1400s the new 1200s?

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So I took a long break from LOL, few months, long enough to get the free Panth skin at any rate.

So started playing again 3-4 weeks ago. Just normal games, little rusty obviously with all the changes, but then back to winning 60-70% of my games.

So figured i'd jump back into draft... and el-oh-el... Teemo rush phage, WW building as tank with Alistar+Singed on team... last picks saying they'll jungle when someone before them already locked in a jungler... Rene demanding mid and forcing squishy casters up top, 4v5 team fights for no reason, etc etc etc...

Anyway, I remember 1700-1800 being pretty much top tier, but now I see ELO creep has pushed people to **** near 2400.