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Rate this Poppy item build please.

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Mesa H

Senior Member


Thanks for the replies and lack of trolling posts.

I'm taking all this into consideration. Played her again with my current set up before I came back here to see what you had all put down. I did well since the team I was against was Cho, Trynd, Yi, Morg and Corki. So Yi and Trynd I was able to dodge like a mofo

Anyway! Sheen seems okay, but what about the nerf to it? Is Trinity Force worth it? Considering I love Phantom Dancer so much for dodge, movement speed attack speed crit in one awesome item. So would be hard to get enough gold for that and whatever else I need.

Just looking for feedback here, as I love Poppies abilities, and this hero just fits my playstyle perfectly.

triniforce is surely worth it, because sheen will be ur basic item, u can consider getting trin.f later after getting some items to help ur mid game, but trin.f will go a long way if the game goes over 25min.

ur build is kinda nice against physical dps heavy teams like u said, but try getting a sheen, and use flash as a summoner skill, it works pretty well. with ur runes and tabi, i think u'll dodge quite well anyway. i dunno the purpose of ur lifesteal items, if ur laning hard, it might come in handy, but if ur looking to life steal while ur dodging attacks and hope that life steal will help u in team fights, i dun think it's much use, it just takes 1 or 2 ranged hero to make that very uneffective, i suppose u can use ur ulti to target a melee hero for that.

btw, i hope u didn't waste points in leveling up the ulti in mid-game, coz the duration doesn't level up and ur points are better of with the other useful skills

i can't say i play poppy too much, but i just learn from friends who main in him and observe wat the other team's poppy does(good ones of course) hope this helps, if not, just ignore it.

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The reason sheen is a good first item is because you get alot of mana and slight burst damage. Tri force is too good of an item for poppy. Really nice to rush this. Poppy is all about burst damage from sheen proc.

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Sheen works with devastating blow, as that is poppy's main source of damage, it is important. Trinity force of course ups this effect and provides a snare, along with some other stuff that helps. Bloodthirster is great for any melee, as is infinity edge.

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i agree with sharnt... this build requires wayyyyyyy toooo much gold where is it all comming from? but anyways rush your triforce and boots mostly triforce!!!!!

Thanks for making it completely obvious that you didn't have the attention span to read my entire post. I wasn't listing a build, I said my build changes from game to game depending on my team , the enemy team, and just generally the flow of the game. I simply gave a list of items I like and often build on her, NOT items I build in every game and also in no particular order.

The fact that the items I listed can't even all fit in your inventory should have helped to clue you in and maybe prompted you to try and get over your ADD long enough to read the entire thing. The only part of my build that doesn't change from game to game is sheen and catalyst, though you probably didn't even realise I made those items since they were part of a sentence and apparently the only part of my post you read was the list of items.

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Note: this isn't a guide or anything... Just what i've been doing with my Poppy.

Offensive Mastery Havoc
Defense Mastery down to Nimbleness

Blue: Greater Glyph of Celerity (cool down reduction)
Yellow: Greater Seal of Evasion (dodge)
Red: Greater Mark of Might (considering something else)

Heal (sometimes Flash)

Start: Sapphire + 2 Health Pots
1. Sheen
2. Ninja Tabi
3. Zeal
4. Phage
5. Trinity
6. Frozen Heart
7. The Bloodthirster
8. Madred's Bloodrazor


Lane with someone who can keep pressure up and whittle down champions health. Spend time on the edge of the bushes, all it takes is one charge when a player steps outside of tower range to stunlock them into a corner. You'll crush serious face.

Whenever you can, stop and get lizard or Golem buffs. Poppy lives and breaths cool downs.

Note: This is sort of an all-or-nothing type of design. If you have a solid lane phase you will have a successful mid-game and dominate end game. By around 20-25 minutes you should have Ninja Tabi and Trinity. If i'm behind in gold at this stage playing catch up can be very difficult.

All things equal, I can't think of a single champion I'd run away from solo at end game.