Both of these are viable on Mord, Rylai's for his spammable skills, and Mallet for your attacks plus your ult minion's (yes it works on theirs).

I am going to highly recommend swapping in Rylai's early if you're having a little trouble keeping yourself up. First of all, it will give you some bonus HP, which is always nice. Second, your nearly-spammable abilities will now slow enemies. Last but by far most importantly, the added AP to your Siphon will allow you to build your shield even faster and more easily.

Summoner skills:

Exhaust - You don't have any passive CC. Exhaust will help you immensely for killing the pesky runner, especially combined with the following.

Ignite - Ignite + Ult = Minion + more havoc for you to cause. Consider it a given.

"But Raike! I have no way to escape!"

THE SMASHINATOR HAS NO NEED OF ESCAPE. You should have help with you to kill people, but on the off chance that you don't, and are fighting the stacked carry you allowed to get fed, then you deserve death regardless. You are there to fight, smash, and if necessary, die. Do not expect to escape every single time. As long as your teammates mop up your handiwork, you have done well.


Currently I'm playing with cooldown runes, armor, and HP Quints. Straight cooldown is viable to spam your skills even more, and if you want to give yourself some damage, put a few crit or AD runes in there. But you primarily want tank runes + cooldowns. Nice and easy.

On to the game.

Your Shield:

Your shield is your best friend. It starts low, at a max of 275, which is still essentially an extra 275 hp while you keep it up. It maxes at 600, which is a load more than most champs have, and it is easily replenished. Stack your cooldown runes and wade into a sea of enemies to keep it going. This is the mechanic that makes Mord so special. The more involved he is in a fight, the more dangerous he is. The more he gets involved, the more damage he can take. The smashing occurs thus.

Early game:

Stand in the creep wave. I know it goes against your natural sense of proper gameplay, but do it. Spam E and Q repeatedly on groups of minions. Your shield will outgrow the damage they can do. Be careful at level 1 until you have Mace of Spades as well, but once you're 2, smash away. You may be able to get an early gank on an unwary enemy with your exhaust, ignite, smashing, and teammate assisting. In fact, you will probably lose little hp during this, and may even entice the enemy teammate into a double kill. Do NOT expect to get both of these kills, or even necessarily one. Assists are perfectly fine for you, don't worry if your dps'er is getting fed. That's a good thing. Smash on, and try to do some damage to their tower. If you get pushed harder than expected, just hold the line in front of your tower. You can wipe their minions in seconds through smashing while the other team cowers away from the turret.


You will smash in mid-game, and smash often. If there is a teamfight, try to smash some minions before initiating. Then bumrush the enemy team (with your team at your back, or not). Begin smashing (Rylai's can be good here). Sure, your smashing doesn't do a TON of damage, but if the other team is ignoring you or not focusing you, the damage toll will add up VERY quickly, as your skills are almost spammable. At this point, you have your ult. It takes a few tries to get used to the damage (it doesn't do a ton), but combined with ignite and the fact that the enemy running is likely <20% hp from your smashing, you've got about a 75-80% chance of a tasty minion. NOTE: DO NOT STOP SMASHINATING MINIONS AND CHAMPIONS IN THE TEAMFIGHTS AS YOU DO THIS. YOUR SHIELD WILL STOP REGENERATING AND YOU WILL DIE EARLY.

Late game:

You should have pushed hard. Clear 2-3 of the enemy champions in a teamfight, or all 5, and push a bit, letting your minion (which you remembered to get, right?) attack a tower. Besides doing a good portion of damage and having decent hp, it is able to tank turrets for you (ALT+Right click). If your team starts pushing one lane, go push another while their team is down. You can easily tank 2 of the enemy team at this point, and have a very good chance of killing at least one. Your thornmail, combined with smashing, has a fantastic chance of killing a physical DPS'er, and you soak up damage like a sponge, particularly while smashing. Remember, the more enemies in range of smashing, the easier it is to keep your shield up. At this point, you should be spamming W along with the smashing, as it will help your shield and irritate the enemy, especially in combination with Sunfire.

If you are having an even game with the other team, defend one of your inhibitor turrets with your team. Entice the enemy to fight you, and wipe most if not all of them there. Then push hard or, if you happened to die, have your team do so. You should have soaked a load of damage up for them.


I've toyed with the build several times, and have had Mord as high as 5k hp, and as low as 1.7k. Personally, I find the best point to be somewhere in the 3000's, sometimes low 4's. The more armor and MR you stack, the less damage you will take in general. Turrets will hit you for 70 damage, less if the other team is all physical dps and you stacked armor. You can tower dive like nobody's business, and the other team will likely run away from you if they encounter you 1v1 and even 2v1. Your presence is an absolute horror to the other team, and your smashing causes no end of pain. I've had games with 25-30 assists, and others where I ended up with the kills for some reason (going 16-5, 15-3, etc).


The skill you play Mord with is not very well understood by your score. You may have more deaths than kills and assists put together. But if you did your job properly, your team will have less deaths for it, and will have won the game for you. You are a TANK. Fun to play, but a TANK. If you can't stand not having kills, Mord is NOT your champion. In fact, it is better to let your carries snowball while building yourself off of assists than anything else. The faster they get stacked, the easier it is on you when tanking. Enemies will die much faster.

If your team decides to retreat from a battle, let them know that the smashinator retreats as he pleases. Turn around and smack that chasing shaco if he gets greedy. Feel free to turn and rush the enemy team to surprise them. If you can single out another one on low hp and get a kill or, better yet, an ult minion, then you have a **** good chance of chasing off another two or so. Mord is a very aggressive champion, and you need to be in the thick of things at all times in order to get the most out of him.

Last, try to get enemies to burn their CC's on you late game. Once you get nice and tanky, it is far more useful for you to intercept Morgana's stun and pester Ryze for his prison than for one of your teammates to eat it, particularly if you take little to no damage from it. Run through mushrooms, set off jack in the boxes, do what you have to to save your team some HP.

Anyway, that is all for the Smashinator tonight. Tomorrow I'll add skill descriptions and such, but I figured I'd get this down while I'm still thinking coherently. Good luck to all, and tell me how it goes.

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The Explorer

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Best into ever, straight to the point. You would be joking me if you didn't build him as a tank. End of story.

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I played him as AD, its good but not great.
However played as a tank you're an absolute horror in teamfights even without CC becouse of the high damgae output you can deal especialy if you add an Atma's to your build.

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Just a quick question: when using Ninja Tabi, can morde actually benefit from the dodge chance it gains with the item?

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You're out of your mind. Yes, you want to play Morde like a tank, but not by stacking AP. It's best to hover around ~2100 HP before you pick up Warmog's. At level 18, the shield caps at 600 mitigation, but if you're just stacking HP like the OP suggests.. you're screwed after the other team burns your shield. With Morde, the best defense is a good offense. If you can continually shatter faces, your shield will never drop. He brags about 3v1 survival until the rest of the team gets there; but why not just ace their team in 5 seconds instead? Here's how-

Open with Doran's Shield. I know, it doesn't scale well, and it doesn't build into anything. Almost feels like a waste of money, but until ~level 6, it'll give you a huge upper hand. This is because you have strong HP, a little melee damage reduction, and some decent regen.

The spells you should take are Heal and Exhaust. Heal, because well, sometimes you just don't want to risk it. And it's hilarious to busy open Eve or Yi's face as the same rate they do, only to pop up a few hundred HP right before you steal their soul. I also recommended Exhaust because it's both offensive and defensive. Ghost is ok, but personally, I'm not a chaser, and chasers usually die. That's amateur. Exhaust keeps them in your range and makes champs like Twitch, Eve, Yi, and Teemo run at the sight of you.

The OP said don't get boots. He's off his rocker. Boots of Swiftness are essential. For one, you don't have teleport. For two, remember how I said you're not a chaser? I'm going to somewhat contradict myself here: if someone else gets low, you can finish em off in the early game. Melee rogue-ish archetype champs LOVE their Ninja Tabis, so they're slower than you. Ryze LOVES his spell pen boots, so you're faster than him. You're a giant wrecking ball on a one way street to their face, and you're on something that they're not. Get speed +3. End of story.

After you have your boots early on, you're going to start building your Bloodthirster. Get your Vampiric Scepter first, and then experience what is probably going to be your slowest point in the match, waiting on cash to get the B.F.S. I suggest jungling during this time, since you'll be at a decent level to take out golems, and the lifesteal is a huge bonus. If you don't suck too much, you should be able to take out the dragon.

If you want, which I sometimes end up doing if they enemy team is melee heavy, is build up a Phage before you finish your Bloodthirster. The Frozen Mallet ends up being your second best friend, since again, Morde has no stuns or slow. Oh wait, you have Exhaust and a Frozen Mallet. Problem solved.

So now you can shred faces. Time to go for your Warmog's Armor. I know, I know, it's a little detrimental to pick it up late game; but by the time you get to this point, people will be so scared of you, they will do everything in their power to prevent 1v1, or possibly even 2v1. Jungle for a little while, build up your HP, and go take out hordes of creeps when they encroach on your towers. Unless your team is assured a victory and reaping their spoils inside the enemy base, don't act as a pointman for your team. This will lead you to getting stunned, which prevents you from doing damage, which makes your shield useless. Your shield is your gimmick, without it, you're dead. Instead, you're going to play like Charlie and operate with guerrilla warfare. Pop out of bushes like the rapist you are and show those baddies whose daddy. If you're good with Ryze or Cho'gath, this is all too familiar with you.

After all of this madness, your last two items are very simple. Spirit Visage and The Brutalizer. Hopefully, you didn't grow too attached to your Doran's, but whatever. This is so late in the game, it's all up to you. I recommend these two items because of their cooldown reduction. Because in the end, your attacks are your life.

If you can keep your shield capped by throwing a Siphon of Destruction at a wave of creeps between your facemelting hits, you're golden. You have a ton of lifesteal, you do a ****load of damage. That's your job.

I'd really like to expand on my Morde playstyle, so I might come back to editing this.

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i think the ninja tabi is more for the anti-cc than anything

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The high dammage + items / summoner spells that CC is not a good idea. The reason is simple.

Quote: "Your shield is your gimmick, without it, you're dead".

Reply :
Did you forget to read the spell description? You have to do dammage WITH ABIILTIES to block dammage. How does high dammage items help this? Ok and with frozen mallet / exhaust as your CC, how do you propose that you get close enough to the enemy to CC them in order to do the dammage necessary to charge the sheild? If you are playing against any decent range character(s), they will just kite you to the ends of Summoners Rift. In the off chance that you do somehow get close enough to CC them your abilities are only going to charge your sheild for 200 - 400. Not impressive.

Quote: "Because in the end, your attacks are your life"

I have already addressed this but I will emphasize...Morde must do dammage WITH ABIILTIES to block dammage. Hence, items increasing dammge do not help your shield and therefor, your attacks are infact not your life.

Quote: "operate with guerrilla warfare"

Morde does not have good burst dammage, which makes him terrible for "guerrilla warfare". Also, here comes the main question of this post again, how do you get close enough to dammage the enemy when you attempt a gank. In the very small chance that you do 'creep' up on someone, (which seems almost impossible with the huge character model) the enemy will use some sort of escape and all you have done is annoyed them. If you attempt a gank starting with no sheild which, if you not in a lane is most likely the case....you are wrong.

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Played against a Morde who pretty much went this exact route. Warmog's, FoN, Spirit Visage, Guardian Angel, Banshee's (might have had a leviathan in there too). I've never seen a more unkillable champ, and I thought a fed Cho'gath was hard to bring down.

He's kind of like a poor-mans/solo queue Alistar, because he lanes so well (unlike Alistar) and has insane survival as the game goes on.

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On an unrelated note, and without offering an opinion on the guide's content one way or another... It's getting annoying to see everyone copying condon's style of writing guides. Just stick with something to the point, please. It's not funny, and it's even less funny for the fact that it's failing at being condon. Please understand that I'm not trying to flame you here. I just genuinely find it difficult to read grating humor.

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First of all, @Koops:

I do not by any means stack HP. I begin with a HP regen item, but immediately begin moving to stacking armor and MR, both of which are far more important than HP. I see your AP/AD build, and raise it my tank build. I'll be more than happy to play against you and prove it. And I don't say NO boots, I just say delay on them until mid-game rather than picking them up as your second item.

If you are playing a tank, your job is not to chase down the guys who start running from teamfights. If you can smash them with a Rylai's Siphon, then all fine and good. Let your team deal with them. Your job is to stay with the other 2-4 and continue causing havoc.

On an unrelated note, and without offering an opinion on the guide's content one way or another... It's getting annoying to see everyone copying condon's style of writing guides. Just stick with something to the point, please. It's not funny, and it's even less funny for the fact that it's failing at being condon. Please understand that I'm not trying to flame you here. I just genuinely find it difficult to read grating humor.

Agreed, and I went back and edited it. I had just gotten done reading a few of condon's posts, and was kind of stuck on his way of speech (it was 4am). Should look a little better, though I left in the parts that make me giggle like a schoolgirl.