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So last night I found myself trying to formulate a build for Janna that would effectively shift her away from the classic support role and rather fight toe to toe as a hybrid dps champ. My intention was not to build 5 Zeal items and troll a match, but rather construct an effective template that I could use in future matches.

I attempted some very basic research beforehand and was unable to find any suggestions that would fit my criteria. Surprisingly the build I played with was extremely effective and I can certainly say some of the most fun I've had playing this game (close to 700 total matches at this point.)

I did have the replay running to record this feat and my current match history will support this as well.

I am posting on the forums to gain additional input and potentially brainstorm a more effective build. On to my setup:

For Masteries I decided to roll out with the standard 9-0-21 Mage loadout, which to me seems to be the most logical choice.

As for runes I am still seemingly undecided as to what would constitute the most potent formula. Until then I will use 9 Magic Penetration Marks, MR per 5 Seals, CDR Glyphs, and Flat HP Quints. I also toyed around with the idea of possibly substituting movement speed quints into the final slot.

On a side note I realized that I would need to farm effectively and quickly to construct this build in game so my last hitting was top notch last night.

The unconventional build kicks off with a base pair of Boots and 3 health potions, then proceeding to grab an available solo lane. On my next trip back to town I would grab a Guinsoo's Rageblade and follow that up with a Nashor's Tooth. Internally I had difficulty deciding between NT and Malady. After that I would build a Sheen for that extra burst of damage while spamming my spells. The next staple is grabbing Merc Treads.

All of the items above I would consider to be the core of the build the rest is up for debate and I am taking this on as a personal project so I would love some good constructive feedback, naturally with the occasional troll.

Throughout my four or five trial games last night the following items made an appearance: Rabadon's Deathcap for an AP boost. Hextech Gunblade simply because it is one of my favorite hybrid items, the lifesteal and spellvamp seemed to help in team fights and the double snare was a blast when I found myself in a 1v1 situation. Rylais and Madreds also found their way onto my plate last night. The Madreds was a reaction to 3 Beefy champs building Warmogs and other hp intensive items without the magical resistance to back this up. In the rather long games that I had encountered last night I would cap all of this madness off with a Lich Bane.

On this initial post I am not planning on delving into the play style I invoked last night, but most definitely plan on doing so in the future.

I will briefly touch upon my skill order because that may determine what items you might recommend!

Each match I maxed out Zephyr followed by Eye of the Storm. My priority would be to place a point into Monsoon each time it was available. Finally I started the match with 1 initial point into Howling Gale and made that my lowest priority after wards.



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It works I've built her simila, and liked the results. I actully went malady instead of rageblade. To help with mpen with madrids and hextech gunblade, frozen mallet vs beefy tanky teams, and liked the results. Vs squishy deathcaps viable for more ap, just please look at your other guides and see, if my style is better. Not a troll, just someone with 2k games played.